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...and OceansThe Symmetry Of I, The Circle Of O1999CD 
...and OceansAllotropic / Metamorphic - Genesis Of Dimorphism2001CD 
...and OceansCypher2002CD 
013Takaisin todellisuuteen1983CD 
13th Floor ElevatorsThe Psychedelic Sounds Of1966CD
13th Floor ElevatorsEaster Everywhere1967CD
13th Floor ElevatorsBull Of The Woods1969CD
16Zoloft Smile2002CD 
3rd StrikeNo Light2002CDS
69 Eyes, theBlessed Be20002CD
69 Eyes, theDance d'Amour2001CDS 
69 Eyes, theParis Kills2002LP
A CampA Camp2001CD 
A Tribe Called QuestPeople's Instinctive Travels And The Paths Of Rhythm1990CD 
A Tribe Called QuestThe Low End Theory1991CD 
A Tribe Called QuestMidnight Marauders1993CD 
A Tribe Called QuestBeats, Rhymes And Life1996CD 
Aarni/Umbra NihilSplit-CD2002CD 
ABBAAbba Gold - Greatest Hits1992CD 
AbhorrenceEvoking The Abomination2001CD 
Absoluuttinen NollapisteKupit on kuin olisi häät1998CDS 
Absoluuttinen NollapisteSukututkimus lannistaa1999CDS 
Absoluuttinen NollapisteKotiinpaluu, jotenkin2000CDS 
Absoluuttinen NollapisteHyviä muistoja, huomenna suihkuun2001CDS 
Absoluuttinen NollapisteNimi muutettu2002CD 
Absoluuttinen NollapistePyhä nynny2002CDS 
Absoluuttinen NollapisteMiten tässä vielä käy?2005CDS 
Abyssinians, theSatta Massagana1976CD
AC/DCDirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap1976LP 
AC/DCLet There Be Rock1977LP 
AC/DCIf You Want Blood You've Got It1978LP
AC/DCHighway To Hell1979LP 
AC/DCFor Those About To Rock (We Salute You)1981LP 
AC/DCBlow Up Your Video1988LP 
Acid KingThe Early Years2006CD 
Active MindsThe National Lotta E19987" 
Aeternus...And So The Night Became1998CD 
AeternusShadows Of Old1999CD 
AeternusBurning The Shroud2000CDEP 
AeternusAscension Of Terror2001CD 
AgathodaimonChapter III2001CD
Agitation FreeMalesch1972CD 
Agitation Free2nd1973CD 
Agnostic FrontSomething's Gotta Give1998CD 
Agnostic FrontRiot Riot Upstart1999CD 
Agnostic FrontDead Yuppies2001CD 
Agnostic FrontAnother Voice2005CD 
Ahkerat SimpanssitTervehdys, Maan asukit2003CD 
Ahola, KalleI2000CD 
Ahola, KalleKadun aurinkoiselle puolelle2005CD 
Air10.000Hz Legend2001CD 
Alatalo, MikkoYhdentoista virran maa1978LP 
Alatalo, MikkoOnnenpoika1979LP 
Alatalo, MikkoNapapiirin huumaa1989LP 
Alice CooperElected19727"
Allman Brothers BandAt Fillmore East19712LP 
Allman Brothers BandEat A Peach1972CD 
Allman Brothers BandBeginnings1973CD
Amazing TailsOut19917"
AnathemaThe Silent Enigma1995CD 
AnathemaThe Crestfallen EP / Pentecost III1996CD 
Ancestors BloodReturn Of The Ancient Ones2007CD 
Anti-HerosThat's Right / Don't Tread On Me1992CD 
Anti-PastiSix Guns19817"
Anti-PastiThe Last Call1981LP 
Anti-PastiCaution In The Wind1982LP 
AntimelodixHellfuck 20092009CD 
Apollo 440Electro Glide In Blue1997CD 
ApulantaSyitä ja seurauksia - 30 parasta20012CD 
ArcturusLa Masquerade Infernale1997CD 
ArcturusAspera Hiems Symfonia / Constellation / My Angel20022CD 
ArcturusThe Sham Mirrors2002CD 
Armageddon ClockDestined To Oppress19997" 
Armageddon Clock2001/200220027" 
Armageddon ClockPast Present Future2009CD 
AudioslaveBe Yourself20057"
AudioslaveOut Of Exile2005CD 
Auger, BrianBrian Auger's Oblivion Express1970LP 
Auger, BrianA Better Land1971LP 
Auger, BrianLive Oblivion Vol. 11974LP
Auger, BrianStraight Ahead1974LP 
Auger, BrianReinforcements1975LP 
AvalonVision Eden1998CD 
Axelrod, DavidSong Of Innocence1968LP 
Axelrod, DavidSongs Of Experience1969LP 
Ayers, KevinJoy Of A Toy1969LP 
Ayers, KevinBananamour1972LP 
Ayers, KevinJune 1, 19741974LP
Ayers, KevinThe Confessions Of Dr. Dream And Other Stories1974LP 
Ayers, RoyStoned Soul Picnic1968LP 
Ayers, RoyCoffy1973LP
AyreonInto The Electric Castle19982CD 
AyreonUniversal Migrator Part 1: The Dream Sequencer2000CD 
AyreonUniversal Migrator Part 2: Flight Of The Migrator2000CD 
Bad BrainsRock For Light1983CD 
Bad BrainsBanned In D.C.: Bad Brains Greatest Riffs2003CD 
Bad ReligionSuffer1988CD 
Bad ReligionNo Control1989CD 
Bad ReligionAgainst The Grain1991CD 
Bad ReligionGenerator1992CD 
Bad ReligionAmerican Jesus19937"
Bad ReligionRecipe For Hate1993CD 
Bad ReligionStranger Than Fiction1994CD 
Bad ReligionThe Gray Race1996CD 
Bad ReligionTested1997CD
Bad ReligionNo Substance1998CD 
Bad ReligionThe New America2000CD 
Bad ReligionThe Riot2000DVD 
Bad ReligionThe Process Of Belief2002CD 
Bad ReligionHow Could Hell Be Any Worse?2004CD
Bad ReligionThe Empire Strikes First2004CD 
Bad ReligionLive At The Palladium2006DVD 
Bad ReligionNew Maps Of Hell2007CD 
Badalamenti, AngeloMusic From Twin Peaks1990CD 
Bal-SagothAtlantis Ascendant2001CD 
Barclay James HarvestBarclay James Harvest1970CD 
Barclay James HarvestOnce Again1971LP 
Barclay James HarvestEarly Morning Onwards1972LP 
Barclay James HarvestEveryone Is Everybody Else1974LP 
Barclay James HarvestLive19742LP 
Barclay James HarvestTime Honoured Ghosts1975LP 
Barclay James HarvestOctoberon1976CD 
Barclay James HarvestGone To Earth1977LP 
Barclay James HarvestLive Tapes19782LP 
Barclay James HarvestXII1978LP 
Barclay James HarvestEyes Of The Universe1979LP 
Barclay James HarvestTurn Of The Tide1981LP 
Barclay James HarvestGlasnost1988CD
Barrett, SydThe Madcap Laughs1970CD 
BastardsStudio 27.11. - 2.12.822005CD 
BathoryUnder The Sign Of The Black Mark1987CD 
BathoryBlood Fire Death1988CD 
BathoryNordland I2002CD
BathoryNordland II2003CD
BauhausThe Sky's Gone Out1982CD 
BauhausBurning From The Inside1983CD 
Beastie BoysLicensed To Ill1986LP 
Beastie BoysPaul's Boutique1989LP 
BeckMellow Gold1994CD 
BeckMidnite Vultures1999CD 
BeckSea Change2002CD 
Beck, JeffTruth1968LP 
Beck, JeffBeck-Ola1969LP 
Beck, JeffRough And Ready1971LP 
Beck, JeffBlow By Blow1975LP 
Beck, JeffWired1976LP 
Beck, JeffWith The Jan Hammer Group Live1977LP 
Beck, JeffThere & Back1980LP 
Beck, JeffFlash1985LP 
Beck, JeffJeff Beck's Guitar Shop1989LP 
Beck, JoeBeck1975LP 
BehemothZos Kia Cultus - Here And Beyond2002CD 
BetrayerMy Twisted Symphony1998CDEP
Big BlackLungs198312" 
Big BlackHeadache198712" 
Big BlackHeartbeat19877" 
Big BlackPigpile1992LP
Birth ControlHoodoo Man1972LP 
Birth ControlBirth Control Live19742LP
Birth ControlRebirth1974LP 
Birth ControlPlastic People1975LP 
Birth ControlBackdoor Possibilities1976LP 
Birth ControlIncrease1977LP 
Birth ControlTitanic1978LP 
Birth ControlLive 791979LP 
Birth ControlDeal Done At Night1981LP 
Bjork, BrantJalamanta1999CD 
Bjork, BrantLocal Angel2004CD
Bjork, BrantSaved By Magic20052CD
Bjork, BrantSomera Sól2007CD
Bjork, BrantTres Dias2007CD 
Black FlagSix Pack19827"
Black FlagTV Party19857"
Black League, theIchor2000CD 
Black League, theThe Doomsday Sun2001CDEP 
Black League, theUtopia A.D.2001CD 
Black SabbathBlack Sabbath1970LP 
Black SabbathParanoid1970LP 
Black SabbathMaster Of Reality1971LP 
Black SabbathVol. 41972LP 
Black SabbathSabbath Bloody Sabbath1973LP 
Black SabbathSabotage1975LP 
Black SabbathNever Say Die!1978LP 
Black SabbathHeaven And Hell1980LP 
Black SabbathLive At Last1980LP 
Black SabbathMob Rules1981LP 
Black SabbathLive Evil19822LP 
Black SabbathHeadless Cross1989CD 
Black SabbathDehumanizer1992CD 
Black SabbathBetween Heaven And Hell 1970-19831995CD
Black SabbathForbidden1995CD 
Black UhuruBlack Uhuru1979LP
Black UhuruSinsemilla1980CD 
Black UhuruRed1981CD 
Black UhuruRed1981LP 
Black UhuruChill Out1982LP 
Black UhuruTear It Up1982LP
Black UhuruAnthem1984LP 
Black UhuruBrutal1986LP 
Blaggers ITAAbandon Ship199312" 
Blind DogCaptain Dog Rides Again2003CD 
Blind GuardianBattalions Of Fear1987CD 
Blind GuardianTales From The Twilight World1991CD 
Blind GuardianImaginations From The Other Side1995CD 
Blind GuardianAnd Then There Was Silence2001CDS
Blitzkrieg Boys, theBack From Nowhere1989LP 
Bloc PartyBloc Party E.P.2004CDEP 
Bloc PartySo Here We Are20047"
Bloc PartySilent Alarm2005CD 
BloodthornIn The Shadow Of Your Black Wings1997CD 
Blue CheerVincebus Eruptum1968LP 
Blue Öyster CultBlue Öyster Cult1972CD 
Blue Öyster CultTyranny And Mutation1973CD 
Blue Öyster CultTyranny And Mutation1973LP 
Blue Öyster CultSecret Treaties1974CD 
Blue Öyster CultOn Your Feet Or On Your Knees19752LP
Blue Öyster CultAgents Of Fortune1976CD 
Blue Öyster CultSpectres1977LP 
