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Levylista: Hail Satan!

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T-Bone WalkerDirty Mistreater1973LP 
T. RexHistory Of T•Rex - The Singles Collection 1968-77 Vol III1989LP 
T. Rex ‎The Groover/Midnight19737" 
T.A.T.U.200 Km/h in the Wrong Lane2002CD 
T.I.R.Demo 198420187"
TaakeNattestid Ser Porten Vid1999CD
TailgunnerYear Of The Voyager/Count Noire2014MC
Taist of IronResurrection1984LP
TaiwazI Am All2014LP
Tangerine Dream ‎Sorcerer1979LP 
TankFilth Hounds of Hades1982LP 
TankPower Of The Hunter1982LP 
TankThis Means War1983LP 
TankHonour & Blood1984LP
TankardZombie Attack1986LP 
TankardChemical Invasion1987LP
TankardThe Morning After1988LP 
TankardThe Morning After/Alien1988CD
Tanna ‎Tää Yö Mun Kanssain Jaa/Päivin Ja Öin19857" 
Tanna ‎Unelmien Viidakossa1985LP 
TantrumTrenton City Murders2017LP
TarotSpell of Iron1986LP 
TarotSpell of Iron1986MC 
TarotFollow Me into Madness1988LP
TarotFor the Glory of Nothing1998CD
TarotShining Black20032CD
TarotSuffer Our Pleasures2003CD 
TarotUndead Indeed2008DVD 
TarotDying Daze2014MC
TarotLife And Death2014MC
TarotThe Watcher's Dream2014MC
TarotThe Warrior's Spell2015CD 
TarotThe Warrior's Spell20152LP
Tartarus GateNight Of The Goat2016CDEP
TatanhammerPromo 20122017MC
TatanhammerThe Art Of Human Sacrifice2018LP
TatirCave of Ephyras... to the Infernal Fields201212"
TaurusSigno De Taurus1986LP
TearstainedMonumental in Its Sorrow1999CD
TearstainedThere Is No Hope2001CD
TearstainedFinal Thoughts2003CD
TearstainedHomicidal Tendencies2006CD
Ted Nugent ‎Free-For-All1976LP
Teen Wolf (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Teen Wolf (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)1985LP 
Teeth of Lions Rule the DivineRampton2002CD 
TeitanbloodBlack Putrescence of Evil2009CDEP
TeitanbloodSeven Chalices20092LP
TeitanbloodPurging Tongues201112"
Teitanblood ‎Accursed Skin201712"
TemnozorSorcery is Strengthening the Black Glory of Rus'1998CD
TemnozorУрочища Сн2010CD 
TemplarKnights of Nuclear Hell Decibelfucking the Charred Remains2018MC
Temple of BaalBlack Unholy Presence2000MC
Temple Ov PerversionFrom beyond the cemetary2019MC
TensionBreaking Point1986LP 
Tentation ‎Tentation201512"
Tentation ‎Bruixes/Shaman20187"
Tentation/Iron Slaught665 - Les Hordes Metalliques201812"
TerminalHeavy Metal Lokomotiva/Slovo20147"
TerminalSatanski naročila/Črna smrt20157"
TerminalZadnji Izlet / Epilog2016MC
TerminalZadnji Izlet/Epilog201612"
TerravoreApocalyptic Impact2016MC
Terror Cross ‎Metal Trauma!!!2017MC 
Terror SquadChaosdragon Rising2006CD 
Terror Vision (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Terror Vision (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)1986LP 
Terveet KädetÄäretön joulu 7"19827"
Terveet KädetÄäretön Propaganda2001CD 
Terveet KädetIhmisen poika, pedon poika200910"
Terveet Kädet ‎Terveet Kädet ‎198312"
TerveyskeskusMaailmanloppu 7"19877"
TestamentPractice What You Preach1989CD 
TestamentSouls of Black1990CD 
TeutonFull on Power20157" 
The AdvertsSingles Compilation1998LP 
The DoorsWaiting For The Sun1968LP 
The 3rd and the MortalSorrow1994CDEP 
The 3rd and the MortalTears Laid In Earth1994CD 
