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Levylista: Hail Satan!

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CacodaemonThe Demoniac Invocation2004LP
Caedes CruentaΣκιές δαιμό&#2010LP
Caedes CruentaΕρείπια ψυχ 2015LP
Caedes CruentaRecitation Of Abyssic Necropsalms20177"
Caedes Cruenta/Cult Of Eibon ‎The Sleeper Of R'lyeh /The Wizzard Of Yaddith20187"
Caid DeceitBabilonia la grande2015CD
Calvário ‎Ixoye1993CD 
CalvaryAcross the River of Life1995CDEP 
CamelThe Snow Goose1975LP 
Camel ‎Mirage1974LP 
CandlemassEpicus Doomicus Metallicus1986LP 
CandlemassAncient Dreams1988LP
CandlemassTales of Creation1989LP 
CandlemassCandlemass - Live19902LP
CandlemassDactylis Glomerata1998CD
CandlemassDocuments Of Doom20032DVD 
Candlemass20 Year Anniversary Party2007DVD 
CandlemassKing of the Grey Islands2007CD
CandlemassKing of the Grey Islands20072LP
CandlemassDeath Magic Doom2009LP
CandlemassAshes to Ashes2010CD+DVD
Cannibal CorpseEaten Back to Life1990CD
Cannibal CorpseTomb Of The Mutilated1992CD
Cannibal CorpseMonolith Of Death Tour 96/971997VHS 
Cannibal CorpseGallery Of Suicide1998CD 
Cannibal CorpseKill2006CD+DVD
Cantata SanguiOn Rituals And Correspondence in Constructed Re2009CD
Cape of BatsTransylvania20117"
CapharnaümHard Rock19827" 
CapricornusAlone Against All2004LP
Capricornus/Aryan BloodCapricornus/Aryan Blood19997"
CarcassReek of Putrefaction1988CD 
CarcassReek of Putrefaction1988LP 
CarcassSymphonies of Sickness1989CD 
Carcass ‎Symphonies Of Sickness1989LP 
Carcass ‎Necroticism - Descanting The Insalubrious1991LP
Carole KingTapestry1971LP 
Carpathian ForestThrough Chasm, Caves And Titan Woods1995CDEP 
Carpathian ForestStrange Old Brew2000CD 
Carpathian ForestWe're Going to Hell for This - Over A Decade Of Perversions2002CD
CarrionEvil Is There!1986CD
CarrionEvil Is There!1986LP
CarrionEvil Is There Demo 1985201612"
CasbahInfinite Pain1987MC 
Caskets OpenBut You Rule2010LP
Cast IronLeather & Metal2008CDEP 
Cast IronLeather & Metal200812"
CathedralHopkins (The Witchfinder General)1996CDEP 
Cathedral ‎Forest Of Equilibrium1991LP
Cathedral ‎Soul Sacrifice199212" 
CauchemarLa Vierge Noire201012"
Cauchemar ‎Chapelle Ardente2016LP
Cauldron Black RamSkulduggery2004LP
Cauldron BornBorn of the Cauldron1993LP
CauterizerThen the Snow Fell...20077"
Ce Jour Viendra/VapaudenristiVapaussota 18/Fer De Lance201710" 
CelestiaFrigidiis Apotheosia : Abstinencia Genesiis20082LP
CelestiaArchaenae Perfectii2010LP
Celtic FrostMorbid Tales198412" 
Celtic FrostTo Mega Therion1985LP
Celtic FrostInto the Pandemonium1987LP
Celtic FrostVanity/Nemesis1990CD
Celtic FrostMonotheist2006CD 
Celtic FrostMonotheist20062LP
Celtic Frost ‎Emperor's Return198512"
Celtic Frost ‎Vanity/Nemesis1990LP 
Cemetery Lights ‎Lemuralia2018MC 
Cemetery Lights ‎The Church On The Island2018MC 
Ceremonial TortureDemo 20142014MC
Ceremonial TortureForbidden Obscurity2016MC
Ceremonial TortureMajestic Dragon Moon2016MC
Ceremonial TorturePromo 20172017MC
Ceremonial Torture/Hail ConjurerCeremonial Torture/Hail Conjurer201912"
Ceremonial Torture/Reptile WombCeremonial Torture/Reptile Womb ‎20197"
