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Levylista: CD, LP ja DVD lista

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22 PistepirkkoBare Bone Nest1989CD 
22 PistepirkkoBig Lupu1992CD 
22 PistepirkkoRumble City, La La Land1994CD 
22 PistepirkkoKind Hearts Have A Run Run2022CD 
AC/DCDirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap1976CD 
AC/DCHighway To Hell1979CD 
AC/DCFor Those About To Rock (We Salute You)1981CD 
AcceptMetal Heart1985LP 
AcceptRussian Roulette1986LP 
AfromanThe Good Times2001CD 
Alamaailman VasaratKäärmelautakunta2003CD 
Alice In ChainsFacelift1990CD 
Alice In ChainsDirt1992CD 
Alice In ChainsDirt1992LP 
Alice In ChainsWould? -promo1992Muu 
Alice In ChainsSap1993CDEP 
Alice In ChainsSap199312" 
Alice In ChainsJar of Flies1994CDEP 
Alice In ChainsJar of Flies/ Sap19942LP 
Alice In ChainsAlice In Chains1995CD 
Alice In ChainsGrind1995CDS 
Alice In ChainsUnplugged1996CD 
Alice In ChainsBlack Gives Way To Blue2009CD 
AmericaHistory: America's Greatest Hits1975LP 
AmorphisTales from the Thousand Lakes/ Black Winter Day1994CD 
Amy WinehouseBack to Black2006CD 
Angelo BadalamentiMusic from Twin Peaks1990CD 
Angkor WatWhen Obscenity Becomes the Norm1989LP 
Angkor WatCorpus Christi1990LP 
AnthraxSpreading The Disease1985CD 
Anti-CimexVictims of the Bomb Raid20183CD 
Aphex TwinRichard D. James Album1996LP 
Aphex TwinCome to Daddy1997CD 
Aphex Twin26 Mixes for Cash20032CD 
ApocalypticaWorlds Collide2007CD 
AppendixMoney is Not My Currency1983LP 
Aretha FranklinThe Best of Aretha Franklin1984CD 
Armored SaintDelirious Nomad1985LP 
Arnold SchwarzeneggerTotal Body Workout1984LP 
At WarOrdered to Kill1987LP 
Bad ReligionStreets of America1996CDS 
Bad ReligionThe Gray Race1996CD 
BathoryUnder the Sign of the Black Mark1987CD 
BathoryBlood Fire Death1988CD 
BauhausPress The Eject And Give Me The Tape1982 
Beastie BoysLicense To Ill1986LP 
Beastie BoysPaul's Boutique1989LP 
BeheritDrawing Down the Moon1993CD 
Big Daddy KaneIt's A Big Daddy Thing1989LP 
Bill NeelyBlackland Farm Boy1975LP 
Billy IdolRebel Yell19837" 
Billy IdolIdol Songs - Best of1988CD 
Black SabbathBlack Sabbath1970CD 
Black SabbathParanoid1970CD 
Black SabbathMaster of Reality1971CD 
Black SabbathVol. 41972CD 
Black SabbathDehumanizer1992CD 
Black SabbathCross Purposes1994CD 
Black SabbathThe Dio Years2007CD 
Blood CovenantTrue Fucking Metal19977" 
Boards of CanadaThe Campfire Headphase2005CD 
Bob DylanAnother Side of Bob Dylan1964LP 
Bob DylanThe Times They Are A-Changing1964LP 
Bob DylanHighway 61 Revisited1965LP 
Bob DylanSubterranean Homesick Blues1967LP 
Bob DylanDylan2007CD 
Bob DylanBlue Pick Shaped 7"20137" 
Bob MarleyCollection1993CD 
Bob MarleyBustin Out of Trenchtown19972CD 
Bob MarleyLively Up Yourself1999CD 
Bob MarleySoul Rebel2000CD 
Bob Marley And The WailersConfrontation1983LP 
Bob Marley And The WailersLegend (The Best Of Bob Marley And The Wailers)1984LP 
Bob Marley And The WailersLegend (The Best Of Bob Marley And The Wailers)1984CD 