Blue Öyster CultSome Enchanted Evening1978LP
Blue Öyster CultMirrors1979LP 
Blue Öyster CultCultösaurus Erectus1980LP 
Blue Öyster CultExtraterrestrial Live19822LP
Blue Öyster CultShooting Shark198312" 
Blue Öyster CultThe Revölution By Night1983LP 
Blue Öyster CultClub Ninja1985LP 
Blue Öyster CultImaginos1988LP 
Bon Jovi7800ŗ Fahrenheit1985CD 
Bon JoviThis Left Feels Right2003CD
Born Dead IconsSalvation On The Knees2001LP 
BottomMade In Voyage1999CD 
BottomFeels So Good When You're Gone...2001CD
Bowie, DavidThe Man Who Sold The World1970LP 
Bowie, DavidHunky Dory1971LP 
Bowie, DavidZiggy Stardust1972LP
Bowie, DavidAladdin Sane1973LP 
Bowie, DavidDiamond Dogs1974LP 
Bowie, DavidHeroes1977LP 
Bowie, DavidLow1977LP 
Bowie, DavidLodger1979LP 
Bowie, DavidTonight1984LP 
Boxed InBoxed In2004LP 
Browne, JacksonFor Everyman1973LP 
Browne, JacksonLate For The Sky1974LP 
Browne, JacksonThe Pretender1976LP 
Browne, JacksonRunning On Empty1977LP 
Browne, JacksonHold Out1980LP 
Browne, JacksonLawyers In Love1983LP 
Browne, JacksonLives In The Balance1986LP 
Brutopia/Lähdön aikaSplit20087" 
BudgieBest Of Budgie1976LP 
Burdon, EricEric Burdon Declares "War"1970LP 
Burdon, EricThe Black-Man's Burdon19712LP
Burdon, EricLove Is All Around1976LP 
Burning SpearMan In The Hills1976LP 
Burning SpearLive1977LP 
Bush, KateThe Kick Inside1978CD 
Bush, KateThe Dreaming1982CD 
Bush, KateHounds Of Love1985CD 
Bush, KateThe Sensual World1989CD 
Bush, KateThe Red Shoes1993CD 
Butterfield Blues Band, theEast-West1966LP 
Byrds, theTurn! Turn! Turn!1965LP 
Cale, J.J.Naturally1971LP 
Cale, J.J.Really1972LP 
Cale, J.J.Okie1974LP 
Cale, J.J.Troubadour1976LP 
Cale, J.J.51979LP 
Cale, J.J.Shades1980LP 
Cale, J.J.Grasshopper1982LP 
Cale, J.J.81983LP 
Cale, J.J.Travel-Log1989LP 
Cale, JohnVintage Violence1970LP 
Cale, JohnChurch Of Anthrax1971LP
Cale, JohnParis 19191973LP 
Cale, JohnFear1974LP 
Cale, JohnHelen Of Troy1975LP 
Cale, JohnSlow Dazzle1975LP 
Cale, JohnSabotage/Live1979LP 
Cale, JohnHoni Soit1981LP 
Cale, JohnMusic For A New Society1982LP 
Cale, JohnArtificial Intelligence1985LP 
CallistoOrdeal Of The Century2002CDEP 
CallistoTrue Nature Unfolds2004CD 
Calvert, RobertCaptain Lockheed And The Starfighters1974LP 
CamelThe Snow Goose1975CD 
CamelThe Snow Goose1975LP 
CamelRain Dances1977CD 
CamelA Live Record19782LP 
CamelI Can See Your House From Here1979LP 
CamelThe Single Factor1982LP 
CamelPressure Points - Live In Concert1984LP 
CanEge Bamyasi1972LP 
CanFuture Days1973LP 
CanSoon Over Babaluma1974CD 
CanOut Of Reach1978LP
Cannibal CorpseGore Obsessed2002CD 
Cannibal CorpseWorm Infested2002CDEP
Capability BrownVoice1974LP 
CapricornsRuder Forms Survive2005CD 
Captain BeefheartSafe As Milk1967CD 
Captain BeefheartTrout Mask Replica1969CD 
Captain BeefheartMirror Man1971LP 
Captain BeefheartClear Spot1972LP 
Captain BeefheartBluejeans & Moonbeams1974CD 
Captain BeefheartUnconditionally Guaranteed1974LP
Captain BeefheartDoc At The Radar Station1980LP 
Captain BeefheartIce Cream For Crow1982LP 
Captain BeefheartAbba Zaba1988LP 
CaravanFor Girls Who Grow Plump In The Night1973CD 
CaravanBlind Dog At St. Dunstans1976LP 
Cardigans, theGran Turismo1998CD 
CarolaParhaat palat1980LP 
Cash, JohnnyI Walk The Line1964LP 
Cash, JohnnyStory Of A Broken Heart1967LP 
Cash, JohnnyAt Folsom Prison1968CD 
Cash, JohnnyAt San Quentin1969CD
Cash, JohnnyFolsom Prison Blues Vol. 11973LP 
Cash, JohnnyThe Johnny Cash Collection Vol. 219772LP 
Cash, JohnnySilver1979LP 
Cash, JohnnyThe Johnny Cash Collection Vol. 319792LP 
Cash, JohnnyAmerican Recordings1994CD 
Cash, JohnnyUnchained1996CD 
Cash, JohnnyRing Of Fire19993CD
Cash, JohnnyAmerican III: Solitary Man2000CD 
Cash, JohnnyAmerican VI: Ain't No Grave2010CD 
CathedralForest Of Equilibrium1991CD 
CathedralThe Ethereal Mirror1994CD 
CathedralHopkins (The Witchfinder General)1995CDEP 
CathedralSupernatural Birth Machine1996CD 
CathedralThe VIIth Coming2002CD 
CathedralThe Garden Of Unearthly Delights2005CD
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsLet Love In1994CD 
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsMurder Ballads1996CD 
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsThe Boatman's Call1997CD 
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsThe Best Of1998CD 
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsNocturama2003CD 
Cave, Nick & The Bad SeedsAbattoir Blues/The Lyre Of Orpheus20042CD 
CemetaryLast Confessions1997CD 
CenturianLiber ZarZax2001CD 
Chain, PaulMaster Of All Times2001CD 
Chain, PaulPark Of Reason2002CD 
ChaosbreedUnleashed Carnage2003CDEP 
Charged G.B.HLeather, Bristles, No Survivors And Sick Boys...1982LP 
CharonLittle Angel2001CDS 
Cheap TrickDancing The Night Away19837"
Chemical Brothers, theDig Your Own Hole1997CD 
Children Of BodomFollow The Reaper2000CD
Chron GenFree Live E.P.19817" 
Chron GenChronic Generation1982LP 
Clapton, Eric461 Ocean Boulevard1974CD 
Clapton, EricSlowhand1977CD 
Clark, GeneGene Clark1971LP
Clark, GeneRoadmaster1973LP 
Clash, theThe Clash1977CD
Clash, theGive 'Em Enough Rope1978CD 
Clash, theLondon Calling1979CD 
Clash, theSandinista!19802CD 
Clash, theCut The Crap1985LP 
CliftersTupla 1985-19901991MC 
ClutchTransnational Speedway League1993CD 
ClutchThe Elephant Riders1998CD 
ClutchJam Room2000CD 
ClutchPure Rock Fury2001CD 
ClutchBlast Tyrant2004CD 
ClutchFrom Beale Street To Oblivion2007CD 
CMXKolmikärki / Raivo1990CD 
CMXMusiikin ystävälliset kasvot1991CDEP 
CMXVeljeskunta / Tanssitauti1991CD 
CMXCloaca Maxima19973CD 
CMXDinosaurus Stereophonicus20002CD 
CMXMinne paha haudattiin2002CDS 
CMXUusi ihmiskunta2005CDS 
Cockney RejectsThe Wild Ones1982LP 
Cockney RejectsLethal1990LP 
ColdplayA Rush Of Blood To The Head2002CD 
ColdplayViva La Vida or Death And All His Friends2008CD 
CóleraCaos Mental Geral1998CD 
ColeraAlguien Siega Vidas Por Mi2007LP 
Colosseum IIStrange New Flesh1976LP 
Colour HazeCO22000CD 
Colour HazePeriscope2001CD 
Colour HazeLos Sounds De Krauts20032CD 
Colour HazeColour Haze2004CD 
Colour HazeTempel2006CD 
ComusSong To Comus - The Complete Collection20052CD
Condition RedCondition Red2000CD 
Corrosion Of ConformityBlind1991CD 
Corrosion Of ConformityDeliverance1994CD 
Corrosion Of ConformityWiseblood1996CD 
Corrosion Of ConformityAmerica's Volume Dealer2000CD 
Corvus CoraxThe Atavistic Triad2000CD 
CovenantNexus Polaris1998CD 
Crash, theMelodrama2003CD 
Crash, thePony Ride2006CD 
CreamDisraeli Gears1967LP 
CreamWheels Of Fire19682LP 
CreamLive Cream1970LP 
Creedence Clearwater RevivalMardi Gras1972LP 
Creedence Clearwater RevivalChronicle: The 20 Greatest Hits1976CD 
Crosby, Stills, Nash & YoungDéją Vu1970LP 
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young4 Way Street19712LP
Crosby, Stills, Nash & YoungAmerican Dream1988LP 
Cryptic CarnageRetrospect 20001999CD 
Cullum, JamieTwentysomething2003CD 
Cult Of LunaThe Beyond2002CD 
Cure, theBoys Don't Cry1979LP 
Cure, theSeventeen Seconds1980LP 
Cure, theIn Between Days198512" 
Cure, theStanding On A Beach - The Singles1986LP 
Cypress HillBlack Sunday1993CD 
Cypress HillLive At The Fillmore2000CD 
Czukay, HolgerMovies1979LP 
Czukay, HolgerDer Osten Ist Rot1984LP 
D.R.I.4 Of A Kind1988LP 
DamnedDamned Damned Damned1977LP 
DanzigII - Lucifuge1990CD 
DanzigIII - How The Gods Kill1992CD 
Dark TranquillitySkydancer / Of Chaos And Eternal Night1996CD 
Dark TranquillityThe Mind's I1997CD 
Dark TranquillityProjector1999CD
Dark TranquillityHaven2000CD
Dark TranquillityDamage Done2002CD 
Dark TranquillityLost To Apathy2004CDEP 
DarkseedDiving Into Darkness2000CD 
Davis, Miles'Round About Midnight1956LP 
Davis, MilesPorgy And Bess1958LP 
Davis, MilesKind Of Blue1959LP 
Davis, MilesSketches Of Spain1960LP 
Davis, MilesQuiet Nights1962LP 
Davis, MilesSeven Steps To Heaven1963LP 
Davis, MilesE.S.P.1965LP 
Davis, MilesBitches Brew19702LP 
Davis, MilesLive-Evil19712LP 
Davis, MilesOn The Corner1972LP 
Davis, MilesWater Babies1976LP 
Dawn Of RelicLovecraftian Dark2002CD 
Dead KennedysCold Fish19787"
Dead KennedysCalifornia Über Alles197910"
Dead KennedysFresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables1980CD 
Dead KennedysBleed For Me198212"