The 4 SkinsThe Good, The Bad & The 4 Skins1982LP 
The 4 SkinsSingles & Rarities2000CD 
The 69 EyesDance d'Amour2001CDS 
The 69 EyesBetty Blue2002CDS 
The Alan Parsons ProjectTales Of Mystery And Imagination -1976LP 
The Allman Brothers BandBrothers and Sisters1973LP
The AtheniansZorba The Greek2000CD
The B-52'sThe B-52's1979LP 
The BandThe Band1969LP 
The Beach BoysPet Sounds1966LP 
The Beach BoysStar Collection1974LP 
The BeatlesMagical Mystery Tour1967LP 
The BeatlesSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band1967LP
The BeatlesYellow Submarine1969LP 
The BeatlesLet It Be1970LP 
The BlackAbbatia Scl. Clementis1993LP
The BlackGolgotha2000LP 
The Black LeagueIchor2000CD 
The Black LeagueDoomsday Sun2001CDEP
The Black LeagueUtopia A.D.2001CD 
The Black MassThe Black Mass20147"
The Blitzkrieg BoysThe Blitzkrieg Boys19897" 
The ByrdsMr.Tambourine Man1965LP 
The ByrdsTurn! Turn! Turn!1965LP 
The ByrdsFifth Dimension1966LP 
The ByrdsFarther Along1971LP 
The CardigansGran Turismo1998CD 
The ChasmFarseeing the Paranormal Abysm20092LP
The Chemical BrothersDig Your Own Hole1997CD 
The Chemical BrothersHey Boy Hey Girl1999CDS 
The Chemical BrothersSurrender1999CD 
The Cherry BombzThe Cherry Bombz ‎198512" 
The Cherry BombzHot Girls In Love198612" 
The Cherry Bombz ‎The House Of Ecstasy198612" 
The ClashThe Clash1977LP 
The ClashLondon Calling19782LP 
The ClashSuper Black Market Clash198010" 
The ClashThe Story Of The Clash - Volume 119882CD 
The CranberriesNo Need to Argue (The Compelete Sessions 1994-1995)1994CD 
The CranberriesTo the Faithful Departed1994CD 
The CureBoys Don't Cry1980LP 
The CurePornography1982LP 
The DarknessOne Way Ticket To Hell... And Back2005CD 
The Devil's Blood ‎III: Tabula Rasa Or Death And The Seven Pi20132LP
The Devil's BloodCome, Reap200812" 
The Devil's BloodThe Graveyard Shuffle20087"
The Devil's BloodI'll Be Your Ghost200912" 
The Devil's BloodI'll Be Your Ghost2009CDEP
The Devil's BloodThe Time Of No Time Evermore20092LP
The Devil's BloodFire Burning20117"
The Devil's BloodThe Thousandfold Epicentre20112LP
The Dictators ‎Bloodbrothers1978LP 
The DistillersThe Distillers2000CD
The DistillersSing Sing Death House2002CD
The DistillersCoral Fang2003CD
The DistillersCoral Fang2003LP
The DonnasSpend the Night2002CD 
The DonnasTake It Off20027" 
The DonnasGold Medal2004CD 
The DoorsAbsolutely Live19702LP
The DoorsMorrison Hotel1970LP
The DoorsL.A. Woman1971LP 
The DoorsGreatest Hits1980LP 
The Doors ‎The Doors1967LP 
The Doors ‎The Soft Parade1969LP 
The EaglesHotel California1976LP
The EaglesTheir Greatest Hits (1971–1975)1976LP 
The Eddy Starr Orchestra & SingersThe Music Of Ennio Morricone - Once Upon A Time In The West19802LP
The Esoteric Connexion ‎Metaphysicults2013MC
The Everly Brothers20 Greatest Hits1974LP 
The ExploitedPunks Not Dead1989LP 
The Exploited ‎Troops Of Tomorrow1982LP 
The FlareStardead20167" 
The Folk Music Of EstoniaThe Folk Music Of Estonia1986LP 
The Gates of SlumberSuffer no Guilt2006CD 
The Gates Of SlumberSuffer No Guilt20062LP
The Gates of SlumberHymns of Blood and Thunder20092LP
The Gates of SlumberThe Wretch20112LP
