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16VoltWisdom 1993CD 
2 UnlimitedNo Limits!1993CD 
8kHz MonoMonochromator2004CD 
AborymWith No Human Intervention2003CD 
Aesthetic PerfectionClose to Human 2005CD 
Aesthetic PerfectionA Violent Emotion 2009CD 
Age of SilenceAcceleration2004CD 
AkhlysMelinoė 2020CD 
Alice In ChainsFacelift 1990CD 
Alice In ChainsDirt 1992CD 
Alice In ChainsOriginal Album Classics (Jar of Flies, Sap, MTV Unplugged) 20113CD 
Alpha PointHigh Like the Angels 2012CD 
Amon AmarthVersus the World2002CD 
Amon AmarthWith Oden On Our Side (LTD)20062CD
Amon AmarthTwilight of the Thunder God (LTD)20082CD+DVD 
Amon AmarthSurtur Rising2011CD+DVD 
Amon AmarthDeceiver of the Gods20132CD 
AmorphisStory: 10th Anniversary2000CD 
AmorphisAm Universum2001CD 
AmorphisEclipse (LTD)2006CD
AmorphisMagic & Mayhem - Tales from the Early Years2010CD 
AmorphisQueen of Time 2018CD 
and OceansCypher2002CD 
and OceansCosmic World Mother 2020CD 
And OneTanzomat2011CD 
Angelo BadalamentiTwin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me1992CD 
Animals As LeadersAnimals As Leaders2009CD 
Anorexia NervosaNew Obscurantis Order2001CD 
Anorexia NervosaRedemption Process (LTD)2004CD
ArcanaDark Age of Reason1996CD 
ArcanaCantar de Procella1997CD 
ArcanaThe Last Embrace2000CD 
ArcanaInner Pale Sun2002CD 
ArcanaLe Serpent Rouge2004CD 
ArcanaThe New Light2004CD 
ArcanaAs Bright As A Thousand Suns2012CD 
Arch EnemyBlack Earth1996CD
Arch EnemyStigmata1998CD 
Arch EnemyBurning Bridges1999CD 
Arch EnemyBurning Japan Live 19992000CD 
Arch EnemyWages of Sin (LTD)20012CD
Arch EnemyAnthems of Rebellion (LTD)2003CD+DVD
Arch EnemyDoomsday Machine2005CD 
Arch EnemyRise of the Tyrant (LTD)2007CD+DVD 
ArcturusLa Masquerade Infernale1997CD 
ArcturusDisguised Masters1999CD 
ArcturusAspera Hiems Symfonia / Constellation / My Angel20022CD 
ArcturusThe Sham Mirrors2002CD 
ArcturusSideshow Symphonies2005CD
Astral SilenceAstral Journey2009CD 
At the GatesSlaughter of the Soul (LTD)1995CD
At the GatesSlaughter of the Soul (DualDisc)2006CD+DVD 
Atrium CarceriSeishinbyouin2004CD 
Autumn TearsLove Poems for Dying Children... Act II1997CD 
BewitchedAt the Gates of Hell1999CD 
Beyond Sensory ExperienceThe Dull Routine of Existence2006CD 
BiomechanicalCannibalised (LTD)2008CD
Black ComedyInstigator (LTD)2008CD
Black Label SocietyStronger than Death2000CD 
Black Label Society1919 * Eternal2002CD 
Black Label SocietyThe Blessed Hellride2003CD 
Black SabbathBlack Sabbath1970CD 
Black SabbathParanoid1970CD 
Black SabbathMaster of Reality1971CD
Black SabbathVol. 41972CD 
Black SabbathSabbath Bloody Sabbath1973CD 
Black SabbathSabotage1975CD 
Black SabbathHeaven and Hell1980CD 
Black SabbathMob Rules1981CD 
Black SabbathBorn Again1983CD 
Black SabbathThe Eternal Idol19872CD
Black SabbathHeadless Cross1989CD 
Black SabbathDehumanizer1992CD 
Black SabbathCross Purposes1994CD 
Black SabbathReunion19982CD
Black Sabbath1320132CD 
Black Sun EmpireDriving Insane20042CD 
BlastromenHuman Beyond2010CD 
BlastromenReality Opens2014CD 
BloodbathResurrection Through Carnage2002CD 
BloodbathNightmares Made Flesh2004CD
BloodbathThe Fathomless Mastery2008CD 
BloodbathThe Wacken Carnage2008CD+DVD 
BloodbathUnblessing the Purity2008CDEP 
BloodbathGrand Morbid Funeral2014CD 
BloodbathThe Arrow of Satan Is Drawn2018CD 
BorknagarThe Olden Domain1997CD 
BorknagarThe Archaic Course1998CD 
BorknagarEpic (LTD)2004CD
Brendan PerryArk2010CD 
BrodequinMethods of Execution2004CD 
Bruce DickinsonAccident of Birth19972CD
Bruce DickinsonThe Chemical Wedding1998CD 
Bruce DickinsonScream for Me Brazil1999CD 
Bruno SanfilippoInTRO2006CD 
BęstDanse Macabre 2018CD 
Cannibal CorpseThe Bleeding1994CD 
Cannibal CorpseVile1997CD 
Cannibal CorpseBloodthirst1999CD 
Cannibal CorpseLive Cannibalism2000CD 
Cannibal CorpseGore Obsessed2002CD 
Cannibal CorpseThe Wretched Spawn2004CD 
Cannibal CorpseKill2006CD 
Cannibal CorpseEvisceration Plague (LTD)2009CD+DVD 
Cannibal CorpseRed Before Black 2017CD 
Carbon 12Very Harsh Frequencies1999CD 