Dead KennedysPlastic Surgery Disasters / In God We Trust, Inc.1982CD 
Dead KennedysFrankenchrist1985LP 
Dead KennedysBedtime For Democracy1986CD 
Dead KennedysGive Me Convenience Or Give Me Death1987CD
Deep PurpleShades Of Deep Purple1968LP 
Deep PurpleThe Book Of Taliesyn1968LP 
Deep PurpleIn Rock1970LP 
Deep PurpleFireball1971LP 
Deep PurpleMachine Head1972LP 
Deep PurpleMade In Japan19722LP
Deep PurpleWho Do We Think We Are1973LP 
Deep PurpleBurn1974LP 
Deep PurpleLive In California 741974DVD 
Deep PurpleCome Taste The Band1975LP 
Deep PurpleMade In Europe1976LP
Deep PurpleIn Concert19802LP 
Deep PurplePerfect Strangers1984LP 
Deep PurpleThe House Of Blue Light1987LP 
Deep PurpleNobody's Perfect19882LP
DeicideScars Of The Crucifix2004CD+DVD
Depeche ModeSpeak & Spell1981CD 
DescendentsEverything Sucks1996CD 
DiabolicalA Thousand Deaths2002CD 
Die Verbannten Kinder EvasIn Darkness Let Me Dwell1999CD 
Dimmu BorgirSpiritual Black Dimensions1999CD 
Dimmu BorgirPuritanical Euphoric Misanthropia2001CD 
Dire StraitsDire Straits1978LP 
Dire StraitsCommuniqué1979LP 
Dire StraitsMaking Movies1980LP 
Dire StraitsAlchemy19842LP
Dire StraitsBrothers In Arms1985LP 
Dire StraitsOn Every Street1991LP 
Dire StraitsSultans Of Swing - The Very Best Of19982CD 
Dismal EuphonyAll Little Devils1999CD 
DJ KrushCode 41092000CD 
DJ KrushThe Message At The Depth2002CD 
Docent DödDocent Död1980LP 
Dominion CaligulaA New Era Rises1999CD 
Don HuonotHyvää yötä ja huomenta1997CD 
Don HuonotTähti1999CD 
Don HuonotDon Huonot2002CD 
Don Johnson Big BandSupport de Microphones2000CD 
Don Johnson Big BandBreaking Daylight2003CD 
Don Johnson Big BandBusy Relaxin'2006CDS 
Don Johnson Big BandDon Johnson Big Band2006CD 
Doors, theStrange Days1967CD 
Doors, theThe Doors1967CD 
Doors, theWaiting For The Sun1968CD 
Doors, theThe Soft Parade1969CD 
Doors, theMorrison Hotel1970CD 
Doors, theL.A. Woman1971CD 
Dr. FeelgoodDown By The Jetty1975LP
Dr. FeelgoodMalpractice1975LP 
Dr. FeelgoodStupidity1976LP
Dr. FeelgoodBe Seeing You1977LP 
Dr. FeelgoodPrivate Practice1978LP 
Dr. JohnGris-Gris1968LP
Dr. JohnThe Sun Moon & Herbs1971LP 
Dr. JohnDr. John's Gumbo1972LP 
Dr. JohnIn The Right Place1973LP 
Drake, NickFive Leaves Left1969CD 
Drake, NickBryter Layter1970CD 
Drake, NickPink Moon1972CD 
Drake, NickTime Of No Reply1986LP
Drake, NickTanworth-in-Arden 1967/681994CD
Dream TheaterWhen Dream And Day Unite1989CD 
Dream TheaterImages And Words1992CD 
Dream TheaterAwake1994CD 
Dream TheaterA Change Of Seasons1995CDEP 
Dream TheaterFalling Into Infinity1997CD 
Dream TheaterOnce In A Live Time19982CD 
Dream TheaterMetropolis Pt. 2: "Scenes From A Memory"1999CD 
Dream TheaterSix Degrees Of Inner Turbulence20022CD 
DredgEl Cielo2002CD 
DredgCatch Without Arms2005CD 
Dwyers, theGas Station Masturbation2009CD 
Dylan, BobThe Freewheelin' Bob Dylan1963CD 
Dylan, BobThe Times They Are A-Changin'1964CD 
Dylan, BobThe Times They Are A-Changin'1964LP 
Dylan, BobHighway 61 Revisited1965CD 
Dylan, BobSubterranean Homesick Blues1965LP 
Dylan, BobBlonde On Blonde1966CD 
Dylan, BobJohn Wesley Harding1967LP 
Dylan, BobNashville Skyline1969CD 
Dylan, BobPat Garrett & Billy The Kid1973CD 
Dylan, BobBlood On The Tracks1974LP 
Dylan, BobPlanet Waves1974LP 
Dylan, BobDesire1976LP 
Dylan, BobHard Rain1976LP
Dylan, BobStreet Legal1978LP 
Dylan, BobSlow Train Coming1979LP 
Dylan, BobShot Of Love1981LP 
Dylan, BobInfidels1983LP 
Dylan, BobDown In The Groove1988LP 
Dylan, BobUnder The Red Sky1990LP 
Dylan, BobTime Out Of Mind1997CD 
Dylan, BobThe Bootleg Series Vol.4: Live 196619982CD
Dylan, BobLove And Theft20012CD
Dylan, BobModern Times2006CD 
DųdheimsgardSatanic Art1999CDEP 
EaglesOn The Border1974LP 
EaglesOne Of These Nights1975CD 
EaglesHotel California1976CD 
EaglesThe Long Run1979LP 
Ebba GrönWe're Only In It For The Drugs!1979LP 
Ebba GrönKärlek & Uppror1981LP 
Ebba GrönScheisse19817"
Ebba GrönEbba Grön1982LP 
Ebba GrönEbba Grön1982LP 
Edge Of SanityThe Spectral Sorrows1993CD 
Edge Of SanityPurgatory Afterglow1994CD 
Edge Of SanityInfernal1997CD 
Edge Of SanityCrimson II2003CD 
EdguyVain Glory Opera1998CD 
EdguyTheater Of Salvation1999CD
Electric WizardDopethrone2000CD
Electric WizardLet Us Prey2002CD 
ElegyManifestation Of Fear1998CD 
EloyPower And The Passion1975CD 
EloySilent Cries And Mighty Echoes1979LP 
EloyTime To Turn1982LP 
Elysian Fields, the12 Ablaze2001CD
Emerson, Lake & PalmerPictures At An Exhibition1971LP 
Emerson, Lake & PalmerTrilogy1972LP 
EmperorIn The Nightside Eclipse1994CD 
EnigmaLe Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi!1996CD 
Eno, BrianHere Come The Warm Jets1973LP 
Eno, BrianTaking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)1974LP 
Eno, BrianAnother Green World1975LP 
Eno, BrianBefore And After Science1977LP 
Eno, BrianMy Life In The Bush Of Ghosts1981LP
Eppu NormaaliMaximum Jee & Jee1979LP 
Eppu NormaaliAkun tehdas1980LP 
Eppu NormaaliElävänä Euroopassa!19802LP 
Eppu NormaaliTie vie1982LP 
Eppu NormaaliRupisia riimejä karmeita tarinoita1984LP 
Eppu NormaaliValkoinen kupla1986LP 
Eppu NormaaliImperiumin vastaisku1988LP 
Eppu NormaaliHistorian suurmiehiä1990LP 
Eppu NormaaliRepullinen hittejä19962CD 
Erickson, RokyThe Evil One19812CD 
Erickson, RokyGremlins Have Pictures1986CD 
EsotericEpistemological Despondency19942CD 
EsotericThe Pernicious Enigma19962CD 
EsotericSubconscious Dissolution Into The Continuum2004CD 
Eternal OathRighteous2001CD 
Eternal Tears Of SorrowChaotic Beauty2000CD 
Eternal Tears Of SorrowA Virgin And A Whore2001CD 
Eternal Tears Of SorrowThe Last One For Life2001CDS 
EuthanasiaFever Sleep19927"
Exploited, thePunk's Not Dead1981CD
Exploited, theTroops Of Tomorrow1982CD
F.A.K. Pop Fast RhythmRough Guys Don't Dance19917" 
Faith No MoreIntroduce Yourself1987LP 
Faith No MoreThe Real Thing1989LP 
Faith No MoreAngel Dust1992CD 
Faith No MoreKing For A Day, Fool For A Lifetime1995CD 
Faith No MoreAlbum Of The Year1997CD 
Fall Of The LeafeFermina2002CD 
Five Horse JohnsonThe No. 6 Dance2001CD 
Five Horse JohnsonThe Last Men On Earth2003CD 
Five Horse JohnsonThe Mystery Spot2006CD 
Flaming Lips, theThe Soft Bulletin1999CD 
Fleetwood MacPeter Green's Fleetwood Mac1968LP 
Fleetwood MacThe Pious Bird Of Good Omen1969LP 
FocusMoving Waves1971LP 
FocusFocus 319722LP 
FocusHamburger Concerto1974LP 
Foley, BlazeThe Dawg Years2010CD
Ford, JimThe Unissued Capitol Album2009LP 
ForeignerAgent Provocateur1984LP 
FreeTons Of Sobs1968CD 
FreeFire And Water1970CD 
FreeFree Live!1971CD 
FreeFree At Last1972CD 
FreeFree Forever20062DVD 
Frostbitten KingdomObscure Visions Of Chaotic Annihilation2009CD 
Fu ManchuDaredevil1995CD 
Fu ManchuIn Search Of...1996CD 
Fu ManchuThe Action Is Go1997CD
Fu ManchuKing Of The Road1999CD 
Fu ManchuCalifornia Crossing2002CD 
Fu ManchuStart The Machine2004CD 
Fu ManchuWe Must Obey2007CD 
Gabriel, Peter31980LP 
Gabriel, Peter41982LP 
Gabriel, PeterPlays Live19832LP 
Gabriel, PeterSo1986LP 
Gamma RayLand Of The Free1995CD 
Gamma RaySomewhere Out In Space1997CD 
Gamma RayPowerplant1999CD 
Gamma RayBlast From The Past20002CD
Gamma RayNo World Order!2001CD 
GarbageBeautiful Garbage2001CD
Gathering, theHow To Measure A Planet?19982CD 
Gathering, theSouvenirs2003CD 
Gaye, MarvinLet's Get It On1973LP 
Gaye, MarvinLive1974LP
Gaye, MarvinHere, My Dear19782LP 
GenesisNursery Cryme1971LP 
GenesisSelling England By The Pound1973LP 
GenesisThe Lamb Lies Down On Broadway19742LP 
GenesisA Trick Of The Tail1976LP 
GenesisSeconds Out19772LP
Genesis...And Then There Were Three...1978LP 
GenesisThree Sides Live19822LP 
GenesisWe Can't Dance19912LP 
Gentle GiantAcquiring The Taste1971LP 
Gentle GiantOctopus1972LP 
Giant RobotCrushing You With Style1999CD
Giant RobotJennifer Kissed Me2000CDS 
Giant RobotSuperweekend2002CD 
Giant RobotDomesticity2004CD 
Gilmour, DavidDavid Gilmour1978CD 
Gilmour, DavidAbout Face1984CD 
Gilmour, DavidOn An Island2006CD
Glass, Philip1000 Airplanes On The Roof1989CD 
GoatsnakeDog Days2000CDEP 
GoatsnakeTrampled Under Hoof2004CDEP 
GodfleshCrush My Soul1995CDEP 
GodfleshSlateman/Cold World1996CDEP 
GodfleshLove And Hate In Dub1997CD 
GomezLiquid Skin1999CD 
GomezIn Our Gun2002CD 
Gonzįlez, JoséCrosses EP2003CDEP 