ChainSubway Stabber2016MC
Chained And Desperate ‎Oracles From The Neitherworld1995MC 
ChainsawHell's Burnin' Up!1986LP 
ChakalAbominable Anno Domini1987LP 
ChaliceSilver Cloak20197"
ChaosbreedUnleashed Carnage2003CDEP 
Chariot ‎The Warrior1984LP 
Charlotte GainsbourgIRM20092LP
Charnel WindsStigma Prior Nefastvm/I.I.I2004MC 
Charnel WindsDer Teufelsbund2011CD 
CharonSulphur Seraph (The Archon Principle)2012LP
Charon/HatespawnMass Celebration20117" 
CharterTurbo Metal2011LP
ChastainMystery of Illusion1985LP 
ChastainThe Voice of the Cult1988LP 
ChateauxFire Power1984LP 
ChevalierA Call to Arms2017MC
ChevalierChapitre II201712"
ChevalierChapitre II2018MC
ChevalierDestiny Calls2019LP
Chevalier/Legionnaire ‎The Greed Of The Cross/Born Of Ash And Blood20187"
Chick Corea ‎Return To Forever1972LP 
Children of TechnologyChaosmutant Hordes20097"
ChisuVapaa ja Yksin2009CD 
Chozzen Phate ‎Chozzen Phate2008LP
Christian MistressChristian Mistress200912"
Christian MistressMother of Mercy / The Hereafter20097"
Christian MistressAgony & Opium2010LP
Christian MistressPossession2012LP
Christian MistressTo Your Death2015LP
ChristicideApex of Negativity2004MC
ChristicideUpheaval of the Soul2013LP
Christina AguileraKeeps Gettin' Better - A Decade of Hits2008CD+DVD 
Christopher KomedaRosemary's Baby - Music From The Motion Picture Score1968LP 
Chronic DecayJustify Your Existence2010LP
Chuck BerryGreatest Hits vol II19812LP
Church of MiseryHouses of the Unholy20092LP
CianideGods of Death2011LP
CiliciumStench Of Humanity2010MC
CinderellaNight Songs1986LP 
CinderellaNobody's Fool19877" 
Circle Of DawnI2016MC
Circle Of DawnNorthern Savonian Black Metal2017LP
Cirith UngolFrost and Fire1980LP
Cirith UngolFrost and Fire1981LP
Cirith UngolKing of the Dead1984LP
Cirith UngolOne Foot in Hell1986LP
Cirith UngolOne Foot in Hell1986LP 
Cirith Ungol ‎Paradise Lost1991LP
Cirith Ungol ‎Witch's Game201812"
CitiesAnnihilation Absolute1986LP 
CitronKráska a Radegast/Zase dál19877" 
CitronU¸ zase mi schází¨/Sedm ¸ivotů19877" 
CitronVypusťte psy!1990LP 
Clandestine BlazeHarmony of Struggle2013LP
Clandestine Blaze ‎Fist Of The Northern Destroyer2002LP
Class Of Nuke 'Em High (The Original Motion PictureClass Of Nuke 'Em High (The Original Motion Picture2014LP
ClawsAbsorbed in the Nethervoid2009LP
ClawsThe Funeral Barge20097"
Cliff Martinez ‎Drive (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)20122LP 
Clout ‎Under Fire19797" 
Cloven HoofThe Opening Ritüal198212"
Cloven HoofCloven Hoof1984LP 
Cloven HoofDominator1988LP
Cloven HoofA Sultan's Ransom1989LP
CMXDinosaurus Stereophonicus20002CD 
CMXKolmikärjen Veljeskunta20124LP
Cobra (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Cobra (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)1986LP 
Cock SparrerShock Troops1983LP
Cockney RejectsGreatest Hits Vol. 11980LP 
CoffinsSacrifice to Evil Spirit2010LP
Coffins/Hooded MenaceCoffins/Hooded Menace20107"
Cold InstitutionCold Institution20147" 
Comando NuclearBatalhão Infernal2006MC 
Combat 84 ‎Tooled Up20007"
Combat 84 ‎Complete Collection2012CD
Command ‎Sturmangriff2013LP
Condemned 84 ‎Oi! Ain't Dead EP19867"