Carpenter BrutLeather Teeth 2018CD 
CathedralThe Carnival Bizarre1995CD 
CathedralThe Garden of Unearthly Delights (LTD)2005CD 
Celtic FrostMonotheist (LTD)2006CD
CenthronDominator 2011CD 
CenthronDystopia 2019CD 
CentinexDecadence: Prophecies of Cosmic Chaos2004CD 
ChaostarThe Scarlet Queen2004CD 
ChemlabEast Side Militia1996CD 
Children of BodomSomething Wild1997CD 
Children of BodomHatebreeder1998CD 
Children of BodomTokyo Warhearts (LTD)1999CD
Children of BodomFollow the Reaper2000CD 
ChromSynthetic Movement 2012CD 
ClawfingerA Whole Lot of Nothing2001CD 
Clint MansellThe Fountain (OST)2006CD 
CombichristToday We Are All Demons20092CD 
Coph NiaThat Which Remains2000CD 
Coph NiaShape Shifter2003CD 
CoronerMental Vortex1991CD 
Corporation 187Perfection In Pain2002CD 
CovenantNorthern Light2002CD 
CovenantModern Ruin20112CD 
CrionicsHuman Error: Ways to Selfdestruction2002CD 
CrionicsArmageddon's Evolution2005CD 
CrystalicWatch Us Deteriorate2007CD 
Cult of LunaEternal Kingdom 2008CD 
CyanoticTranshuman 2.020052CD 
CyberaktifTemper 1990CDS 
CyberaktifTenebrae Vision1991CD 
DaathThe Hinderers2007CD 
DagobaWhat Hell Is About2006CD 
Dahlia's TearUnder Seven Skies 2007CD 
Dahlia's TearDreamsphere 2012CD 
DamageplanNew Found Power2004CD 
Dan SwanöMoontower1998CD 
DargaardIn Nomine Aeternitatis2000CD 
DargaardThe Dissolution of Eternity2001CD 
DargaardRise and Fall (LTD)2004CD
Dark AgesTwilight of Europe2005CD 
Dark AgesA Chronicle of the Plague2006CD 
Dark AgesThe Tractatus de Hereticis et Sortilegiis 2010CD 
Dark AgesRabble, Whores, Usurers 2013CD 
Dark FortressProfane Genocidal Creations2002CD 
Dark FortressSéance2005CD 
Dark FortressEidolon2008CD 
Dark FuneralThe Secrets of the Black Arts1996CD 
Dark FuneralDiabolis Interium2001CD 
Dark FuneralDiabolis Interium2001CD 
Dark FuneralAttera Totus Sanctus2005CD 
Dark FuneralAngelus Exuro Pro Eternus2009CD+DVD 
Dark SanctuaryDe Lumiere et d'Obscurité2000CD 
Dark SanctuaryLes Mémoires Blessées2004CD 
Dark SanctuaryExaudi Vocem Mean - Part I2005CD 
Dark SanctuaryDark Sanctuary 2009CD 
Dark TranquillityThe Gallery (LTD)1995CD
Dark TranquillityThe Mind's I (LTD)1997CD
Dark TranquillityProjector1999CD 
Dark TranquillityHaven2000CD 
Dark TranquillityDamage Done2002CD
Dark TranquillityExposures - In Retrospect and Denial20042CD 
Dark TranquillityCharacter (LTD)2005CD
Dark TranquillityFiction2007CD 
Dark TranquillityWe Are the Void (LTD)2010CD+DVD 
Dark TranquillityConstruct2013CD 
DarkaneExpanding Senses2002CD 
DarkaneLayers of Lies2005CD 
DarkaneDemonic Art2008CD 
DarkspaceDark Space II2005CD 
DarkspaceDark Space III2008CD 
DarkspaceDark Space III I2014CD 
De InfernaliSymphonia De Infernali1997CD 
Dead Can DanceSpleen and Ideal1986CD 
Dead Can DanceWithin the Realm of a Dying Sun1987CD 
Dead Can DanceThe Serpent's Egg1988CD 
Dead Can DanceAion1990CD 
Dead Can DanceAnastasis2012CD 
Dead Can DanceIn Concert20132CD 
Deadstar AssemblyUnsaved2006CD 
Deaf CenterPale Ravine 2005CD 
DeathAngel/ArsisSampler (split)2008CDS 
DeathstarsTermination Bliss2006CD 
DeathstarsThe Perfect Cult (LTD)2014CD 
Deep PurpleFireball1971CD
Deep PurpleMachine Head19722CD
Deep PurpleStormbringer1974CD 
DeleriumFaces, Forms and Illusions1987CD 
DeleriumStone Tower1990CD 
DeleriumSpiritual Archives1991CD 
DeleriumSemantic Spaces1994CD 
DeleriumSpheres II1994CD 
Depeche ModeViolator1990CD 
Depeche ModeSongs of Faith and Devotion1993CD 
Depeche ModeUltra1997CD 
Depeche ModeSounds of the Universe2009CD+DVD 
Depth Beyond One'sEbb 2007CDS 
Desiderii MarginisDeadbeat2001CD 
Desiderii MarginisThat Which Is Tragic and Timeless2005CD 
Desiderii MarginisProcession2012CD 
DestructionThe Antichrist (LTD)2001CD
Deutsch NepalErotikon2006CD 
Devin TownsendPunky Brüster - Cooked On Phonics1995CD 
Devin TownsendOcean Machine (LTD)1997CD
Devin TownsendChristeen1998CDS
Devin TownsendChristeen1998CDEP
Devin TownsendInfinity (LTD)1998CD
Devin TownsendOfficial Bootleg 20002000CD 
Devin TownsendPhysicist2000CD
Devin TownsendTerria2001CD 
Devin TownsendTerria (Limited Edition)20012CD 
