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Aihe:80-luvun hevi/rock soundi rumpuihin
Aika:30.01.2014 20:51
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They just wanted the albums to sound as loud as possible. And in those days in the Sweet Silence Studios in Denmark we had this back room, and it was huge like a storage room. It was 15 meters by 20 meters and so we decided to put the drums in that back room to get this huge sound. And I put up a lot of ambient mics. Unfortunately at the time of tracking, it was November and it was really cold so we had to a gas heater in the room along with the mics and you can imagine what that did to the drum sound.
I used an AKG D12 on the bass drum, a SM-57 on the snare a Neumann KM84 on the cymbals and a couple of U87s as room mics along with a couple of other different mics. We used something like six room mics.
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