Gonzįlez, JoséRemain EP2003CDEP 
Gonzįlez, JoséVeneer2003CD 
Gonzįlez, JoséIn Our Nature2007CD 
Grateful DeadAoxomoxoa1969CD 
Graves At SeaDocuments Of Grief2003CD 
Green Day1,000 Hours19897"
Green DayDookie1994CD 
Green DayInsomniac1995LP 
Green DayAmerican Idiot2004CD+DVD
Green DayHoliday20057"
Green, PeterThe End Of The Game1970LP 
Green, PeterIn The Skies1979LP
Green, PeterLittle Dreamer1980LP 
Green, PeterWhatcha Gonna Do?1981LP 
Green, PeterWhite Sky1982LP 
Green, PeterKolors1983LP 
GryphonRed Queen To Gryphon Three1974LP 
Guru GuruUFO1970CD 
Guru GuruHinten1971CD 
Guru GuruDon't Call Us (We Call You)1973LP 
Guru GuruDance Of The Flames1974LP 
Guru GuruTango Fango1976CD 
Guru GuruGlobetrotter1977LP 
Guru GuruHey Du1979LP 
Guru Guru2000 Gurus2000CD
Hackett, SteveVoyage Of The Acolyte1975LP 
Hackett, SteveSpectral Mornings1979LP 
Hackett, SteveHighly Strung1983LP 
HaloGuattari (From The West Flows Grey Ash And Pestilence)2001CD 
HaloBody Of Light2003CD
Hammill, PeterChameleon In The Shadow Of The Night1973LP 
Hammill, PeterIn Camera1974CD 
Hammill, PeterThe Silent Corner And The Empty Stage1974LP 
Hammill, PeterNadir's Big Chance1975CD 
Hammill, PeterpH71979LP 
Hammill, PeterA Black Box1980CD 
Hammill, PeterA Black Box1980LP 
Hammill, PeterSitting Targets1981LP 
Hammill, PeterEnter K1982LP 
Hammill, PeterAnd Close As This1986LP 
Hancock, HerbieMaiden Voyage1965LP 
Hancock, HerbieHead Hunters1973LP 
Hancock, HerbieSextant1973LP 
Hancock, HerbieThrust1974LP 
Hancock, HerbieFeets Don't Fail Me Now1979LP 
Hancock, HerbieMr. Hands1980LP 
Hansson, BoSagan Om Ringen1970LP 
Hansson, BoMagician's Hat1973LP 
Hansson, BoAttic Thoughts1976LP 
Hansson, BoMusic Inspired By Watership Down1977LP 
Harvey, MickIntoxicated Man1995CD 
Harvey, MickPink Elephants1997CD 
Hassisen KoneTäältä tullaan Venäjä1980CD 
Hassisen KoneTäältä tullaan Venäjä1980CD
Hassisen KoneRumat sävelet1981CD 
Hassisen KoneHarsoinen teräs1982CD 
Haunted, theThe Haunted1998CD 
Haunted, theThe Haunted Made Me Do It2000CD 
Haunted, theOne Kill Wonder2002CD 
HavayothHis Creation Reversed2000CD 
HawkwindIn Search Of Space1971CD 
HawkwindDoremi Fasol Latido1972CD 
HawkwindSilver Machine19727"
HawkwindSpace Ritual19732CD
HawkwindSpace Ritual19732LP
HawkwindHall Of The Mountain Grill1974CD 
HawkwindWarrior On The Edge Of Time1975CD 
HawkwindWarrior On The Edge Of Time1975LP 
HawkwindAstounding Sounds, Amazing Music1976LP 
HawkwindQuark Strangeness And Charm1977CD
HawkwindQuark Strangeness And Charm1977LP 
HawkwindLive Seventy Nine1980LP 
HawkwindRepeat Performance1980LP
HawkwindChoose Your Masques1982LP 
HawkwindUtopia 19841985LP 
HawkwindThe Xenon Codex1988LP 
HawkwindSpace Bandits1990CD 
HawkwindElectric Tepee1992CD 
HawkwindThe 1999 Party19972CD
HectorHerra Mirandos1973LP 
HectorHectorock I1974LP 
HectorLiisa pien1975LP 
HectorHotelli Hannikainen1976LP 
HectorKadonneet lapset1978LP 
HectorLinnut, linnut!1980LP 
HectorHyvää yötä Bambi1982LP 
Hellacopters, thePayin' The Dues1997CD 
Hellacopters, theHigh Visibility2000CD 
HelloweenKeeper Of The Seven Keys Part 11987LP 
HelloweenKeeper Of The Seven Keys Part 21988LP 
HelloweenLive In The U.K.1989LP 
HelmetSize Matters2004CD 
Hendrix, JimiAxis: Bold As Love1967CD 
Hendrix, JimiElectric Ladyland1968CD 
Hendrix, JimiLive At Woodstock19692CD 
Hendrix, JimiBand Of Gypsys1970CD 
Hendrix, Jimi20 Golden Pieces1979LP 
Hendrix, JimiThe Jimi Hendrix Experience Radio One19892LP 
Hendrix, JimiFirst Rays Of The New Rising Sun1997CD 
HermanoDare I Say...2004CD 
High On FireBlessed Black Wings2004CD+DVD 
Hillage, SteveFish Rising1975LP 
Hillage, SteveL1976LP 
Hillage, SteveMotivation Radio1977LP 
Hillage, SteveGreen1978LP 
Hillage, SteveLive Herald19792LP
HollenthonDomus Mundi2000CD 
HollenthonWith Vilest Of Worms To Dwell2001CD
Hoodoo GurusBlow Your Cool!1987LP 
Hoodoo GurusMagnum Cum Louder1989LP 
Hubbard, FreddieStraight Life1970LP 
Hubbard, FreddieKeep Your Soul Together1973LP 
Hubbard, FreddieEchoes Of Blue1976LP 
Hulkkonen, JoriDifferent2002CD 
Hulkkonen, JoriDualizm2005CD 
Husky RescueCountry Falls2004CD 
Husky RescueGhost Is Not Real2007CD 
Hylkiö/Urban RiotSplit19947" 
Iced EarthNight Of The Stormrider1992CD 
Iced EarthBurnt Offerings1995CD 
Iced EarthThe Dark Saga1996CD 
Iced EarthAlive In Athens19993CD
Iced EarthHorror Show20012CD
ImmortalAt The Heart Of Winter1999CD 
ImmortalSons Of Northern Darkness2002CD
ImpiousThe Deathsquad2002CDEP 
ImpiousThe Killer2002CD
In The Woods...Omnio1997CD 
In The Woods...Three Times Seven On A Pilgrimage2000CD
IncubusMorning View2001CD 
InhaleMachine Of Agony2008CD
InrageBuilt To Destroy2002CD 
InsomniumSince The Day It All Came Down2004CD 
InstigatorsWall Of Sound1987LP 
InstigatorsNew Old Now1988LP 
Iron & WineThe Creek Drank The Cradle2002CD 
Iron & WineThe Sea & The Rhythm2003CDEP 
Iron & WineOur Endless Numbered Days2004CD
Iron & WinePassing Afternoon2004CDEP 
Iron & WineWoman King2005CDEP
Iron & WineSuch Great Heights2006CDEP 
Iron & Wine/CalexicoIn The Reins2005CDEP 
Iron ButterflyIn-A-Gadda-Da-Vida1968LP 
Iron MaidenIron Maiden1980LP 
Iron MaidenKillers1981LP 
Iron MaidenThe Number Of The Beast1982LP 
Iron MaidenPiece Of Mind1983LP 
Iron MaidenPowerslave1984LP 
Iron MaidenLive After Death19852LP 
Iron MaidenSomewhere In Time1986LP 
Iron MaidenSeventh Son Of A Seventh Son1988LP 
Iron MaidenNo Prayer For The Dying1990LP 
Iron MaidenBest Of The Beast19962CD 
Iron MaidenBrave New World2000CD 
Iron MaidenThe Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg200610" 
J.M.K.E.Külmale maale1989CD 
Jackson, MichaelBad1987MC 
Jackson, MichaelNumber Ones2007CD 
Jade WarriorFloating World1974LP 
Jam, theIn The City19777"
Jam, theThis Is The Modern World1977CD 
Jam, theSetting Sons1979CD 
JamiroquaiThe Return Of The Space Cowboy1994CD 
JamiroquaiA Funk Odyssey2001CD 
JaneHere We Are1973LP 
JaneJane III1975LP 
JaneFire, Water, Earth & Air1976LP 
JaneJane At Home Live19762LP
JaneBetween Heaven And Hell1977LP 
Jarre, Jean MichelEquinoxe1978CD 
Jarre, Jean MichelRevolutions1988CD 
Jarre, Jean MichelEn Attendant Cousteau1990CD 
Jefferson AirplaneAfter Bathing At Baxter's1967LP 
Jefferson AirplaneCrown Of Creation1968LP 
Jethro TullThis Was1968LP 
Jethro TullStand Up1969LP 
Jethro TullBenefit1970LP 
Jethro TullAqualung1971LP 
Jethro TullLiving In The Past19722LP 
Jethro TullThick As A Brick1972LP
Jethro TullThick As A Brick1972LP
Jethro TullA Passion Play1973LP 
Jethro TullWar Child1974LP 
Jethro TullMinstrel In The Gallery1975LP 
Jethro TullToo Old To Rock'n'Roll: Too Young To Die!1976LP
Jethro TullSongs From The Wood1977LP 
Jethro TullBursting Out19782LP
Jethro TullHeavy Horses1978LP 
Jethro TullStormwatch1979LP 
John, EltonVictim Of Love1979MC 
Johnson, Linton KwesiDread Beat An' Blood1978LP
Johnson, Linton KwesiForces Of Victory1979CD 
Johnson, Linton KwesiBass Culture1980CD 
Johnson, Linton KwesiLKJ In Dub1980LP 
Johnson, WilkoCasting My Spell On You19817"
Jolly JumpersBack To The Tom-Tom Town198710" 
Jolly JumpersHometown Hi-Fi2004CD
Jon Spencer Blues ExplosionNow I Got Worry1996CD
Jones, NorahCome Away With Me2001CD 
Joy DivisionUnknown Pleasures1979CD 
Joy DivisionCloser1980CD 
Joy DivisionLes Bains Douches vol. 21980LP
Joy DivisionPreston 28 February 19801980LP
Joy DivisionStill1981CD
Joy DivisionAtmosphere1982LP
Judas PriestRocka Rolla1974LP 
Judas PriestSin After Sin1977LP 
Judas PriestKilling Machine1978LP 
Judas PriestStained Class1978LP 
Judas PriestUnleashed In The East1979LP
Judas PriestBritish Steel1980LP 
Judas PriestPoint Of Entry1981LP 
Judas PriestScreaming For Vengeance1982LP 
Judas PriestDefenders Of The Faith1984LP 
Judas PriestTurbo1986LP 
Judas PriestPriest...Live!19872LP 
Judas PriestRam It Down1988LP 
Judas PriestPainkiller1990LP 
Juggling JugularsCan You Explain?1998CDEP 
Järvinen, MattiMatin levy1976LP
KamelotThe Fourth Legacy1999CD 
KaranteeniHaluan toimintaa19797"
Karjalainen, J.Laura Häkkisen silmät1998CD 
KatatoniaDance Of December Souls1993CD 
KatatoniaFor Funerals To Come...1995CDEP 
KatatoniaBrave Murder Day1996CD 
KatatoniaDiscouraged Ones1997CD 
KatatoniaTonight's Decision1999CD
KatatoniaLast Fair Deal Gone Down2001CD
KatatoniaViva Emptiness2003CD 