Devin TownsendAccelerated Evolution (LTD)20032CD
Devin TownsendSynchestra (LTD)2006CD+DVD
Devin TownsendZiltoid the Omniscient20072CD
Devin TownsendAddicted!2009CD 
Devin TownsendKi2009CD 
Diabolical MasqueradeDeath's Design2001CD 
Die KlutePlanet Fear2019CD 
Die KruppsII - The Final Option1993CD 
Die KruppsIII - Odyssey of the Mind1995CD 
Die KruppsParadise Now1997CD 
Die KruppsThe Machinist of Joy2013CD 
Die KruppsV - Metal Machine Music20152CD 
Die Verbannten Kinder EvasDusk and Void Became Alive2006CD 
DieselboySubstance D20082CD 
Dimension ZeroSilent Night Fever2002CD 
Dimmu BorgirEnthrone Darkness Triumphant 1997CD 
Dimmu BorgirSpiritual Black Dimensions 1998CD
Dimmu BorgirPuritanical Euphoric Misanthropia2001CD 
Dimmu BorgirDeath Cult Armageddon 2003CD 
Dimmu BorgirIn Sorte Diaboli 2007CD+DVD 
Dimmu BorgirIn Sorte Diaboli (Sampler)2007CD 
Dimmu BorgirAbrahadabra2010CD 
Dimmu BorgirEonian2018CD 
DisillusionBack to Times of Splendor2004CD 
Dog Faced GodsRandom Chaos Theory In Action1998CD 
Dream TheaterImages and Words1992CD 
Dream TheaterAwake1994CD 
Dream TheaterA Change of Seasons1995CD 
Dream TheaterFalling Into Infinity1997CD 
Dream TheaterOnce In A LIVEtime19982CD 
Dream TheaterMetropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory1999CD 
Dream TheaterLive Scenes from New York20013CD
Dream TheaterSix Degrees of Inner Turbulence20022CD 
Dream TheaterTrain of Thought2003CD 
Dream TheaterOctavarium2005CD 
Dream TheaterSystematic Chaos2007CD+DVD 
Dream TheaterBlack Clouds & Silver Linings20093CD 
Dream TheaterDream Theater2013CD+DVD 
Dream TheaterDistance Over Time 2019CD 
Drive1st Class Enemy2004CD 
DųdheimsgardSupervillain Outcast2007CD 
Edge of SanityCrimson II2003CD 
EidolonComa Nation2002CD 
EidolonApostles of Defiance (LTD)20032CD
EisfabrikWhen Winter Comes 2015CD 
Electric WizardDopethrone (LTD)2000CD
Electric WizardElectric Wizard/Come My Fanatics20022CD 
Electric WizardWitchcult Today2007CD 
Electric WizardBlack Masses2010CD 
ElendThe Umbersun1998CD 
ElendA World In Their Screams2007CD 
EleniumCaught In A Wheel2007CD 
EmperorIn the Nightside Eclipse (LTD)1994CD
EmperorAnthems to the Welkin at Dusk (LTD)1997CD
EmperorIX Equilibrium1999CD 
EmperorThorns vs Emperor1999CD 
EmperorWrath of the Tyrant1999CD 
EmperorEmperial Live Ceremony2000CD 
EmperorPrometheus: The Discipline of Fire & Demise2001CD 
EmperorScattered Ashes: A Decade of Emperial Wrath20032CD 
EncomiastWinter's End2001CD 
EntombedMorning Star2001CD 
EvergreyThe Dark Discovery (LTD)1998CD
EvergreySolitude Dominance Tragedy1999CD 
EvergreyIn Search of Truth2001CD 
EvergreyRecreation Day (LTD)2003CD
EvergreyThe Inner Circle (LTD)2004CD
EvergreyMonday Morning Apocalypse (LTD)2006CD
EvergreyTorn (LTD)2008CD 
EvergreyGlorious Collision2011CD 
EvergreyHymns for the Broken (LTD)20142CD 
Evils ToyHuman Refuse 1993CD 
Faith No MoreIntroduce Yourself1987CD 
Faith No MoreThe Real Thing1989CD 
Faith No MoreLive at the Brixton Academy1990CD 
Faith No MoreAngel Dust (LTD)1992CD
Faith No MoreKing for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime1995CD 
Faith No MoreAlbum of the Year1997CD 
FantōmasThe Director's Cut2001CD 
Fear FactorySoul of a New Machine19922CD
Fear FactoryFear Is the Mindkiller1993CD 
Fear FactoryDemanufacture1995CD 
Fear FactoryDemanufacture (25th Anniversary)19952CD
Fear FactoryDemanufacture (US Import Digipack)1995CD
Fear FactoryRemanufacture1997CD 
Fear FactoryObsolete (LTD)1998CD
Fear FactoryDigimortal (LTD)2001CD
Fear FactoryLinchpin (Australian Tour EP 2001)2001CDEP
Fear FactoryConcrete2002CD 
Fear FactoryHatefiles2003CD 
Fear FactoryArchetype (LTD)2004CD+DVD
Fear FactoryTransgression2005CD
Fear FactoryTransgression (LTD)2005CD+DVD
Fear FactoryMechanize (LTD)2010CD 
Fear FactoryThe Industrialist (LTD)2012CD 
Fear FactoryGenexus (LTD)2015CD
Fear FactoryAggression Continuum 2021CD 
Fields of the NephilimDawnrazor1987CD 
Fields of the NephilimThe Nephilim1988CD 
Fields of the NephilimElizium1990CD 
Fields of the NephilimSingles & Mixes1990CD 