The Gates Of Slumber ‎The Awakening20042LP
The Gates of Slumber/Crowning GloryThe Gates of Slumber/Crowning Glory20087"
The Gates of Slumber/Spiritus MortisFrom The Ultima Thule2008CD
The GatheringMandylion1995CD 
The GatheringMandylion19952LP
The GatheringNighttime Birds19972LP
The GermsGermicide - Live At The Whisky1982MC 
The Great KatWorship me or Die1987CD
The Great KatWorship Me or Die!1987LP 
The Great KatBeethoven On Speed1990LP 
The Great KatBeethoven On Speed1990LP 
The Great KatBloody Vivaldi1998CDEP 
The Hand Of DoomPoisonoise19792LP
The Hard Devil'sDemo 20052005CD
The HeartburnsFixin' To Die2008LP
The HeartburnsCold Hell Below20147" 
The HousemartinsThe People Who Grinned Themselves to Death1987LP 
The JamAll Mod Cons1978LP 
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceAre You Experienced19672LP
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceSmash Hits1968LP 
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceRadio One19882LP
The Lamp of ThothCauldron of Witchery2007CDEP
The Lamp of ThothCauldron of Witchery200710"
The Lamp of ThothPortents, Omens & Dooms2008CD 
The Lamp of ThothSing as You Slay200910"
The Lamp of ThothSing as You Slay2009CDEP
The Lamp of ThothNo Laughing Matter2011LP
The Lamp of ThothDemos 20132015MC
The Lamp Of ThothDo Not Cross The Lamp2017LP
The Lamp of Thoth/Kill for SatanDoom-Plague-Death20097"
The Last ResortA Way Of Life - Skinhead Anthems1982LP 
The Last ResortYou'll never take us - Skinhead anthems II2009CD 
The Lord DiabolusDown There...199112" 
The Lords Of The New ChurchThe Lords Of The New Church1982LP 
The Lords Of The New ChurchIs Nothing Sacred?1983LP 
The Lords Of The New ChurchThe Method To Our Madness1984LP 
The Lurking CorpsesLust for Blood2006CD 
The MentorsYou Axed for It!1985LP 
The MentorsUp the Dose1986LP 
The MeteorsThe Curse Of The Mutants1985LP 
The Mezmerist ‎The Innocent, The Forsaken, The Guilty1985LP
The Mezmerist ‎The Innocent, The Forsaken, The Guilty/Beg For Forgiveness20132CD 
The Michael Schenker Group ‎Assault Attack1982LP 
The Mothers of InventionWe're Only in It for the Money1968LP
The Mothers of InventionUncle Meat19692LP
The Omen (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)The Omen (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)1976LP 
The PartisansThe Partisans1983LP 
The Pepper Porter Band ‎Invasion1980LP 
The PlasmaticsNew Hope for the Wretched1980LP
The PlasmaticsBeyond The Valley Of 19841981LP
The PlasmaticsMetal Priestess198112"
The PlasmaticsCoup d'État1982LP 
The PlasmaticsWOW1984LP 
The PlasmaticsKommander of Kaos1986LP 
The PlasmaticsMaggots: The Record1987LP 
The PlasmaticsCoup de Grace2002CD
The PlasmaticsThe DVD (10 Years of Revolutionary Rock 'n' Rol2006DVD 
The Prideful/Kareliaani ‎Shields Of Iron/Sotahuuto20157"
The Prideful/Kareliaani ‎Shields Of Iron/Sotahuuto20167"
The ProdigyEverybody in the Place1991CDS 
The ProdigyThe Experience1992CD 
The ProdigyNo Good (Start The Dance)1994CDS 
The ProdigyPoison1995CDS 
The ProdigyThe Home Video1995VHS 
The ProdigyBreathe1996CDS
The ProdigyBreathe1996CDS
The ProdigyFirestarter1996CDS
The ProdigyThe Fat Of The Land1997CD 