KayakStarlight Dancer1977LP 
Keen Of The CrowPremonition2006CDEP 
KemopetrolSlowed Down2000CD 
KenzinerThe Prophecies1999CD 
Keskitalo, JooseLuoja auta2004CD 
Keskitalo, JooseKaupungit puristuvat puristimissa2006CD 
Keskitalo, JooseTule minun luokseni, kulta2009CD 
Killing JokeBrighter Than A Thousand Suns1986LP 
King CrimsonIn The Court Of The Crimson King1969CD 
King CrimsonIn The Wake Of Poseidon1970CD 
King CrimsonLizard1970CD 
King CrimsonIslands1971CD 
King CrimsonEarthbound1972LP
King CrimsonLarks' Tongues In Aspic1973CD 
King CrimsonRed1974CD 
King CrimsonStarless And Bible Black1974LP 
King CrimsonUSA1975LP
King CrimsonDiscipline1981CD 
King CrimsonBeat1982CD 
King, CaroleTapestry1971CD 
Kings Of ConvenienceQuiet Is The New Loud2001CD 
Kings Of ConvenienceRiot On An Empty Street2004CD 
Kingston WallI1992CD 
Kingston WallII1993CD 
Kingston WallTri-Logy1994CD 
Kingston WallReal Live Thing20053CD
Kinks, theThe Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society1968CD 
Kinks, theLola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround, Part One1970CD 
KissCreatures Of The Night1982LP 
KoleraMaamme laulu1991LP 
Kossoff, PaulKoss19772LP 
KotiteollisuusJos sanon2000CDS 
KotiteollisuusTomusta ja tuhkasta2000CD 
KotiteollisuusRakastaa/Ei rakasta2002CDS 
Kotiteollisuus± 02002CDS 
Kovenant, theAnimatronic1999CD 
KraanAndy Nogger1975LP 
KyussBlues For The Red Sun1992CD 
KyussWelcome To Sky Valley1994CD 
Kyuss...And The Circus Leaves Town1995CD 
Lab’rinthReturn To Heaven Denied1998CD 
LacrimosaAlleine Zu Zweit1999CDEP
LaikaLost In Space20022CD 
Lake Of TearsGreater Art1993CD 
Lake Of TearsHeadstones1995CD 
Lake Of TearsA Crimson Cosmos1997CD 
Lake Of TearsForever Autumn1999CD 
Lake Of TearsThe Neonai2002CD 
Led ZeppelinI1969CD 
Led ZeppelinII1969CD 
Led ZeppelinIII1970CD 
Led ZeppelinIV1971CD 
Led ZeppelinIV1971LP 
Led ZeppelinHouses Of The Holy1973CD 
Led ZeppelinPhysical Graffiti19752LP 
Led ZeppelinPresence1976CD 
Led ZeppelinIn Through The Out Door1979LP 
Leskinen, JuiceJuice Leskinen & Coitus Int1973LP 
Leskinen, JuicePer Vers, runoilija1974LP 
Leskinen, JuiceKeskitysleirin ruokavalio1976LP 
Leskinen, JuiceLahtikaupungin rullaluistelijat1977LP 
Leskinen, JuiceTauko I1978LP 
Leskinen, JuiceTauko II1979LP 
Leskinen, JuiceXV yö (Tauko III)1980LP 
Leskinen, JuiceXV yö (Tauko III)1980LP
Leskinen, JuiceAjan henki1981LP 
Leskinen, JuiceDokumentti1981LP 
Leskinen, JuiceParhaat1982MC 
Leskinen, JuiceSivilisaatio1982LP 
Leskinen, JuiceBoogieteorian alkeet19832LP
Leskinen, JuiceKuopio-Iisalmi-Nivala19842LP
Leskinen, JuicePyromaani palaa rikospaikalle1985LP 
Leskinen, JuiceMasters1986LP
Leskinen, JuiceYölento19862LP 
Leskinen, JuiceMinä1987LP 
Leskinen, JuiceSinä1990LP 
Leskinen, JuiceTaivaan kappaleita1991LP 
Leskinen, JuiceSuomen parhaat1994MC 
LiekkiRajan piirsin taa2005CD 
LiekkiKalliot leikkaa2007CD 
Lindholm, DaveIsokynä Lindholm1972CD 
Lindholm, DaveFandjango1975CD 
Lofgren, NilsSilver Lining1991LP 
Lords Of The New Church, theParalysed1982LP
Lords Of The New Church, theThe Lords Of The New Church1982LP 
Lords Of The New Church, theIs Nothing Sacred?1983LP 
LossVerdict Of Posterity2001CD
Loveless, theStar | Rover2002CD
Lurkers, theJust Thirteen19787"
Lurkers, theNew Guitar In Town19797"
Macc Lads, theTwenty Golden Crates1991LP
Mandel, HarveyThe Snake1972LP 
Mandel, HarveyFeel The Sound Of Harvey Mandel1974LP 
Manfred Mann's Earth BandMessin'1973LP 
Manfred Mann's Earth BandSolar Fire1973LP 
Manfred Mann's Earth BandThe Good Earth1974LP 
Manfred Mann's Earth BandNightingales & Bombers1975LP 
Manfred Mann's Earth BandThe Roaring Silence1976LP 
Mann, HerbieYardbird Suite1957LP 
Mann, HerbieBrazil, Bossa Nova & Blues1961LP 
Mann, HerbieLatin Fever1964LP 
Mann, HerbieMemphis Underground1969LP 
Mann, HerbiePush Push1971LP
Mann, HerbieHold On, I'm Comin'1973LP
Mann, HerbieDiscotheque1975LP 
MannhaiThe Sons Of Yesterday's Black Grouse2001CD 
MannhaiEvil Under The Sun2002CD 
MannhaiThe Exploder2004CD 
Maraboots/Stomper 98Split20127" 
MarionOnni on kun rakastaa1979LP 
MariskaMemento Mori2004CD 
MariskaSuden hetki2005CD 
Marley, BobBurnin'1973CD 
Marley, BobCatch A Fire1973CD 
Marley, BobLive!1975CD
Marley, BobNatty Dread1975CD 
Marley, BobRastaman Vibration1976CD 
Marley, BobExodus1977CD 
Marley, BobExodus1977LP 
Marley, BobBabylon By Bus1978CD
Marley, BobKaya1978CD 
Marley, BobSurvival1979CD 
Marley, BobUprising1980CD 
Marley, BobConfrontation1983LP 
Massive AttackBlue Lines1991CD 
Massive AttackProtection1994CD 
Massive AttackMezzanine1998CD 
Masters Of RealityWelcome To The Western Lodge1999CD 
Masters Of RealityDeep In The Hole2001CD 
Matching MoleLittle Red Record1972CD 
Matti & TeppoTäyskymppi1979LP
Matti & TeppoPidä itsestäsi huolta1982LP 
Maudlin Of The WellMy Fruit Psychobells... A Seed Combustible1999CD 
Maudlin Of The WellBath2001CD 
Maukka PerusjätkäEnnen kolmatta maailmansotaa1980LP 
Maukka PerusjätkäKoiranpennut1981LP 
MC Nikke T.Jos haluu saada... Vol. 11990MC 
MC5Kick Out The Jams1969CD 
MC5Back In The USA1970CD 
MelvinsGluey Porch Treatments1986CD 
MelvinsSalad Of A Thousand Delights1992DVD
MelvinsStoner Witch1994CD 
MelvinsThe Bootlicker1999CD 
MelvinsThe Maggot1999CD 
MelvinsNude With Boots2008CD 
Members, the1980 - The Choice Is Yours1980LP 
MetallicaKill 'Em All1983CD 
MetallicaRide The Lightning1984CD 
MetallicaMaster Of Puppets1986CD 
Metallica...And Justice For All1988CD 
MetallicaMetallica (The Black Album)1991CD 
MetallicaThe Memory Remains Part 11997CDS 
MetallicaThe Memory Remains Part 21997CDS 
MetallicaI Disappear2001CDS 
Minor ThreatFirst Demo Tape19817"
Minor ThreatOut Of Step198312" 
Minor ThreatMinor Threat198412"
MisfitsWalk Among Us1982CD 
Mitchell, JoniBlue1971LP 
Mitchell, JoniCourt And Spark1974LP 
Mob RulesSavage Land1999CD 
MokomaPunainen kukko2003CDEP 
Moody BluesIn Search Of The Lost Chord1968LP 
MoonsorrowVoimasta ja kunniasta2001CD 
MoonsorrowV: Hävitetty2007CD 
MoonspellUnder The Moonspell1994CDEP 
MoonspellSin / Pecado1997CD 
MoonspellDarkness And Hope2001CD 
Moore, GaryStill Got The Blues1990CD 
Morbid AngelCovenant1993CD 
MorcheebaBig Calm1998CD 
Morissette, AlanisJagged Little Pill1995CD 
Morrison, VanAstral Weeks1968CD 
Morrison, VanMoondance1970CD 
Morrison, VanMoondance1970LP 
Morrison, VanTupelo Honey1971CD 
MotörheadAce Of Spades1980LP 
MotörheadNo Sleep 'til Hammersmith1981LP
Mourning BelovethDust2002CD 
Mourning BelovethThe Sullen Sulcus2003CD 
Mouth & MacNealHello-A19727"
MullmuzzlerKeep It To Yourself1999CD 
MullmuzzlerJames LaBrie's Muzzmuzzler 22001CD 
Multimediakonsultit(Joku vitun) Mainostoimisto2004CDS 
Musta ParaatiPeilitalossa1983CD 
My Dying BrideAs The Flower Withers1992CD 
My Dying BrideTurn Loose The Swans1993CD 
My Dying BrideThe Angel And The Dark River1995CD 
My Dying BrideTrinity1995CD
My Dying BrideLike Gods Of The Sun1996CD 
My Dying Bride34.788%... Complete1998CD 
My Dying BrideThe Light At The End Of The World1999CD 
My Dying BrideThe Dreadful Hours2001CD
My Dying BrideThe Voice Of The Wretched2002CD
My Dying BrideSongs Of Darkness, Words Of Light2004CD
My ShamefulOf All The Wrong Things2003CD 
Mårtenson, LasseSkärgård - saaristo - Archipelago & Myrskyluodon Maija1977LP 
Napalm DeathMass Appeal Madness199112" 
Napalm DeathBootlegged In Japan1998CD 
Napalm DeathOrder Of The Leech2002CD
Negative ApproachFriends Of No One19847" 
Negative ApproachNothing Will Stand In Our Way2011LP
NektarA Tab In The Ocean1972LP 
NektarRemember The Future1973LP
NektarRemember The Future1973LP
NektarSounds Like This19732LP 
NektarDown To Earth1974LP 
NektarSunday Night At London Roundhouse1974LP
NektarMagic Is A Child1977LP 
NektarMan In The Moon1980LP 
NeurosisTimes Of Grace1999CD 
NeurosisA Sun That Never Sets2001CD 
Night Conquers DayRebellion Is The Art Of Survival1999CD 
NileIn Their Darkened Shrines2002CD 
Nine Inch NailsWith Teeth2005CD 
NirvanaIn Utero1993CD 
NirvanaUnplugged In New York1994CD 
NirvanaFrom The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah1996CD
No DoubtReturn Of Saturn2000CD 
No DoubtThe Singles 1992-20032003CD 
NoFXRegaining Unconsciousness20037"
Nokturnal MortumGoat Horns1996CD 
NoMeansNoSmall Parts Isolated And Destroyed1989LP 