Fields of the NephilimEarth Inferno1991CD 
Fields of the NephilimRevelations1993CD 
Fields of the NephilimZoon1996CD 
Fields of the NephilimMourning Sun (LTD)2005CD 
Fields of the NephilimCeromonies20122CD+DVD 
FightWar of Words1993CD 
Flesh FieldStrain2004CD 
Fleshgod ApocalypseAgony 2011CD 
Fleshgod ApocalypseLabyrinth2013CD 
FoetusLove (LTD)2005CD+DVD
Frank ZappaApostrophe' / Overnite Sensation1986CD
Fredrik Thordendal's Special DefectsSol Niger Within1997CD 
Fredrik Thordendal's Special DefectsSol Niger Within v3.331999CD 
Front 242Tyranny for You1991CD 
Front Line AssemblyThe Initial Command1987CD
Front Line AssemblyDigital Tension Dementia1988CDS 
Front Line AssemblyState of Mind1988CD 
Front Line AssemblyGashed Senses & Crossfire1989CD 
Front Line AssemblyNo Limit1989CDS 
Front Line AssemblyCaustic Grip1990CD 
Front Line AssemblyIceolate1990CDS 
Front Line AssemblyProvision1990CDS 
Front Line AssemblyVirus1991CDS 
Front Line AssemblyMindphaser1992CDS 
Front Line AssemblyTactical Neural Implant1992CD 
Front Line AssemblyThe Blade1992CDS
Front Line AssemblyMillennium1994CD 
Front Line AssemblyMillennium1994CDS 
Front Line AssemblyMillennium (LTD)19942CD
Front Line AssemblyCircuitry1995CDS 
Front Line AssemblyHard Wired1995CD 
Front Line AssemblyHard Wired (LTD)19952CD 
Front Line AssemblySurface Patterns1995CDS 
Front Line AssemblyCorroded Disorder1996CD 
Front Line AssemblyLive Wired19962CD 
Front Line AssemblyPlasticity1996CDS 
Front Line AssemblyRemix Wars - Strike 21996CDS
Front Line AssemblyColombian Necktie1997CDS 
Front Line AssemblyFLAvour of the Weak1997CD 
Front Line AssemblyReclamation1997CD 
Front Line AssemblyComatose1998CDS 
Front Line AssemblyMonument (LTD)1998CD 
Front Line AssemblyRe-Wind19982CD 
Front Line AssemblyExplosion1999CD 
Front Line AssemblyFatalist1999CDS 
Front Line AssemblyImplode (LTD)1999CD
Front Line AssemblyProphecy1999CDS 
Front Line AssemblyEpitaph (LTD)2001CD
Front Line AssemblyEverything Must Perish2001CDS 
Front Line AssemblyManiacal2003CDS 
Front Line AssemblyCivilization2004CD 
Front Line AssemblyComplete Total Terror20042CD 
Front Line AssemblyVanished2004CDEP 
Front Line AssemblyArtificial Soldier2006CD
Front Line AssemblyFallout2007CD 
Front Line AssemblyAngriff2010CDEP 
Front Line AssemblyImprovised Electronic Device2010CD 
Front Line AssemblyShifting Through the Lens2010CDS 
Front Line AssemblyAirMech2012CD 
Front Line AssemblyEchogenetic2013CD
Front Line AssemblyEchoes2014CD 
Front Line AssemblyWarMech2018CD 
Front Line AssemblyWake Up the Coma2019CD 
Front Line AssemblyMechanical Soul 2021CD 
Frozen LandFrozen Land2018CD 
Fun Lovin' Criminals100% Colombian1998CD 
Funker VogtExecution Tracks1999CD 
Funker VogtGunman2000CDS 
Funker VogtMaschine Zeit2000CD 
Funker VogtCode 74772001CDEP 
Funker VogtSurvivor2002CD 
Funker VogtNavigator2005CD 
Funker VogtAviator2007CD 
Funker VogtBlutzoll2010CD 
Funker VogtCompanion In Crime20132CD 
Funker VogtWastelands2018CD 
Funker VogtConspiracy 2020CDEP 
Funker VogtElement 115 20212CD 
Funker VogtMc 5f¹⁴6d¹⁰7s²7p³ 2021CDEP 
G//Z/RPlastic Planet1995CD 
GarbageVersion 2.01998CD 
GojiraThe Way of All Flesh (LTD)2008CD
GojiraL'enfant Sauvage2012CD 
Gravity KillsGravity Kills 1996CD 
GrendelHarsh Generation2007CD 
GrendelTimewave Zero2012CD 
GrendelAge of the Disposable Body20172CD 
GrendelAscending the Abyss2019CD 
HakenThe Mountain2013CD 
HalfordLive Insurrection20012CD 
Hanzel und GretylScheissmessiah2004CD 
Havoc Unith.IV+2008CD 
Heaven & HellThe Devil You Know2009CD+DVD 
HeilungOfnir 2015CD 
HeilungFutha 2019CD 
HelloweenKeeper of the Seven Keys (Part I)1987CD 
HelloweenKeeper of the Seven Keys (Part II)1988CD 
HelloweenPink Bubbles Go Ape1991CD 
HelloweenMaster of the Rings19942CD
HelloweenThe Time of the Oath (LTD)1996CD
HelloweenBetter than Raw1998CD 
HelloweenBetter than Raw1998CD
HelloweenThe Dark Ride2000CD 
HelloweenRabbit Don't Come Easy2003CD 
HocicoThe Spell of the Spider20172CD 
HųstPå Sterke Vinger1974CD 
HųstHardt mot Hardt1976CD 
Ice AgesStrike the Ground1997CD 