The ProdigyProdigy Present: The Dirtchamber Sessions Volume One1999CD
The ProdigyAlways Outnumbered,Never Outgunned2005CD 
The ProdigyTheir Law: The Singles 1990–200520062CD
The ProdigyMore Music For The Jilted Generation20082CD 
The ProdigyInvaders Must Die2009CD
The ProdigyOmen200912"
The RecordsShades In Bed1979LP 
The RodsWild Dogs1982LP
The RodsLet Them Eat Metal1984LP 
The Rolling StonesThe Rolling Stones1964LP 
The Rolling StonesFlowers1967LP 
The Rolling StonesBeggars Banquet1968LP
The Rolling StonesGet Yer Ya-Ya's Out!´: The Rolling Stones in Concert1970LP 
The Rolling StonesSticky Fingers1971LP 
The Rolling StonesExile on Main St.19722LP 
The Rolling StonesGoats Head Soup1973LP
The Rolling StonesIt's Only Rock 'n Roll1974LP 
The Ruins of BeverastUnlock the Shrine20042LP
The Ruins of BeverastRain upon the Impure20082LP
The Ruins of BeverastFoulest Semen of a Sheltered Elite20092LP
The Ruins of BeverastEnchanted By Gravemould2011LP
The Ruins of BeverastBlood Vaults - The Blazing Gospel of Heinrich Kramer20132LP
The Ruins of Beverast/UrfaustThe Ruins of Beverast/Urfaust20077"
The RunawaysThe Runaways1976LP
The RunawaysQueens Of Noise1977LP 
The RunawaysWaitin' for the Night1977LP 
The RunawaysThe Best Of The Runaways1982LP 
The Savage RoseIn The Plain1968LP 
The Scrubs ‎Battle19867" 
The ShadowsRockin' with Curly Leads1973LP
The ShadowsString Of Hits1979MC 
The Sisters Of MercyTemple Of Love198312" 
The Sisters Of MercyFirst And Last And Always1985CD 
The Sisters Of MercyFirst And Last And Always1985LP 
The Sisters Of MercyFloodland1987LP 
The Sisters Of MercyThis Corrosion198712" 
The Sisters Of MercyDominion198812" 
The Sisters Of MercyLucretia My Reflection198812" 
The Sisters Of MercyGreatest Hits Volume One - A Slight Case Of Overbombing1993CD 
The Sisters Of Mercy ‎Vision Thing1990CD 
The Slow DeathThe Slow Death2008CD 
The SoundsLiving in America2002CD
The SpecialsSpecials1979LP 
The SplitsGhost/Crazy For You20117" 
The SplitsThe Splits2012LP 
The StoogesFun House1970LP
The StoogesRaw Power1972LP 
The StranglersRattus Norvegicus1977LP 
The SweetDesolation Boulevard1974LP 
The Swill ‎Master of Delusion2017CD 
The Terminator Original SoundtrackThe Terminator Original Soundtrack1984LP
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 SoundtrackThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 Soundtrack1986LP 
The True WerwolfVampyr Strigoi & Rituals2007CD
The True WerwolfWeeping Lord of the Majestic Plague20077"
The True WerwolfBattlemoon20117"
The True WerwolfDeath Music2012CD
The True WerwolfVampyr Strigoi & Rituals201212"
The True WerwolfC.N.N./037320137"
The True Werwolf/Black MiseryA Shadow of All Evil20117" 
The TubesWhat Do You Want from Live19782LP
The Velvet UndergroundLoaded1970LP 
The Wakedead GatheringTenements of Ephemera2010MC
The Wandering MidgetI Am the Gate2007CDEP 
The Wandering MidgetThe Serpent Coven2008LP
The Wandering MidgetFrom the Meadows of Opium Dreams20122LP
The Warriors (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)The Warriors (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)1979LP 
The X-ThemesSongs From The Unknown1997CD
The ZombiThe Rottening2009CDEP 
