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Alue:Kitarat: kitarakamat
Aihe:From France, looking for tonewood
Aika:14.02.2011 14:56
Hanok: Juha says that he is personally involved in the process of selecting arctic birch while the trees are still standing in forest.
Typical, "Me, me me! Now, now now!"
Mass production without any respect for tone or wood.
When I'm choosing tonewood, I first select a forest that sounds right. This is crucial. As we know, garbage in, garbage out. So, after finding a forest that meets my requirements for sparkling cleans and growling hi gain sounds I go thru the forest knocking every tree to find the best possible parents for the tone wood tree. When this couple has had baby trees, I knock the trunks four times a year (each season) to listen to the tones and to weed out the weak. Finally, no tone wood is used unless it graduates from upper secondary school, but preferably from university.
I won't even go the the process of selecting the materials for my hand-made strings (mining and all that stuff, somewhat complicated), but you get the picture.
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