Ice AgesThis Killing Emptiness2000CD 
Ice AgesBuried Silence2008CD 
Icon of CoilMachines Are Us 2004CD 
ImmolationClose to a World Below2000CD 
ImmortalAt the Heart of Winter1999CD 
Imperative ReactionAs We Fall2006CD 
Imperative ReactionMinus All2008CD 
In FlamesThe Jester Race1995CD 
In FlamesWhoracle (LTD)1997CD
In FlamesColony1999CD 
In FlamesClayman2000CD 
In FlamesThe Tokyo Showdown2001CD 
In FlamesReroute to Remain (LTD)2002CD
In FlamesTrigger2003CDEP 
In FlamesSoundtrack to Your Escape (LTD)2004CD+DVD
In FlamesThe Quiet Place2004CDS 
In FlamesCome Clarity (LTD)2006CD+DVD
In Strict ConfidenceHoly 20042CD 
IncubiteToxicum 2011CD 
InformatikDirect Memory Access v2.01996CD 
IntermixPhaze Two1992CD 
IntermixFuture Primitives1995CD 
Iron MaidenIron Maiden1980CD 
Iron MaidenKillers1981CD 
Iron MaidenThe Number of the Beast1982CD 
Iron MaidenPiece of Mind1983CD 
Iron MaidenPowerslave1984CD 
Iron MaidenLive After Death19852CD 
Iron MaidenSomewhere In Time1986CD 
Iron MaidenSeventh Son of a Seventh Son1988CD 
Iron MaidenNo Prayer for the Dying1990CD 
Iron MaidenFear of the Dark1992CD 
Iron MaidenA Real Live Dead One19932CD 
Iron MaidenLive at Donington19932CD 
Iron MaidenThe X Factor1995CD 
Iron MaidenThe Best of the Beast19962CD 
Iron MaidenBrave New World2000CD 
Iron MaidenDance of Death2003CD 
Iron MaidenThe Final Frontier2010CD 
James LaBrieStatic Impulse2010CD 
James LaBrieImpermanent Resonance2013CD 
Jimi HendrixAre You Experienced?1967CD 
Jimi HendrixAxis: Bold As Love1967CD 
Jimi HendrixElectric Ladyland1968CD 
Joe SatrianiSurfing with the Alien1987CD
Joe SatrianiFlying In A Blue Dream1989CD 
Joe SatrianiThe Extremist1992CD 
Joe SatrianiCrystal Planet1998CD 
Joe SatrianiEngines of Creation2000CD 
Joe SatrianiStrange Beautiful Music2002CD 
Joe SatrianiIs There Love In Space?2004CD 
Johann Sebastian BachBest of Classics - Goldberger-Variatonen Vier Duette1991CD 
Jon Spencer Blues ExplosionExtra Width (LTD)1993CD
Jon Spencer Blues ExplosionAcme1998CD 
Judas PriestBritish Steel1980CD 
Judas PriestPainkiller (LTD)1990CD
Judas PriestAngel of Retribution (LTD)2005CD+DVD
Judas PriestFirepower2018CD 
Juno ReactorLabyrinth2004CD 
KammarheitAsleep and Well Hidden2003CD 
KammarheitThe Starwheel2005CD 
Karl SandersSaurian Meditation2004CD 
Karl SandersSaurian Exorcisms2009CD 
KatatoniaTonight's Decision1999CD 
KatatoniaLast Fair Deal Gone Down2001CD 
KatatoniaViva Emptiness2003CD 
KatatoniaThe Black Sessions20052CD+DVD 
KatatoniaThe Great Cold Distance2006CD+DVD
KatatoniaLive Consternation2007CD+DVD 
KatatoniaNight Is the New Day (LTD)2009CD 
KatatoniaDead End Kings2012CD 
KatatoniaThe Fall of Hearts2016CD+DVD 
KatatoniaMnemosynean 20212CD 
KataxuHunger of Elements2005CD 
Keep of KalessinArmada2006CD 
Keep of KalessinKolossus (LTD)2008CD+DVD 
Keep of KalessinReptilian (LTD)2010CD+DVD 
Keep of KalessinEpistemology2015CD 
King CrimsonIn the Court of the Crimson King1969CD 
King CrimsonRed1974CD 
Kingston WallI1992CD 
Kingston WallII1993CD 
Kingston WallTri-Logy1994CD 
KMFDMHau Ruck2005CD 
KornComing Undone2006CDS
KotiteollisuusTomusta ja tuhkasta2000CD 
KotiteollisuusKuolleen kukan nimi2002CD 
KotiteollisuusHelvetistä itään2003CD 
KyussBlues for the Red Sun1992CD 
KyussWelcome to Sky Valley1994CD 
KyyriaInner Wellness1998CD 
LaibachJesus Christ Superstars1996CD 
LazerpunkDeath & Glory2018CD 
Led ZeppelinI1969CD 
Led ZeppelinII1969CD 
Led ZeppelinIII1970CD 
Led ZeppelinIV1971CD 
Led ZeppelinHouses of the Holy1973CD 
Led ZeppelinPhysical Graffiti19752CD 
Led ZeppelinPresence1976CD 
Led ZeppelinIn Through the Out Door1979CD 
Legion of the DamnedSons of the Jackal2007CD+DVD 
Leęther StripUnderneath the Laughter1993CD 
Lock UpHate Breeds Suffering2002CD 
Lux OccultaMy Guardian Anger1999CD 
M83Oblivion (OST)2013CD 
Machine HeadBurn My Eyes1994CD 
Machine HeadThe More Things Change...1997CD 
Machine HeadThe Burning Red1999CD 
Machine HeadSupercharger (LTD)2001CD
MagentaArt and Accidents2009CD 
Massive AttackBlue Lines1991CD 
Massive AttackMezzanine1998CD 