Theatre of TragedyTheatre of Tragedy1995CD
Theatre of TragedyVelvet Darkness They Fear1996CD
Theatre of TragedyAégis1998CD 
ThergothonFhtagn-nagh Yog-Sothoth199112"
ThergothonStream from the Heavens1994CD
TherionLepaca Kliffoth1995CD
TherionSirius B2004CD 
TherionGothic Kabbalah20072CD
Thief Of Hearts - Original Motion Picture SoundtrackThief Of Hearts - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack1984LP 
Thin LizzyFighting1975LP 
Thin LizzyJailbreak1976CD 
Thin LizzyJailbreak1976LP
Thin LizzyJohnny the Fox1976LP 
Thin LizzyBad Reputation1977LP 
Thin LizzyBlack Rose: A Rock Legend1979LP 
Thin LizzyChinatown1980LP 
Thin LizzyRenegade1981LP 
Thin LizzyThunder And Lightning1983MC 
Thin Lizzy ‎Live And Dangerous19782LP
Thin Lizzy ‎Thunder And Lightning1983LP 
Thin Lizzy ‎The Collection19852LP
Thomas Hand Chaste/WitchfieldSleepless2009LP 
ThorEl pacto1985LP
ThorOnly the Strong1985LP 
Thorns of HateAbominable Triumph of Heresy2010MC
Thorns of HateHeretical Dawn of Apocalypse20117" 
Thorr's Hammer ‎Dommedagsnatt2009LP
Thou Art LordThe Cult of the Horned One199312"
Thou Art LordEosforos1994LP
Thou Art LordDV82002LP
Thou Art LordOrgia Daemonicum2005LP
Thou Art LordThe Regal Pulse of Lucifer2013LP
Thou Art Lord ‎Apollyon1996LP
ThrasherBurning At The Speed Of Light1985LP 
ThrustFist Held High1984LP
Thunder Rider ‎Tales Of Darkness And Light - Chapter II2002LP
ThunderstickFeel like Rock 'n' Roll?198312" 
Thy SerpentForests of Witchery1996CD
Thy SerpentLords of Twilight1997CD
Thy SerpentChristcrusher1998CD
Thy SerpentDeath2000CDEP
Thy Serpent ‎Forests Of Witchery1996LP
ThyraneBlack Harmony1997CD 
TiamatSumerian Cry1990CD
TiamatThe Astral Sleep1991CD
TiktakJotain Muuta2001CD 
TiktakJotain muuta... ja jotain uutta!20022CD 
TiktakHei me soitetaan... Oikeesti!2004DVD 
TiktakHei me soitetaan... Oikeesti!2004CDEP 
TiktakMyrskyn edellä2005CD 
TiktakSinkut 99–0720072CD
Tim KrogThe Boogey Man Original Soundtrack2014LP
Timeghoul1992-1994 Discography20122LP
Timeless Hall ‎Timeless Hall1994LP
Tipi & Ministerit ‎Verta Rakastava Nainen EP19807"
Titan Force ‎Titan Force1989LP 
Titan Mountain ‎Above Fangs Of Majestic Stonetitans1999MC
TitanicMetal Celebration1989LP 
TNTKnights Of The New Thunder1984LP 
To Separate the Flesh from the BonesFor Those About To Rot2004CDEP 
To Separate the Flesh from the BonesUtopia Sadistica2004CD 
Tod GeheimKunst Aus Nacht2000MC
Todd RundgrenSomething/Anything?19722LP 
Todd Rundgren's UtopiaTodd Rundgren's Utopia1974LP 
Tohtori KoiraTammelan Pojat20137"
Tohtori Koira ‎Tohtori Koira20137"
Tokyo BladeTokyo Blade1983LP 
Tokyo BladeNight of the Blade1984LP 
Tokyo Blade ‎Midnight Rendez-Vous1984LP 
Tommy - Original Soundtrack RecordingTommy - Original Soundtrack Recording19752LP
Tonto's Expanding Head BandZero Time1971LP
Top Gun Original Motion Picture SoundtrackTop Gun Original Motion Picture Soundtrack1986LP 
Tormenta De Acero - Crónica Independiente Del Heavy MetalTormenta De Acero - Crónica Independiente Del Heavy Metal2018LP
TormentedRotten Death2009LP
TormentorThe Seventh Day Of Doom1987LP
TormentorAnno Domini1988CD
TormentorAnno Domini1989LP 
TorpedoTorpedo Metal2016MC
TorpedoFlaming Steel Attack2017MC