NoMeansNoThe Power Of Positive Thinking199012" 
NoMeansNoOh, Canaduh19917"
Novembers DoomAmid It's Hallowed Mirth1996CD 
Nox Mortis7 Lies1999CD
Nugent, TedScream Dream1980LP 
Nylon BeatNylon Beat1996CD 
Nylon BeatSatasen laina1997CD 
Nylon BeatExtreme2001CD 
Oldfield, MikeTubular Bells1973LP 
Oldfield, MikeOmmadawn1975LP 
Op:l BastardsThe Job2001CD 
OpethMy Arms, Your Hearse1997CD 
OpethStill Life1999CD 
OpethBlackwater Park2001CD 
OpethGhost Reveries2005CD 
OrbitalOrbital / Peel Sessions19932CD 
OrkristReginae Mysterium2002CD 
OrneThe Conjuration By The Fire2006CD 
OsibisaWelcome Home1975LP 
PainEleanor Rigby2002CDS 
PainJust Hate Me2002CDS 
Pain Of SalvationEntropia1997CD 
Pain Of SalvationOne Hour By The Concrete Lake1998CD 
Pain Of SalvationThe Perfect Element2000CD 
Pain Of SalvationRemedy Lane2002CD 
PalefaceQuarter Past2003CD 
PantheļstO Solitude2003CD 
Paprika KorpsPrzede Wszystkim Muzyki2001LP
Paradise LostShades Of God1992CD 
Paradise LostIcon1993CD 
Paradise LostDraconian Times1995CD 
Paragon Of BeautySeraphine... Far Gone Gleam2000CDEP 
PentagramDay Of Reckoning1987CD 
PentagramBe Forewarned1994CD 
PentagramTurn To Stone2002CD 
Pet Shop BoysNightlife1999CD 
Pink FloydThe Piper At The Gates Of Dawn1967CD 
Pink FloydA Saucerful Of Secrets1968CD 
Pink FloydMore1969LP
Pink FloydUmmagumma19692CD
Pink FloydAtom Heart Mother1970LP 
Pink FloydMeddle1971CD 
Pink FloydMeddle1971LP 
Pink FloydRelics1971LP 
Pink FloydObscured By Clouds1972LP 
Pink FloydDark Side Of The Moon1973CD 
Pink FloydDark Side Of The Moon1973LP 
Pink FloydWish You Were Here1975CD 
Pink FloydWish You Were Here1975LP 
Pink FloydAnimals1977CD 
Pink FloydAnimals1977LP 
Pink FloydThe Wall19792CD 
Pink FloydThe Wall19792LP 
Pink FloydThe Final Cut1983LP 
Pink FloydA Momentary Lapse Of Reason1987CD 
Pink FloydP.U.L.S.E19952CD
Pink FloydLive At Pompeii2003DVD
Pink FloydLive Anthology2004DVD 
Pink FloydP.U.L.S.E20062DVD 
PlasmaticsNew Hope For The Wretched1980LP 
PlasmaticsBeyond The Valley Of 19841981LP 
Poema ArcanusIconoclast2002CD 
Pohjola, PekkaPihkasilmä kaarnakorva1972LP 
Pohjola, PekkaHarakka Bialoipokku1974LP 
Pohjola, PekkaUrban Tango1982LP 
Pohjola, PekkaJokamies1983LP 
Police, theReggatta de Blanc1979CD 
Police, theZenyatta Mondatta1980LP 
Police, theGhost In The Machine1981CD 
Police, theSynchronicity1983CD 
Police, theThe Very Best Of Sting & The Police1997CD 
Pop, IggyThe Idiot1976CD 
Pop, IggyLust For Life1977CD 
Pop, IggyBlah Blah Blah1986LP 
Positive/NegativeCut The Crap... ...It's Time To Act19967" 
PrimordialA Journey's End1998CD 
PrimordialSpirit The Earth Aflame2000CD 
PrimordialStorm Before Calm2002CD 
PrimordialThe Gathering Wilderness2005CD 
PrinceFor You1978LP 
PrinceDirty Mind1980LP 
PrincePurple Rain1984LP 
PrinceAround The World In A Day1985LP 
PrinceSign 'O' The Times19872LP 
PrinceGraffiti Bridge19902LP 
Procol HarumProcol Harum1967CD 
Procol HarumGrand Hotel1973LP 
PropagandhiHow To Clean Everything1993CD 
PropagandhiToday's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes2001CD 
PropagandhiPotemkin City Limits2005CD
Protesti8-track EP19837" 
Punk Lurex O.K.Hatut ja myssyt1996CD 
Punk Lurex O.K.ProleX1999CD 
Punk Lurex O.K.Aika vapaa (Ajatuksia kaikille)2002CD 
Putro, SamuliElämä on juhla2009CD 
QueenQueen II1974LP 
QueenA Night At The Opera1975LP 
QueenA Day At The Races1976LP 
QueenNews Of The World1977LP 
Queens Of The Stone AgeRated R2000CD 
Queens Of The Stone AgeSongs For The Deaf2002CD 
Queens Of The Stone AgeLullabies To Paralyze2005CD+DVD
Queens Of The Stone AgeEra Vulgaris2007CD 
Queensr’cheGonna Get Close To You198512" 
Queensr’cheRage For Order1986LP 
Queensr’cheOperation: Mindcrime1988CD 
Queensr’chePromised Land1994CD 
Queensr’cheOperation: Mindcrime / Queen Of The Reich19992CD
RaappanaPäivä on nuori2007CD 
RadioheadOK Computer1997CD 
RadiopuhelimetViisi tähteä2007LP 
RadiopuhelimetRakastaa sinua2010CD 
RageExecution Guaranteed1987LP 
RageBlack In Mind1995CD 
Rage Against The MachineRage Against The Machine1992CD 
Rage Against The MachineEvil Empire1996CD 
Rage Against The MachineThe Battle Of Los Angeles1999CD 
Rage Against The MachineRenegades2000CD 
Rage Against The MachineThe Battle Of Mexico City2000DVD 
RaggarsLihavia tyttöjä1987LP 
RainbowRitchie Blackmore's Rainbow1975LP 
RainbowOn Stage19772LP
RainbowLong Live Rock 'n' Roll1978LP 
RamonesHey Ho Let's Go! - The Anthology19992CD 
RamsesLa Leyla1976LP 
RamsesEternity Rise1978LP 
RancidLet's Go1994CD 
Rancid...And Out Come The Wolves1995CD 
RancidLife Won't Wait1998CD
RaptureSongs For The Withering2002CD 
Red HarvestHyBreed1995CD 
Reed, LouTransformer1972LP 
Reed, LouBerlin1973LP 
Reed, LouRock n Roll Animal1974LP 
Reed, LouLive1975LP 
Reed, LouConey Island Baby1976LP 
Reed, LouThe Blue Mask1982LP 
Reed, LouNew York1989LP 
RefusedThe Shape Of Punk To Come1998CD
RepublikaNowe Sytuacje1983LP 
Reverend BizarreIn The Rectory Of The Bizarre Reverend2002CD 
Reverend BizarreHarbinger Of Metal2003CDEP 
Reverend BizarreII: Crush The Insects2005CD 
Reverend BizarreSlave Of Satan2005CDS 
Reverend BizarreIII: So Long Suckers20072CD
Reverend BizarreTeutonic Witch2007CDS 
Reverend BizarreDeath Is Glory... Now20092CD 
Rift, ZoogzAmputees In Limbo1982LP 
Rift, ZoogzInterim Resurgence1985LP 
Rift, ZoogzWater II: At Safe Distance1987LP 
RiteThe Creep Had It Coming2004CDEP 
Rites Of SpringRites Of Spring1985CD 
Rolling Stones, theBeggars Banquet1968LP 
Rolling Stones, theLet It Bleed1969LP 
Rolling Stones, theSticky Fingers1971LP
Rolling Stones, theExile On Main Street19722LP 
Rolling Stones, theGoats Head Soup1973LP 
Rolling Stones, theIt's Only Rock 'n Roll1974LP 
Romeo, MaxWar Ina Babylon1976CD 
Roomful Of BluesUnder One Roof1997CD 
Roots, thePhrenology2002CD 
Roots, theThe Tipping Point2004CD 
Roxy MusicStranded1973LP 
Roxy MusicCountry Life1974LP 
Roxy MusicViva!1976LP
Roxy MusicManifesto1979LP 
Rundgren, ToddRunt1971LP 
Rundgren, ToddA Wizard/A True Star1973LP 
Rundgren, ToddTodd19742LP
Rundgren, ToddInitiation1975LP 
Rundgren, ToddBack To The Bars19782LP
Rundgren, ToddHealing1981LP
RunemagickDarkness Death Doom2003CD 
Ruts, theSomething That I Said19797"
Ruts, theDifferent View19817"
Röyhkä, KaukoLauralle1984CD 
SabiansBeauty For Ashes2002CD 
Saha, TopiVerta ja lihaa2010CD 
SamaelBlood Ritual1992CD 
SamaelCeremony Of Opposites1994CD 
SamaelBlack Trip20032DVD
SamaelReign Of Light2004CD 
SamaelSolar Soul2007CD
Sammuneet KatulyhdytAsemalle jääneet2016MC 
SantanaThe Third Album1971LP 
SantanaGreatest Hits Live Vol. 11999CD
SantanaSupernatural Live2000DVD 
SaturnusParadise Belongs To You1996CD 
SaturnusFor The Loveless Lonely Nights1998CDEP 
SaturnusVeronika Decides To Die2006CD
SatyriconDark Medieval Times1993CD 
SatyriconThe Shadowthrone1994CD 
SatyriconNemesis Divina1996CD 
SatyriconIntermezzo II1999CDEP 
SatyriconRebel Extravaganza1999CD 
SavatagePower Of The Night1985LP 
SavatageFight For The Rock1986CD 
SavatageGutter Ballet1989CD 
SavatageGutter Ballet1989LP 
SavatageStreets - A Rock Opera1991CD 
SavatageEdge Of Thorns1993CD 
SavatageHandful Of Rain1994CD 
SavatageDead Winter Dead1995CD 
Schulze, KlausIrrlicht1972LP 
Schulze, KlausPicture Music1973LP 
Schulze, KlausBlackdance1974LP 
Schulze, KlausTimewind1975LP 
Schulze, KlausMoondawn1976LP 
Schulze, KlausMirage1977LP 
Schulze, KlausX19782LP 
Schulze, KlausDune1979LP 
SculpturedThe Spear Of The Lily Is Aureoled1998CD 
Secret Service OrchestraJames Bond Themes1997CD
SepulturaChaos A.D.1993CD 
Servo, Martti & NapanderPelisäännöt1998CD 
Servo, Martti & NapanderHyvältä näyttää!2000CD 
Servo, Martti & NapanderTäysosuma!2003CD 
Servo, Martti & NapanderJuhannuksen taika2005CDS 
Servo, Martti & NapanderSydämen amiraali2005CD 
Shadow GalleryCarved In Stone1995CD 
Shadow GalleryTyranny1998CD 
Shadow GalleryLegacy2001CD 
ShadowbreedThe Light Of The Shadow1999CDEP 
ShadowbreedOnly Shadows Remain2001CD 
Sham 69Angels With Dirty Faces19787"
Sham 69Hurry Up, Harry19787"
Sham 69If The Kids Are United19787"
Sham 69That's Life1978LP 
Sham 69Hersham Boys19797"
Sham 69Questions And Answers19797"
Sham 69Tell The Children19807"
Shape Of DespairShades Of...2000CD 
Shape Of DespairAngels Of Distress2001CD 