MayhemDe Mysteriis Dom Sathanas1993CD 
MayhemMediolanum Capta Est1999CD 
MayhemGrand Declaration of War2000CD 
MegadethRust In Peace1990CD 
MegadethCountdown to Extinction1992CD
MegadethUnited Abominations 2007CD 
MegadethThe Sick, the Dying... and the Dead! 2022CD 
MelecheshThe Epigenesis2010CD 
MeshuggahContradictions Collapse/None1991CD
MeshuggahDestroy Erase Improve1995CD 
MeshuggahRare Trax2001CD 
MeshuggahCatch 332005CD 
MeshuggahNothing (Re-release)2006CD+DVD 
MetallicaKill 'em All1983CD 
MetallicaRide the Lightning1984CD 
MetallicaMaster of Puppets1986CD 
Metallica...and Justice for All1988CD 
MetallicaGarage Days Re-Revisited ...and More1993CDEP 
MetallicaGarage Inc19982CD 
MetallicaSt Anger2003CD 
MetallicaDeath Magnetic2008CD 
MetallicaHardwired... to Self-Destruct20163CD 
MetsatöllTerast mis hangund me hinge2005CD
Miles DavisKind of Blue1959CD 
MinistryPsalm 691992CD 
MinistryFilth Pig1996CD 
MinistryRio Grande Blood2006CD
MinistryThe Last Sucker (LTD)2007CD 
Miranda Sex GardenCarnival of Souls2000CD 
MirrorthroneCarriers of Dust2006CD 
Misery IndexRetaliate2003CD 
MnemicMechanical Spin Phenomena2003CD
MortiisThe Smell of Rain2001CD 
MotörheadAce of Spades: The Best Of1995CD 
MotörheadInferno (LTD)2004CD+DVD 
MotörheadKiss of Death (LTD)2006CD 
MotörheadThe Wörld Is Yours2010CD 
Mr BungleDisco Volante1995CD 
Mr BungleCalifornia1999CD 
N17Trust No One1995CD 
N17Defy Everything1999CD 
Napalm DeathThe Enemy of the Music Business2000CD 
NebelhexėLaguz - Within the Lake2004CD 
NecrophagistOnset of Putrefaction1999CD 
NeurotechThe Decipher Volumes2013CD 
NevermoreDead Heart In A Dead World2000CD 
NevermoreThe Obsidian Conspiracy (LTD)20102CD 
NileBlack Seeds of Vengeance 2000CD 
NileIn Their Darkened Shrines2002CD 
NileAnnihilation of the Wicked2005CD
NileIthyphallic (LTD)2007CD
NileThose Whom the Gods Detest2009CD 
Nine Inch NailsPretty Hate Machine1989CD 
Nine Inch NailsBroken1992CDEP 
Noise UnitGrinding Into Emptiness 1989CD 
Noise UnitResponse Frequency1990CD 
Noise UnitStrategy of Violence1992CD 
Noise UnitDecoder1995CD 
Noise UnitDrill1997CD 
Noise UnitVoyeur2005CD 
Noise UnitDeviator 2021CD 
NoisiaSplit the Atom2010CD 
Non-Human LevelNon-Human Level2005CD 
Nox ArcanaWinter's Knight2005CD 
Oblivion MachineZero-Gravity2011CD 
Old Man's ChildRevelation 6662000CD 
On Horns ImpaledTotal World Domination2009CD 
OpethMy Arms, Your Hearse1998CD
OpethStill Life1999CD 
OpethBlackwater Park (LTD)20012CD
OpethGhost Reveries2005CD 
OpethWatershed (LTD)2008Muu
OpethPale Communion (LTD)2014CD 
Orange GoblinFrequencies from Planet Ten1997CD 
Orange GoblinTime Travelling Blues1998CD 
Orange GoblinThe Big Black2000CD
Orange GoblinCoup De Grace2002CD 
OSIBlood (LTD)20092CD 
Ozzy OsbourneBlizzard of Ozz 1980CD 
Ozzy OsbourneDiary of a Madman 1981CD 
Ozzy OsbourneThe Ultimate Sin1986CD 
Ozzy OsbourneNo More Tears1991CD 
Ozzy OsbourneOzzmosis1995CD 
Ozzy OsbourneBlack Rain2007CD 
Pain ConfessorTurmoil2004CD 
Pan.Thy.MoniumDawn of Dreams1992CD 
PanteraCowboys from Hell1990CD 
PanteraVulgar Display of Power1992CD 
PanteraFar Beyond Driven1994CD
PanteraThe Great Southern Trendkill1996CD 
PanteraOfficial Live: 101 Proof1997CD 
Paysage d'HiverDas Tor 2013CD 
PeccatumStrangling from Within1999CD 
PeccatumAmor Fati2000CD 
PeccatumOh, My Regrets2000CDEP 
PeccatumLost In Reverie2004CD 
PeccatumThe Moribund People2005CDEP 
PendulumHold Your Colour2005CD 
PerturbatorThe Uncanny Valley2016CD 
Peter BjärgöA Wave of Bitterness2009CD 
Peter BjärgöThe Architecture of Melancholy2012CD 
Peter BjärgöAnimus Retinentia2017CD 
Peter BjärgöStructures and Downfall 2019CD 
PoisonblackLust Stained Despair2006CD 
PoisonblackOf Rust and Bones2010CD
Porcupine TreeStupid Dream1999CD+DVD 
Porcupine TreeLightbulb Sun (LTD)20002CD
Porcupine TreeIn Absentia2002CD 
Predella AvantCarbon Figures2004CD 
Pro>TechOrbiting Cathedrals2000CD 
Project PitchforkEon:Eon1998CD 
Project PitchforkFirst Anthology20112CD 
PuissanceMother of Disease 1999CD 
PuissanceHail the Mushroom Cloud2001CDEP 
PuissanceTotal Cleansing2001CD 