TorstenKing Of The Nest/Are You Ready19837" 
Torture KillerSwarm!2006CD 
TotenburgWeltmacht Oder Niedergang2000CD
TotenburgE n d z e i t2009LP
Toxic HolocaustPower From Hell20047"
Toxic HolocaustHell on Earth2005CD
Toxic HolocaustAn Overdose of Death...2008CD 
Toxic HolocaustAn Overdose of Death...2008LP
Toxic HolocaustGravelord20097"
Toxic HolocaustConjure and Command2011LP
Toxic Holocaust/MidnightJapanese Benefit 7"20117"
Toxik ‎Think This1989LP 
ToxodethMysteries About Life and Death1990LP 
Traitors GateDevil Takes the High Road198512"
TranceBreak Out1982LP 
TrashWatch Out1983LP 
TreblinkaCrawling to the Pentagram2009LP
TreblinkaHelvettiin ja Takaisin2011LP
Trench Hell/AssaulterTrench Hell/Assaulter20097"
TrialDemo 20102010CDEP
TrialThe Primordial Temple2012LP
Triarchy ‎Save The Khan2015LP
TribulationThe Ascending Dead2005MC
TribulationPutrid Rebirth20097"
TribulationThe Horror2009LP
TridentPower Of The Trident20172LP
TriptykonEparistera Daimones20102LP
TristSebevraedni andele2007CD
TristaniaWidow's Weeds1998CD
Triumf´ádnej soucit/Chci to mít19897" 
TriumphatorWings of Antichrist1999CD
Trop FerossResürrection198612" 
Trotyl ‎Lunatic19907" 
TroublePsalm 91984LP
TroubleThe Skull1985LP
TroubleRun to the Light1987LP
Troubled HorseBring My Horses Home20107" 
TruppensturmFields of Devastation2007LP
TruppensturmSalute to the Iron Emperors2010LP
TröjanChasing the Storm1985LP 
TSA ‎Heavy Metal World1984LP 
TudorUltra Black Metal20052LP
Tungsten AxePower Rock2015MC
Tuomari Nurmio & Köyhien ystävätKohdusta Hautaan1979LP 
TurboDorosłe Dzieci1982LP 
TurboKawaleria Szatana1986LP 
TurboOstatni Wojownik1987LP 
TurisasTo Holmgard and Beyond2007CDEP
Twisted SisterUnder the Blade1982LP 
Twisted SisterYou Can't Stop Rock 'n' Roll1983LP 
Twisted SisterStay Hungry1984LP
Twisted SisterStay Hungry1984CD
Twisted SisterStay Hungry1984MC
Twisted SisterStay Hungry1984MC 
Twisted SisterThe Video Years2007DVD 
Twisted Sister ‎Stay Hungry1984VHS 
Twisted Tower DireCrest of the Martyrs2003LP 
Tyfon's Doom ‎Yeth Hound2016LP
Tyfon's Doom ‎Emperor‘s Path2017LP
Tyfon's DoomDemo '152015MC
Tygers of Pan TangSpellbound1981LP 
Tygers of Pan TangThe best of Tygers of Pan Tang1984LP
Tygers Of Pan Tang ‎Wild Cat1980LP
Type O NegativeBloody Kisses1993CD
Type O NegativeOctober Rust1996CD 
Type O NegativeWorld Coming Down1999CD 
Type O NegativeLife Is Killing Me20032CD
Type O NegativeDead Again2007CD 
TyphonUnholy Trilogy1996LP
TyphusProfound Blasphemous Proclamation2005CD 
Typhus/Crowned In SemenWe Rape the Cunt of the Virgin Mary/And the Black Cum Shall Sp20067" 
TyranexBlade of the Sacrificer2008CDEP
TyranexThe Evil Has Arrived2009CDEP
TyranexExtermination Has Begun2011LP
TyrantFight for Your Life1985LP 
TyrantLegions of the Dead1985LP 
TyrantRunning Hot1986LP 
TyrantToo Late to Pray1987LP 
TyrantRide of the Tyrant Prince1997MC
Tyrant's ReignYear Of The Tyrants198712"
TysondogBeware Of The Dog1984LP 
TysondogSchools Out19867" 
TytanRough Justice1985LP 
TörrKult Ohně/Kladivo Na Čarodějnice19897" 
TörrInstitut klinické smrti1991LP 
TörrWitchhammer - 20th Anniversary Special Edition Re-Release20072LP


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