Shape Of DespairIllusion's Play2004CD 
ShellacAt Action Park1994LP 
ShiningI: Within Deep Dark Chambers2000CD
ShiningIII: Angst - Självdestruktivitetens Emissarie2002CD 
ShiningV: Halmstad2007CD
Sielun VeljetSielun Veljet1983CD 
Sielun VeljetHei soturit/Lapset1984CD 
Sielun VeljetL'amourha1985CD 
Sielun VeljetPoko-klassikot198712" 
Sielun VeljetSuomi-Finland1988CD 
Sielun VeljetSoftwood Music Under Slow Pillars1989CD 
Sigur RósTakk...2005CD 
Simon & GarfunkelWednesday Morning, 3 AM1964CD
Simon & GarfunkelSounds Of Silence1966LP 
Simon & GarfunkelBookends1968CD 
Simon & GarfunkelParsley, Sage, Rosemary And Thyme1969LP 
Simon & GarfunkelBridge Over Troubled Water1970CD
Simon & GarfunkelGreat Hits1975LP 
Simon & GarfunkelTales From New York - The Very Best Of Simon & Garfunkel19992CD 
Siouxsie And The BansheesThe Staircase (Mystery)19797"
Siouxsie And The BansheesThe Staircase (Mystery)19797"
Siouxsie And The BansheesSong From The Edge Of The World19877"
Sir Lord BaltimoreKingdom Come1970LP 
SireniaAt Sixes And Sevens2002CD 
SkepticismLead And Aether1997CD 
SkepticismThe Process Of Farmakon2001CDEP
SleepSleep's Holy Mountain1992CD 
Smith, ElliottEither/Or1997CD 
Smith, ElliottXO1998CD 
Smith, ElliottFigure 82000CD 
Smith, ElliottFrom A Basement On The Hill2004CD
Smith, ElliottPretty (Ugly Before)20047"
Smith, PattiRadio Ethiopia1976CD 
Smith, PattiWave1979CD 
SnotfaceP.S. Shit Happens1994LP 
Social DistortionSocial Distortion1990CD 
Social DistortionSomewhere Between Heaven And Hell1992CD
Social DistortionWhite Light White Heat White Trash1996CD 
SoilworkNatural Born Chaos2002CD 
SolsticeNew Dark Age1998CD 
Sonic YouthSister1987CD 
Sonic YouthDaydream Nation1988CD 
Sonic YouthGoo1990CD 
Sonic YouthDirty1992CD 
Sonic YouthMurray Street2002CD 
SoundgardenDown On The Upside1996CD 
Specials, theMore Specials1980LP 
Spice GirlsSpice1996CD 
Spice GirlsSpiceworld1997CD 
SpiritTwelve Dreams Of Dr. Sardonicus1970LP 
Spock's BeardDay For Night1999CD 
Springsteen, BruceGreetings From Asbury Park, N.J.1973LP 
Springsteen, BruceThe Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle1973LP 
Springsteen, BruceBorn To Run1975LP 
Springsteen, BruceDarkness On The Edge Of Town1978LP 
Springsteen, BruceThe River19802LP 
Springsteen, BruceNebraska1982LP 
Springsteen, BruceBorn In The U.S.A.1984LP 
Springsteen, BruceLive/1975-8519865LP 
Springsteen, BruceTunnel Of Love1987LP 
Steel VengeancePrisoners1987LP 
StereochristDead River Blues2003CD 
Stevens, CatMona Bone Jakon1970LP 
Stevens, CatTea For The Tillerman1970LP 
Stevens, CatTeaser And The Firecat1971LP 
Stevens, CatCatch Bull At Four1972LP 
Stevens, CatBuddha And The Chocolate Box1973LP 
Stevens, CatForeigner1973LP 
Stevens, CatBack To Earth1978LP 
Stevenson, B.W.My Maria1973LP 
Stills-Young Band, theLong May You Run1976LP
Stone, AngieMahogany Soul2001CD 
Stooges, theThe Stooges1969CD 
Stooges, theFun House1970CD 
Stooges, theRaw Power1973CD
Strapping Young LadHeavy As A Really Heavy Thing1995CD 
Strapping Young LadS.Y.L.2003CD 
StratovariusInfinite Visions2000DVD
Streng, PekkaMagneettimiehen kuolema1970CD
Streng, PekkaKesämaa1972CD 
Streng, PekkaUnen maa2009CD
Suicidal TendenciesJoin The Army1987CD 
Suicidal TendenciesHow Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can't Even Smile Today1988CD 
Suicidal TendenciesLights...Camera...Revolution1990LP 
Suicidal TendenciesThe Art Of Rebellion1992CD 
SummoningNightshade Forests1996CDEP 
SummoningLet Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame2001CD 
SummoningLost Tales2003CDEP 
Sunset BrigadeInquisition19907" 
Swallow The SunThe Morning Never Came2003CD 
Swallow The SunForgive Her...2005CDS 
Swallow The SunGhosts Of Loss2005CD+DVD
Swallow The SunDon't Fall Asleep2007CDS 
Swallow The SunHope2007CD
Swanö, DanMoontower1998CD 
Sylvian, DavidBrilliant Trees1984LP 
Sylvian, DavidGone To Earth19862LP 
Symphony XThe Divine Wings Of Tragedy1997CD 
Symphony XTwilight In Olympus1998CD 
Tangerine DreamZeit19722LP
Tangerine DreamAlpha Centauri/Atem19732LP 
Tangerine DreamPhaedra1974LP 
Tangerine DreamRicochet1975LP 
Tangerine DreamRubycon1975LP 
Tangerine DreamStratosfear1976LP 
Tangerine DreamEncore19772LP
Tangerine DreamSorcerer1977LP
Tangerine DreamCyclone1978LP 
Tangerine DreamForce Majeure1979LP 
Tangerine DreamTangram1980LP 
Tangerine DreamQuichotte1981LP
Tangerine DreamThief1981LP 
Tangerine DreamLogos - Live1982LP
Tangerine DreamHyperborea1983LP 
Tangerine DreamPoland - The Warsaw Concert19842LP
Tangerine DreamTyger1987LP 
Tasavallan PresidenttiTasavallan Presidentti (I)1969CD 
Tasavallan PresidenttiTasavallan Presidentti (II)1971CD 
TelaketjuKyyneleitä ja enneunia19917" 
Terveet KädetPahan voima -8719947"
Terveet KädetThe Ultimate Pain1999CD 
Terveet KädetNon Ultra Descriptica2000CD 
TeräsbetoniTaivas lyö tulta2005CDS 
Thee Maldoror KollectiveNew Era Viral Order2002CD
Thee Maldoror KollectiveThemes For Proxima2007CDEP 
ThergothonFhtagn-nagh Yog-sothoth1991CD 
ThergothonStream From The Heavens1992CD 
Third WorldThird World1976LP 
Third World96ŗ In The Shade1977LP 
Third WorldJourney To Addis1978LP 
Third WorldNow That We've Found Love197812" 
Third WorldThe Story's Been Told197912" 
Third WorldThe Story's Been Told1979LP 
Third WorldArise In Harmony1980LP 
Third WorldPrisoner In The Street1980LP
Third WorldRock The World1981LP 
Third WorldYou've Got The Power1982LP 
Third WorldAll The Way Strong1983LP 
ThresholdExtinct Instinct1997CD 
Thy SerpentForests Of Witchery1996CD 
Thy SerpentLords Of Twilight1997CD 
TiamatA Deeper Kind Of Slumber1997CD 
To/Die/ForIn The Heat Of The Night2000CDS 
To/Die/ForHollow Heart2001CDS 
Tolonen, JukkaTolonen!1971CD 
Tolonen, JukkaSummer Games1973CD 
Tolonen, JukkaThe Hook1974CD 
Tolonen, JukkaA Passenger To Paramaribo1977CD 
Tosh, PeterLegalize It1976LP 
Tosh, PeterEqual Rights1977LP 
Tosh, PeterBush Doctor1978LP 
Tosh, PeterMystic Man1979LP 
Tosh, PeterMama Africa1983LP 
TravisThe Invisible Band2001CD 
Trio NiskalaukausHävetkää!1997CDEP 
Trio NiskalaukausLopunajan merkit1999CD 
Trio NiskalaukausItku pitkästä ilosta2000CD 
Trio NiskalaukausRajaton rakkaus2000CDS 
Trio NiskalaukausKuilun partaalla2001CDEP
Trio NiskalaukausElegia2002CDS 
Trio NiskalaukausLumessakahlaajat2002CDS 
Trio NiskalaukausRajaportti2002CD 
Trio NiskalaukausSurupuku2002CDS 
Trio NiskalaukausTiernapojat2002CDEP
Trio NiskalaukausDVD2003DVD
Trio NiskalaukausHyvä ihminen2004CDS 
Trio NiskalaukausKylmä tila2004CD 
TristaniaWorld Of Glass2001CD 
TriumviratIllusions On A Double Dimple1974LP 
TriumviratOld Loves Die Hard1976LP 
Trower, RobinBridge Of Sighs1974LP 
Trower, RobinFor Earth Below1975LP 
Trower, RobinLive!1976LP
Trower, RobinLong Misty Days1976LP 
Tumor CircusSwine Flu19917"
Tumor CircusTumor Circus1991LP
TżrEric The Red2003CD 
U.K. SubsTeenage19807"
U.K. SubsCountdown19817"
U.K. SubsCountdown19817"
Ultra BraKroketti1997CD 
Ultra BraSinä päivänä kun synnyin20012CD
UlverPerdition City2000CD 
UlverA Quick Fix Of Melancholy2003CDEP 
Umbra NihilGnoia2005CD
Unborn-SFVain muutaman ecun tähden1993LP 
Until Death Overtakes MePrelude To Monolith2003CD
Urban Manatee/Impa LimSplit EP20147" 
Uriah Heep...Very 'eavy ...Very 'umble1970LP 
Uriah HeepLook At Yourself1971LP 
Uriah HeepSalisbury1971LP 
Uriah HeepDemons And Wizards1972LP 
Uriah HeepThe Magician's Birthday1972LP 
Uriah HeepLive January 197319732LP
Uriah HeepSweet Freedom1973LP 
Uriah HeepHigh And Mighty1976LP 
Uriah HeepFirefly1977LP 
UtopiaTodd Rundgren's Utopia1974LP 
UtopiaAnother Live1975LP
UtopiaOops! Wrong Planet1977LP 
UtopiaAdventures In Utopia1980LP 
UtopiaDeface The Music1980LP 
UtopiaSwing To The Right1982LP 
VaaviNeljä nolattua neroa1980LP 
Valse TristeHumen giljotiini20017" 
Valse TristeMadon luku2006LP 
Valse TristeMadon luku2006CD 
Valse Triste/Silmäosasto/Eevan TyttäretPrimer Pasiente19957"
Van der Graaf GeneratorThe Aerosol Grey Machine1969LP 
Van der Graaf GeneratorH To He Who Am The Only One1970LP 
Van der Graaf GeneratorThe Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other1970CD 
Van der Graaf GeneratorThe Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other1970LP 
Van der Graaf GeneratorPawn Hearts1971CD 
Van der Graaf GeneratorPawn Hearts1971LP 