PuissanceState Collapse2004CD 
PuissanceGrace of God2007CD 
QntalQntal VI: Translucida2008CD 
raison d'źtreWithin the Depths of Silence and Phormations1995CD 
raison d'źtreIn Sadness, Silence and Solitude1997CD 
raison d'źtreThe Empty Hollow Unfolds2000CD 
raison d'źtreRequiem for Abandoned Souls2003CD 
raison d'źtreMetamorphyses2006CD 
raison d'źtreThe Luminous Experience2008CD 
raison d'źtreAlchymeia2018CD 
RammsteinDas Modell1997CDS 
RammsteinLive aus Berlin (LTD)19992CD
RammsteinReise, Reise2004CD 
RammsteinRosenrot (LTD)2005CD+DVD
RammsteinLiebe ist für alle da (LTD)20092CD 
Red HarvestInternal Punishment Programs2004CD 
Rob ZombieHellbilly Deluxe1998CD 
Rob ZombieThe Sinister Urge2001CD 
Rotten SoundMurderworks2002CD 
Rotten SoundExit2005CD 
Rotten SoundConsume to Contaminate2006CDEP 
Rotten SoundCycles2008CD 
Rotting ChristGenesis2002CD 
Rotting ChristSanctus Diavolos2004CD 
Rotting ChristTheogonia (LTD)2007CD+DVD 
Rotting ChristKata Ton Daimona Eaytoy2013Muu
Rotting ChristRituals2016CD 
Sabled Sun21462013CD 
SamaelReign of Light2004CD
SamaelSolar Soul (LTD)2007CD
Sascha Dikiciyan & Cris VelascoPrototype OST 2009CD 
SatyriconRebel Extravaganza1999CD 
SatyriconNow, Diabolical2006CD 
SatyriconThe Age of Nero20082CD 
Scar SymmetrySymmetric In Design2005CD 
Scar SymmetryPitch Black Progress (LTD)2006CD
Scar SymmetryHolographic Universe2008CD 
Scar SymmetryDark Matter Dimensions (LTD)2009CD 
Scar SymmetryThe Unseen Empire2011CD 
SentencedFrozen (LTD)1998CD
SentencedThe Cold White Light2002CD 
SentencedThe Funeral Album (LTD)2005CD
SephirothDraconian Poetry2005CD 
Shadow DomainDigital Divide 2018CD 
Shinjuku ThiefMedea2002CD 
SikThDeath of a Dead Day2006CD 
SirusSatellite Empire20152CD 
SirusApocrypha 20182CD 
Skinny PuppyThe Process1996CD 
Skinny PuppyThe Greater Wrong of the Right2004CD
Skinny PuppyWeapon2013CD 
SlayerReign In Blood1986CD
SlayerSouth of Heaven1988CD 
SlayerSeasons In the Abyss1990CD 
SlayerDivine Intervention1994CD 
SlayerGod Hates Us All2001CD 
SlayerChrist Illusion (LTD)2006CD+DVD
SoilworkSteelbath Suicide1998CD
SoilworkThe Chainheart Machine1999CD 
SoilworkA Predator's Portrait2001CD 
SoilworkNatural Born Chaos2002CD 
SoilworkFigure Number Five (LTD)20032CD
SoilworkThe Early Chapters2003CDEP 
SoilworkStabbing the Drama2005CDS 
SoilworkStabbing the Drama (LTD)2005CD
SoilworkThe Panic Broadcast2010CD 
SolefaldPills Against the Ageless Ills2001CD 
Sonata ArcticaEcliptica1999CD 
Sonata ArcticaSuccessor2000CDEP 
Sonata ArcticaSilence2001CD 
Sonata ArcticaSongs of Silence: Live In Tokyo2002CD 
Sonata ArcticaWinterheart's Guild2003CD 
Sonata ArcticaReckoning Night2004CD 
Sonata ArcticaShamandalie2004CDS 
Sonata ArcticaStones Grow Her Name2012CD 
Sonic MayhemQuake 3 Arena Noise1999CD 
SpineshankThe Height of Callousness2000CD 
Spiritual BeggarsAd Astra2000CD
Stam1naViimeinen Atlantis2010CD 
SterilTransmission Pervous1993CD 
SterilVenus Trap1996CD 
SterilI Get Closer2002CDS 
Steve VaiPassion and Warfare1990CD 
Steve VaiFire Garden1996CD 
Steve VaiThe 7th Song: Enchanting Guitar Melodies2000CD
Strapping Young LadHeavy As a Really Heavy Thing1995CD 
Strapping Young LadCity (Reissue)1997CD
Strapping Young LadNo Sleep Till Bedtime1998CD
Strapping Young LadStrapping Young Lad2003CD 
Strapping Young LadAlien (LTD)2005CD+DVD 
Strapping Young LadThe New Black (LTD)2006CD
Suburban TribeSuburban Tribe2001CD 
Suburban TribeRevolt Now!2006CD 
Swallow the SunThe Morning Never Came2003CD 
Swallow the SunGhosts of Loss2005CD+DVD 
Swallow the SunHope2007CD 
Swallow the SunNew Moon2009CD 
Swallow the SunEmerald Forest and the Blackbird2012CD 
Swallow the SunSongs from the North I, II & III 20163CD 
SybreedThe Pulse of Awakening2009CD 
SyrianAlien Nation2007CD 
TarotFor the Glory of Nothing1998CD 
Terror 2000Slaughterhouse Supremacy2000CD
Terror 2000Slaughter In Japan2003CD 
TestamentThe New Order1988CD 
TestamentThe Gathering1999CD 
TestamentFirst Strike Still Deadly2001CD 
TexturesDrawing Circles2006CD 
The 69 EyesBlessed Be20002CD 
The 69 EyesParis Kills2002CD 