Body CountBody Count1992CD 
Bolt ThrowerIn Battle There Is No Law!1988CD 
Bolt ThrowerRealm Of Chaos1989CD 
Bolt ThrowerThe IVth Crusade1991LP 
Bolt ThrowerThe IVth Crusade1991CD 
Bolt ThrowerWarmaster1991CD 
Bolt Thrower...For Victory1994CD 
Bolt ThrowerMercenary1998CD 
Bolt ThrowerWho Dares Wins1998CD 
Bolt ThrowerHonour Valour Pride19992LP 
Bolt ThrowerThose Once Loyal2005CD 
Bruce SpringsteenThe River19802LP 
Bruce SpringsteenNebraska1982CD 
Buddy Holly & The CricketsThe First Three Albums2009CD 
CandlemassAncient Dreams19882LP 
Cannibal CorpseThe Wretched Spawn2004CD 
CarcassChoice Cuts (Best Of)2004CD 
Cash, Jennings, Nelson & KristoffersonHighwayman 21990CD 
Celtic FrostMorbid Tales1984CD 
Celtic FrostTo Mega Therion1985CD 
Celtic FrostInto The Pandemonium1987CD 
Celtic FrostMonotheist2006CD 
Cockney RejectsGreatest Hits Vol. 22004CD 
CoronerMental Vortex1991CD 
CoronerMental Vortex1991LP 
CoronerPunishment for Decadence1991CD 
CreamDisraeli Gears1967CD 
Creedence Clearwater RevivalChronicle1991CD 
Cro-MagsAge of Quarrel1986CD 
Cro-MagsBest Wishes1989CD 
Cypress HillIV1998CD 
Cypress HillLive At The Filmore2000CD 
Daft PunkDiscovery2001CD 
Daft PunkMusique Vol.1 1993-20052006CD 
Dana Sixty and the Pistol GripsPublic Execution20077" 
DanzigDirty Black Summer1992CDS 
DanzigHow The Gods Kill1992CD 
Dark Buddha RisingAbyssolute20102LP 
DarkthroneSoulside Journey1991CD 
DarkthroneA Blaze In The Northern Sky1992CD 
DarkthroneTransilvanian Hunger1994CD 
DarkthroneTotal Death1996CD 
DarkthroneRavishing Grimness1999CD 
DarkthroneEvil Past2001CD 
DarkthroneHate Them2003CD 
DarkthroneCircle the Wagons2010CD 
Dave LindholmSitähän se kaikki on19954CD 
David BowieThe Best of Bowie2002CD 
David BowieThe Next Day2013CD 
David Eugene EdwardsHyacinth2023CD 
Dead KennedysFresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables1980CD 
Dead KennedysPlastic Surgery Disasters/In God We Trust1981CD 
DeathSpiritual Healing1990CD 
DeathIndividual Thought Patterns1999CD 
DeathFor the Whole World to See2009LP 
Death HawksDeath & Decay2012LP 
Death HawksSun Future Moon2015LP
Death HawksPsychic Harmony2019CD 
Deep PurpleDeepest Purple: The Very Best Of Deep Purple19802CD 
DeicideOnce Upon The Cross1995CD 
DeicideSerpents of the Light1997CD 
DeicideIn Torment In Hell2001CD 
Depeche ModeA Broken Frame1989CD 
Depeche ModeViolator1990CD 
Depeche ModeThe Singles 81-851998CD 
Depeche ModeThe Singles 86-981998CD 
Depeche ModePlaying The Angel2005CD 
DestructionSentence Of Death/ Infernal Overkill1985CD 
DestructionMad Butcher/Eternal Devastation1987CD 
Dick Dale & His Del TonesMisirlou1994CDS 
DioLock Up the Wolves1990LP 
DioDiamonds - Best of1992CD 
Dire StraitsDire Straits1978CD 
Dire StraitsLove Over Gold1982CD 
Dire StraitsMoney For Nothing1988LP 
DJ Shinin`StoneThe Hypnotize LP2007CD 
DokkenBack For The Attack1987LP 
DownII A Bustle in Your Hedgerow2002CD 
Dr. Dre20011999CD 
Dropkick MurphysThe Early Years1998CD 
Dropkick MurphysThe Meanest Of Times2007CD 