Van der Graaf GeneratorGodbluff1975CD 
Van der Graaf GeneratorGodbluff1975LP 
Van der Graaf GeneratorStill Life1976LP 
Van der Graaf GeneratorWorld Record1976LP 
Van der Graaf GeneratorThe Quiet Zone/The Pleasure Dome1977LP 
Van der Graaf GeneratorVital19782LP
VangelisReprise 1990-19991999CD 
Various artistsToivekonsertti 491973LP
Various artistsHittiparaati 41977LP
Various artistsSaturday Night Fever1977MC
Various artistsFinnhits 101979LP
Various artistsHelleaalto1980LP
Various artists80-luvun Finnhits 41981LP
Various artistsTV räjähtää!1981LP
Various artists25 Years Of Rock 'n' Roll - 196719882LP
Various artists25 Years Of Rock 'n' Roll - 196819882LP
Various artistsJoulutahti1988LP
Various artistsOops! Wrong Stereotype1988LP
Various artistsThe Thing That Ate Floyd19882LP
Various artistsSunnuntaina sataa aina1989LP
Various artistsEndangered Species1990Muu
Various artistsSysteemi ei toimi E.P.19907"
Various artistsUgly American Overkill1991LP
Various artistsVirus 1001992LP
Various artistsWoodstock Diaries1994DVD 
Various artistsBonus CD 71997CD
Various artistsBonus CD 81997CD
Various artistsNo Speed Limit Vol. 21998CD
Various artistsRelapse Records - Sampler Spring 19991999CD
Various artistsSound Riot - Metal Ostentation I2000CD
Various artistsHammerheart Records - Sign Of The Hammer20012CD
Various artistsProphecy Productions - To Magic 22001CD
Various artistsCode666 - Better Undead Than Alive20022CD
Various artistsEarache Records - Sonic Excess2002CD
Various artistsSound Riot - Metal Ostentation II2002CD
Various artistsDispleased Records - Disturbing Summer 20032003CD
Various artistsRelapse Records - Contaminated VI20032CD
Various artistsFirebox Records - Sampler Vol.12004CD
Various artistsFirebox Records - Firesampler #22005CD
Various artistsFirebox Records - Firesampler #32006CD
Various artistsFirebox Records - Firesampler #42006CD
Various artistsPunk Occupation20072LP
Various artistsMetallirovio - Ensimmäinen kiusaus20082CD
Various artistsABC Of The Blues2010Muu
Various artistsThe Sound Of Punk We Deliver2011CD
VelcraBig Brother2002CDS 
VelcraCan't Stop Fighting2002CDS 
ViikateVaiennut soitto1998CDEP 
ViikateRoudasta rospuuttoon1999CDEP 
ViikateAlakulotettuja tunnelmia2000CDS 
ViikateNoutajan valssi2000CD 
ViikateNoutajan valssi2000LP 
ViikateValkea ja kuulas2001CDEP 
ViikateVuoden synkin juhla2001CD 
ViikateEi ole ketään kelle soittaa2002CDS 
ViikateKevyesti keskellä päivää2002CDEP 
ViikateUnholan urut2005CD 
ViikateMarraskuun lauluja I2007CD 
Virgin SteeleThe House Of Atreus Act 11999CD 
Void Of SilenceToward The Dusk2001CD 
Void Of SilenceCriteria Ov 6662002CD
Void Of SilenceHuman Antithesis2004CD
VoivodKilling Technology1987LP 
Waits, TomClosing Time1973CD 
Waits, TomThe Heart Of Saturday Night1974CD 
Waits, TomNighthawks At The Diner1975CD 
Waits, TomSmall Change1976CD 
Waits, TomForeign Affairs1977CD 
Waits, TomBlue Valentine1978CD 
Waits, TomHeartattack And Vine1980CD 
Waits, TomSwordfishtrombones1983CD 
Waits, TomRain Dogs1985CD 
Waits, TomFranks Wild Years1987LP 
Waits, TomBig Time1988LP
Waits, TomBone Machine1992CD 
Waits, TomThe Black Rider1993CD 
Waits, TomMule Variations1999CD
Waits, TomAlice2002CD
Waits, TomBlood Money2002CD
Waits, TomReal Gone2004CD
Waits, TomBurma Shave2006DVD 
Waits, TomOrphans20063CD
Waters, RogerThe Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking1984LP 
Waters, RogerRadio K.A.O.S.1987LP 
Waters, RogerThe Wall - Live In Berlin19902LP 
White TearsReagan Rises From The Grave20127"
White, BarryThe Ultimate Collection20002CD 
WhitesnakeCome An' Get It1981LP 
WhitesnakeSlide It In1984LP 
Who, theA Quick One1966CD 
Who, theThe Who Sell Out1967CD 
Who, theTommy1969CD 
Who, theLive At Leeds1970LP 
Who, theWho's Next1971CD 
Who, theQuadrophenia19732CD 
Who, theThe Who By Numbers1975LP 
WigwamLucky Golden Stripes And Starpose1976CD 
WirePink Flag1977LP 
WolfcryPower Within2001CD
WolfmotherCosmic Egg2009CD 
Womack, BobbyLookin' For A Love Again1974LP 
Wonder, StevieInnervisions1973LP 
Wonder, StevieFulfillingness' First Finale1974LP 
Wonder, StevieSongs In The Key Of Life19762LP
Wonder, StevieJourney Through The Secret Life Of Plants19792LP 
Wonder, StevieA Time To Love2005CD 
XTCStatue Of Liberty19787"
XTCBall And Chain19827"
YearningWith Tragedies Adorned1997CD 
YearningFrore Meadow2000CD 
YesClose To The Edge1972LP 
YesGoing For The One1977LP 
YleislakkoKuka pelkää politiikkaa?2010CD 
YOBThe Illusion Of Motion2004CD 
YOBThe Unreal Never Lived2005CD 
Young, NeilEverybody Knows This Is Nowhere1969CD 
Young, NeilNeil Young1969CD 
Young, NeilAfter The Gold Rush1970CD 
Young, NeilHarvest1972CD 
Young, NeilHarvest1972LP
Young, NeilJourney Through The Past19722LP 
Young, NeilTime Fades Away1973LP
Young, NeilOn The Beach1974CD 
Young, NeilOn The Beach1974LP
Young, NeilTonight's The Night1975CD 
Young, NeilZuma1975CD 
Young, NeilZuma1975LP 
Young, NeilAmerican Stars 'n' Bars1977CD 
Young, NeilDecade19773LP
Young, NeilComes A Time1978LP 
Young, NeilLive Rust19792LP 
Young, NeilRust Never Sleeps1979CD 
Young, NeilRust Never Sleeps1979LP 
Young, NeilRust Never Sleeps1979DVD 
Young, NeilHawks & Doves1980CD 
Young, NeilHawks & Doves1980LP 
Young, NeilRe-ac-tor1981LP 
Young, NeilTrans1982CD 
Young, NeilTrans1982LP 
Young, NeilEverybody's Rockin'1983CD 
Young, NeilOld Ways1985CD 
Young, NeilLanding On Water1986CD 
Young, NeilLife1987CD 
Young, NeilThis Note's For You1988CD 
Young, NeilFreedom1989CD 
Young, NeilFreedom1989LP 
Young, NeilMansion On The Hill1990CDEP
Young, NeilRagged Glory1990CD 
Young, NeilArc1991CD 
Young, NeilWeld19912CD
Young, NeilWeld19912LP 
Young, NeilHarvest Moon1992CD 
Young, NeilUnplugged1993CD 
Young, NeilSleeps With Angels1994CD 
Young, NeilMirror Ball1995CD
Young, NeilBroken Arrow1996CD 
Young, NeilYear Of The Horse19972CD
Young, NeilRoad Rock2000CD
Young, NeilSilver & Gold2000CD 
Young, NeilSilver & Gold2000DVD 
Young, NeilAre You Passionate?2002CD 
Young, NeilGreendale2003CD+DVD
Young, NeilPrairie Wind2005CD+DVD
Young, NeilHeart Of Gold20062DVD 
Young, NeilLive At The Fillmore East2006CD+DVD 
Young, NeilLiving With War2006CD 
Young, NeilChrome Dreams II2007CD+DVD 
Young, NeilLive At Massey Hall 19712007CD+DVD
Young, NeilLive In San Francisco20072CD
Young, NeilLe Noise2010CD 
Legenda - 36 suurinta hittiä20012CD 
Zappa, FrankFreak Out!19662LP 
Zappa, FrankAbsolutely Free1967LP 
Zappa, FrankWe're Only In It For The Money1968LP 
Zappa, FrankBurnt Weeny Sandwich1969LP
Zappa, FrankHot Rats1969LP 
Zappa, FrankUncle Meat19692LP 
Zappa, FrankChunga's Revenge1970LP 
Zappa, FrankWeasels Ripped My Flesh1970LP
Zappa, Frank200 Motels19712LP
Zappa, FrankFillmore East, June 19711971LP
Zappa, FrankJust Another Band From L.A.1972LP
Zappa, FrankThe Grand Wazoo1972LP 
Zappa, FrankWaka/Jawaka1972LP 
Zappa, FrankOver-Nite Sensation1973LP 
Zappa, FrankApostrophe (')1974LP 
Zappa, FrankRoxy & Elsewhere19742LP
Zappa, FrankBongo Fury1975LP
Zappa, FrankOne Size Fits All1975LP 
Zappa, FrankZoot Allures1976LP 
Zappa, FrankZappa In New York19772LP
Zappa, FrankStudio Tan1978LP 
Zappa, FrankDancin' Fool197912" 
Zappa, FrankJoe's Garage Act I1979LP 
Zappa, FrankJoe's Garage Acts II & III19792LP 
Zappa, FrankSheik Yerbouti19792LP 
Zappa, FrankSleep Dirt1979LP 
Zappa, FrankShut Up 'n Play Yer Guitar19813LP
Zappa, FrankTinseltown Rebellion19812LP 
Zappa, FrankYou Are What You Is19812LP 
Zappa, FrankShip Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch1982LP 
Zappa, FrankRare Meat1983LP
Zappa, FrankThe Man From Utopia1983LP 
Zappa, FrankFrancesco Zappa1984LP
Zappa, FrankThem Or Us19842LP 
Zappa, FrankJazz From Hell1986LP 
Zappa, FrankYou Can't Do That On Stage Anymore19882LP
Zappa, FrankA Token Of His Extreme2004DVD
Zen CaféRomuna1997CD 
Zen CaféIdiootti1998CD 
Zen CaféUa ua1999CD 
Zen CaféHelvetisti järkeä2001CD 
Zen CaféVuokralainen2002CD 
Zen CaféJättiläinen20032CD
Zen CaféLaiska, tyhmä ja saamaton2005CD 
Zen CaféStop2006CD 
ZZ TopRio Grande Mud1972LP 
ZZ TopTres Hombres1973LP 
ZZ TopFandango!1975LP 
ZZ TopTejas1976LP 
ZZ TopEl Loco1981LP 
ZZ TopEliminator1983LP 
ZZ TopAfterburner1985LP 
ZZ TopRecycler1990LP 


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