The AmentaOccasus2004CD 
The Amentan0n2008CD 
The BerzerkerThe Berzerker2000CD 
The BerzerkerDissimulate2002CD 
The BerzerkerWorld of Lies2005Muu
The BerzerkerAnimosity20072CD
The CNKL'Hymne ą la joie2007CD 
The CrownDeathrace King2000CD 
The CrownCrowned In Terror2002CD 
The Firm IncorporatedVeritas2016CD 
The HauntedOne Kill Wonder (LTD)2002CD
The HauntedrEVOLVEr (LTD)2004CD
The HauntedThe Dead Eye2006CD 
The KovenantNexus Polaris1998CD 
The KovenantS.E.T.I. (LTD)2003CD
The Lost SunSpectral Voice from Newborn Star 2016CD 
The ProdigyMusic for the Jilted Generation1994CD 
The ProdigyFat of the Land1997CD 
The ProdigyInvaders Must Die2009CD+DVD 
The ProdigyThe Day Is My Enemy2015CD 
The Project Hate MCMXCIXCybersonic Superchrist2000CD 
The Project Hate MCMXCIXWhen We Are Done Your Flesh Will Be Ours2001CD 
The Project Hate MCMXCIXHate, Dominate, Congregate, Eliminate2003CD 
The Project Hate MCMXCIXKilling Hellsinki2003CD 
The Project Hate MCMXCIXArmageddon March Eternal (Symphonies of Slit Wrists)2005CD 
The Project Hate MCMXCIXIn Hora Mortis Nostrę2007CD 
The ProtagonistSongs of Experience2005CD 
The Sin:DecayRehabilitation2007CDEP 
The Sisters of MercyFloodland1987CD 
The Sisters of MercyVision Thing1990CD 
The Third Eye FoundationGhost1997CD 
The Third Eye FoundationLittle Lost Soul2000CD 
The WarlocksCome Save Us2005CDS
Thee Maldoror KollectiveNew Era Viral Order2002CD 
Thee Maldoror KollectiveA Clockwork Highway2004CD 
Therapy?High Anxiety2003CD 
Timo RautiainenSarvivuori2006CD 
Timo Rautiainen & Trio NiskalaukausHävetkää!1997CDEP 
Timo Rautiainen & Trio NiskalaukausLopunajan merkit1999CD 
Timo Rautiainen & Trio NiskalaukausItku pitkästä ilosta2000CD 
Timo Rautiainen & Trio NiskalaukausKuilun partaalla2001CDEP 
Timo Rautiainen & Trio NiskalaukausRajaportti2002CD 
Timo Rautiainen & Trio NiskalaukausKylmä tila2004CD 
TomahawkMit Gas2003CD 
Tony IommiIommi2000CD 
TriptykonEparistera Daimones2010CD 
TriptykonMelana Chasmata2014CD 
TsjuderDesert Northern Hell 2004CD 
Ulf SöderbergNattljus 1995CD 
Ulf SöderbergTidvatten1998CD 
Ulf SöderbergVindarnas hus 2003CD 
UlverThemes from William Blake's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell19982CD 
UlverPerdition City2000CD 
UlverTeachings In Silence2001CD 
UlverLyckantropen Themes2002CD 
UlverA Quick Fix of Melancholy2003CDEP 
UlverSvidd Neger2003CD 
UlverBlood Inside (LTD)2005CD
UlverShadows of the Sun2007CD 
UnexpectIn a Flesh Aquarium2006CD 
Unit: 187Loaded1997CD 
VaderThe Art of War2005CDEP 
VaderImpressions In Blood2006CD
VaderThe Empire2016CD 
Vanden PlasBeyond Daylight2002CD 
Vanden PlasSeraphic Clockwork2010CD 
VanguardManifest 2019CD 
Various ArtistsMetallurgy1995CD 
Various ArtistsLost Highway OST1996CD 
Various ArtistsCryogenic Studio1998CD 
Various ArtistsHelldorado1998CD 
Various ArtistsThe Matrix OST1999CD 
Various ArtistsCryogenic Studio, Vol. 220012CD 
Various ArtistsErotic Lounge, Vol. 120032CD 
Various ArtistsCafé del Mar XVI20092CD 
Various Artists50 Best Relaxing Classics20103CD 
Various ArtistsAmphi Festival 2013 2013CD 
Velvet Acid ChristFun with Knives1999CD 
Velvet Acid ChristLust for Blood2006CD 
Velvet Acid ChristMaldire2012CD 
Venetian SnaresDoll Doll Doll2001CD 
VortechConclusion 2006CD 
VortechWasteland 2007CD 
VortechDeep Beneath 2008CD 
VortechDevoid of Life 2012CD 
Vortech...of What Remains 2015CD 
Vulture IndustriesThe Malefactor's Bloody Register2010CD 
WaltariBig Bang1995CD 
WaltariSpace Avenue1997CD 
WaltariBelow Zero2009CD 
WarmenBeyond Abilities2001CD 
White ZombieAstro-Creep: 20001995CD 
WindsOf Entity and Mind2001CDEP 
WindsReflections of the I2002CD 
WindsThe Imaginary Direction of Time2004CD 
WindsProminence and Demise2007CD 
WitherscapeThe Inheritance2013CD 
WumpscutWreath of Barbs (LTD)2001CD
WumpscutWomen and Satan First2012CD 
YobThe Illusion of Motion2004CD 
Zimmers HoleBound by Fire1997CD
Zimmers HoleLegion of Flames2001CD 
ZyklonWorld ov Worms2001CD 
ZZ TopLa Futura2012CD 
[:SITD:]Rot 20092CD 


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