Eazy-EIt's On 187Umkilla1993CD 
Edith PiafBobino, Les Amants 19631983LP 
Elvis Presley30 #1 Hits19982CD 
EntombedLeft Hand Path1990CD 
EntombedWolverine Blues1992CD 
Eppu NormaaliAknepop1979CD 
Eppu NormaaliElävänä Euroopassa1980LP 
Eppu NormaaliKahdeksas Ihme1985CD 
Eppu NormaaliValkoinen Kupla1986LP 
Eppu NormaaliLyömättömät1989LP 
Eppu NormaaliRepullinen Hittejä19962CD 
Eppu NormaaliSadan Vuoden Päästäkin2004CD 
Esa KotilainenAjatuslapsi1976LP
Esa PakarinenUnohtumattomat1992MC 
Faith No MoreIntroduce Yourself1987CD 
Faith No MoreThe Real Thing1989CD 
Faith No MoreLive At The Brixton Academy1990CD 
Faith No MoreAngel Dust19922CD 
Faith No MoreKing for a Day...Fool for a Lifetime1995CD 
Faith No MoreAlbum of the Year1998CD 
Faith No MoreThis Is It (The Best Of)2003CD 
Fat Freddys DropBased on a True Story2005CD 
FinntrollJaktens Tid2001CD 
Flotsam And JetsamDoomsday For The Deceiver1986CD 
Flotsam and JetsamDoomsday for the Deceiver1986LP 
FocusMoving Waves1971LP 
Frank KlepackiCommand & Conquer OST1995CD 
Frankie Goes To HollywoodTwo Tribes19847" 
Fu-ManchuAction Is Go!1997CD 
Fu-TouristSingle 00119997" 
Fugazi13 Songs1988CD 
FugaziRepeater + 3 Songs1990CD 
FugaziRed Medicine1995CD 
Furi AngaBest of (Unofficial)2009CD 
GhostriderMayhemic Destruction198510"
GirlschoolHit and Run1981LP 
GirlschoolScreaming Blue Murder1982LP 
GodfleshGodflesh EP1987CD 
GodfleshSongs of Love and Hate1996CD 
GodfleshUs and Them1999CD 
GodfleshWorld Lit Only By Fire2014CD 
GodfleshPost Self2017CD 
GorephiliaIn Death2010CD 
GoretexArt of Dying2004LP 
Guns N' RosesYou Could Be Mine/ Terminator 21991CDS 
Guns N' RosesPlatinum Collection '20012001CD 
Guns N' RosesAppetite for Destruciton1987CD 
Guns N' RosesLies1988CD 
Guns N' RosesUse Your Illusion I1991CD 
Guns N' RosesUse Your Illusion II1991CD 
Guns N' RosesSpaghetti Incident1993CD 
Hanoi RocksOriental Beat1982CD 
Hanoi RocksBack to Mystery City1983CD 
Hanoi RocksTwo Steps From The Move1984CD 
Hanoi RocksDecadent Dangerous Delicious20002CD 
Hanoi RocksTwelve Shots On The Rocks2002CD 
Hanoi RocksThis One's For Rock'n Roll20082CD 
Hassisen KoneTäältä Tullaan Venäjä1980CD 
Hassisen KoneRumat Sävelet1981CD 
Hassisen KoneHarsoinen Teräs1982CD 
Hassisen Kone1980-821988CD 
Hassisen KoneTarjolla tänään: Hassisen Kone2000CD 
HearthillSomeday Somehow19887" 
HellhouseBurn for Peace20037" 
HelloweenMetal Jukebox1999CD 
HIMGreatest Lovesongs Vol. 6661997CD 
HIMJoin Me1999CDS 
HIMRazorblade Romance1999CD 
HIMFuneral of Hearts2003CD 
HIMLove Metal2003CD 
HIMAnd Love Said No20042CD 
HIMDark Light2005CD 
HIMUneasy Listening Vol. 12006CD 
HIMVenus Doom2007CD 
Hot ButterPopcorn19727" 
Hurriganes25 Golden Greats2001CD 
Ice-TO.G Original Gangster1991LP 
Ice-TO.G Original Gangster1991CD 
Ice-TVI: Return of the Real1996CD 
Iggy And The StoogesRaw Power1973CD 
Iggy PopBlah Blah Blah1986CD 
Iggy PopA Million In Prizes-An Anthology20052CD 
Impaled NazareneSatanic Masowhore (Misprint)19937" 
Inner CircleBlack Roses1990LP 
Iron MaidenKillers1981LP 