ConjurationFuneral Of The Living2005CDEP 
ConquerorWar Cult Supremacy1999LP
Contr ActВоины рока2011CD
Control DeniedThe Fragile Art of Existence1999CD 
ContumacyFall of the Structure20107"
Convent Guilt ‎Convent Guilt201212" 
ConvictGo Ahead... Make My Day!1985LP 
ConvulseWorld Without God1991LP
ConvulseWorld Without God1992CD
Convulse ‎Resuscitation Of Evilness1990MC
CoolioGangsta's Paradise1995CD 
Coroner ‎Punishment For Decadence1988LP 
Coroner ‎No More Color1989LP 
Corpse/PutrefactionBlack Dawn/Painful Demos2010MC 
Council Daimonion ‎When Hell Calls...2018MC
Count RavenStorm Warning1990LP 
Count RavenDestruction of the Void1992CD 
Count RavenMammons War2009CD 
Count Raven ‎Destruction Of The Void19922LP
CountessThe Return of the Horned One1994LP
CountessThe Revenge of the Horned One Part I2001CD
CountessHeilig Vuur2004CD
CountessSpawn of Steel2005CD
CountessHolocaust of the God Believers2006CD
CountessBlazing Flames of War2007CD
CountessBurning Scripture2010CD
CountessOn Wings of Defiance2011CD
Countess ‎The Gospel Of The Horned One1993LP
Countess ‎The Book Of The Heretic1996CD 
CovenWorship New Gods1987CD
CovenWorship New Gods1987LP
Coven 13Destiny of the Gods2013LP
Coven 6669Blessed Is the Black1987LP 
Cradle of FilthThe Principle of Evil Made Flesh1994CD 
Cradle of FilthCruelty and the Beast1998CD 
Craven IdolEthereal Altars2009CDEP
Crazy Lazy ‎¡Que Viva El Rock!1985LP
CreamFresh Cream1966LP 
CreamDisraeli Gears1967LP 
Creedence Clearwater RevivalCreedence Clearwater Revival1968LP 
Creepers SoundtrackCreepers Soundtrack1985LP 
Crillson ‎Coming Of A New Age1993LP
Crimson GloryCrimson Glory1986LP
Crimson GloryTranscendence1988LP 
Crimson StormMotor City Maniac2014MC
Crimson StormSpeed Hammerin' Metal2015
CrisisArmed to the Teeth198412" 
CromEarth Queen/Eyes of Fire20117"
CrossfireSee You in Hell1983LP 
CrossfireSecond Attack1985LP 
CrucifixionAfter The Fox2019LP
Crude SSWho'll Survive19897" 
Cruel ForceThe Rise of Satanic Might2010LP
Cruel ForceUnder the Sign of the Moon2011LP
CruellaVengeance Is Mine1989LP 
Crypt Vapor ‎Erotik Maniac2015MC 
Cryptic SlaughterConvicted1986LP 
Crystal Knight ‎Crystal Knight1985LP
Crystal PrideCrystal Pride1985LP 
Crystal Pride ‎Silverhawk19827" 
Crysys ‎Hard As Rock1983LP 
Cthonium/Osculum InfameCthonium Chants From An Infamous Past2014CD 
Cult of DaathDoomed by the Witch2010MC
Cult Of Eibon ‎Fullmoon Invocation20167"
Cult Of Eibon ‎Lycan Twilight Sorcery201712"
Cult of Fireमृत्यु का ê2013LP
Cult of FireČtvrtá symfonie ohně20147"
Cultes des GhoulesOdd Spirituality20077"
Cultes des GhoulesHäxan20082LP
Cultes des GhoulesSpectres over Transylvania201112"
Cultes des GhoulesHenbane20132LP
Cultes des GhoulesThe Rise of Lucifer201510"
Cultes Des Ghoules ‎Coven, Or Evil Ways Instead Of Love20163LP
Cultes Des Ghoules/Goat TyrantConjurers of Archaic Powers201112"
Cultes Des Ghoules/Sepulchral Zeal ‎Ageless Malediction/Saturnine Templar201710" 
Cutty SarkHard Rock Power198312" 
Cycle Sluts From HellCycle Sluts From Hell1991CD 
Cyndi Lauper ‎She's So Unusual1983LP 


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