Iron MaidenNumber Of The Beast (Enhanced)1982CD 
Iron MaidenPiece Of Mind (Enhanced)1983CD 
Iron MaidenPowerslave (Enhanced)1984CD 
Iron MaidenSomewhere In Time1986LP 
Iron MaidenSomewhere In Time (Enhanced)1986CD 
Iron MaidenSeventh Son Of A Seventh Son (Enhanced)1988CD 
Iron MaidenFear Of The Dark (Enhanced)1992CD 
Iron MaidenThe X Factor1995CD 
Iron MaidenBest Of The Beast1996CD 
Iron MaidenBest of The Beast -boksi19962CD 
Iron MaidenLord of the Flies1997CDS 
Iron MaidenVirtual XI1998CD 
Iron MaidenBrave New World2000CD 
Iron MaidenEdward The Great2002CD 
Iron MaidenDance of Death2003CD 
Iron MaidenSomewhere Back in Time: 1980-19892008CD 
Ismo AlankoTaiteilijaelämää1995CD 
Ismo Alanko SäätiöHallanvaara2002CD 
Ismo Alanko SäätiöMinä ja pojat2004CD 
Ismo Alanko SäätiöRuuhkainen taivas2006CD 
Isobel Campbell & Mark LaneganHawk2010CD 
J. KarjalainenSuurimmat hitit1992CD 
J. KarjalainenLaura Häkkisen Silmät1998CD 
J. KarjalainenLännen Jukka2006CD 
J. Karjalainen & Electric SaunaValtatie2002CD 
J. Karjalainen yhtyeineenTähtilampun alla1992CD 
J.M.K.EKülmale Maale1989LP 
J.M.K.EKülmale Maale1989CD 
Janis JoplinGreatest Hits1973CD 
Jean Michel JarreOxygene1976LP 
Jean Michel JarreOxygene1976CD 
Jean Michel JarreEquinoxe1978LP 
Jean Michel JarreMagnetic Fields1981LP 
Jean Michel JarreThe Concerts in China19822LP 
Jean Michel JarreWaiting for Cousteau1990CD 
Jean Michel JarreImages1991MC 
Jean SibeliusFinlandia 7" 
JebadiahRock N' Soul1978LP 
Jedi Mind TricksViolent by Design2000CD 
Jedi Mind TricksThe Psycho-social, Chemical, Biological...2002CD 
Jet Black BerriesSundown On Venus1984LP 
Jet Black BerriesDesperate Fires1986LP 
Jet Black BerriesAnimal Necessity1988LP 
John Garcia and the Band of GoldJohn Garcia and the Band of Gold2019CD
John Lee HookerBlues is The Healer20056CD 
John LennonLennon Legend1997CD 
Johnny CashThe Best of Johnny Cash1995CD 
Johnny CashThe Best of the Live Concerts1996CD 
Johnny CashAmerican Recordings2000CD 
Johnny CashWalking The Line: The Legendary Sun Recordings20003CD 
Johnny CashAmerican IV: The Man Comes Around2003CD 
Johnny CashAmerican III: Solitary Man2004CD 
Johnny CashMy Mother's Hymn Book2004CD 
Johnny CashAmerican V: A Hundred Highways2006CD 
Johnny Winter3rd Degree1986LP 
Joy DivisionUnknown Pleasures19792CD 
Joy DivisionPermanent1995CD 
Judas PriestRocka Rolla1974LP 
Judas PriestBritish Steel1980LP 
Judas PriestBest of - Living After Midnight1997CD 
Juha VainioSellaista Elämä On1983MC 
Juha Vainio20 Suosikkia1998CD 
Juice LeskinenTähän Saakka1977LP 
Juice LeskinenMinä1988CD 
Juice Leskinen & Coitus Int.Juice Leskinen & Coitus Int.1973CD 
Juice Leskinen & Coitus Int.Per Vers, Runoilija1976CD 
Juice Leskinen Grand SlamTaivaan Kappaleita1991CD 
Juice Leskinen SlamAjan Henki1980CD 
Juice Leskinen SlamViidestoista Yö (Tauko III)1980CD 
Jukka TolonenClassics, The Rarest1990LP 
Kari AaltoJanoinen Kulkuri2017MC 
Kari Aalto & RastakaraiSummer is Fun Fun Fun2020CD 
Karma To BurnAlmost Heathen2001CD 
KasevaKun maailma elää1976LP 
Kate BushThe Kick Inside1978CD 
Kate BushThe Sensual World1989CD 
Kate BushAerial2005CD 
Killing JokeKilling Joke1980CD 
Killing JokeFollow The Leaders19817" 
Killing JokeNight Time1985CD 
Killing JokeThe Singles Collection 1979-201220132CD 
King DiamondFatal Portrait1986CD 
King DiamondThem1988LP 
King DiamondConspiracy1989LP 
King DiamondConspiracy1989CD 
Kingston WallI19922LP
Kingston WallII19932LP
Kingston WallIII Tri-Logy19942LP
Kingston WallI1998CD 
Kingston WallII1998CD 
Kingston WallIII Tri-Logy1998CD 
KinksGreatest Hits1971LP 
KirkaKaikki singlet 1967-2007 8CD:n boksi2007Muu 
KISSGreatest KISS1997CD 
Kollaa KestääKokonaan1995CD 
KraftwerkTrans-Europa Express1977LP 
KraftwerkThe Man Machine1978LP 
KraftwerkThe Model19807" 
KraftwerkThe Mix1991CD 
KummeliElokuvasävelmiä ynnä muuta1995CD 
KummeliParhaat Palat2002CD 
KvistFor Kunsten Maa Vi Evig Vike1996CD 
KYPCKCherno (Digipak)2007CD 
KyussBlues for the Red Sun1992CD 
KyussWelcome to Sky Valley1994CD 
Kyuss...and the Circus Leaves Town1995CD 
LaibachGeburt Einer Nation198712" 
Laila Kinnunen32 Ikivihreää19892LP 
LardPower Of Lard EP1989CD 
Led ZeppelinLatter Days2002CD 
Led ZeppelinMothership20072CD 
Leevi and The LeavingsUnelmia ja Toiveita1989LP 
Leevi and The LeavingsRaparperitaivas1991CD 
Leevi and The LeavingsRakkauden Planeetta1995CD 
Leevi and The LeavingsKäärmenäyttely1996CD 
Leevi and The LeavingsKeskiviikko 40 Ensimmäistä Hittiä19972CD 
Leevi and The LeavingsTorstai... 40 Seuraavaa Hittiä20012CD 
Leningrad Cowboys1917-19871987MC 
Leningrad CowboysLeningrad Cowboys Go America1989CD 
Leonard CohenSongs From A Room1969LP 
Leonard CohenSongs of Love and Hate1971CD 
Leonard CohenThe Future1992CD 
Les Rita MitsoukoMarcia Baila19847" 
Louis ArmstrongThe Essential Satchmo2004CD 
Love X StereoWe Love, We Leave Part. 22017CD 
Luanikast ReissuRaumlaissi Veisui ja Värsyi1974LP 
M.O.DU.S.A For M.O.D1985LP 
Mad SeasonAbove19952LP 
Mad SeasonAbove1995CD 
Mana ManaComplete... Kaikki1996CD 
Mana ManaMurheen laakso2000CD 
Mano NegraKing of Bongo1991CD 
ManowarSign Of The Hammer1984CD 
ManowarFighting the World1987LP 
ManowarFighting the World1987MC 
ManowarKings Of Metal1988CD 
ManowarThe Triumph Of Steel1992CD 
ManowarHail to England1994CD 
Manu ChaoProxima Estacion1997CD 
MassacreFrom Beyond1991CD 
Matti EskoRekkamies1987LP 
MayhemLive in Leipzig1993CD 
MayhemDe Mysteriis Dom Sathanas1994CD 
MayhemDe Mysteriis Dom Sathanas1994LP 
MDCMillions of Dead Cops1980CD 
MDCAgora Mais Que Nuncã2001CD 
MegadethKilling is My Business1985CD 
MegadethPeace Sells...But Who`s Buying1986CD 
MegadethSo Far, So Good, So What!1988CD 
MegadethRust In Peace1990CD 
MegadethCountdown To Extinction1992CD 
MegadethTrain of Consequences1994CDS 
MegadethCryptic Writings1997CD 
MegadethBehind the Music VH12001DVD 
MegadethGreatest Hits - Back to the Start2005CD 
MegadethArsenal Of Megadeth20062DVD 
MelroseBest of Melrose2004CD 
MeshuggahDestroy Erase Improve1995CD 
Messiah ParatroopsMessiah Paratroops 7" 
MetallicaRide the Lightning1984CD 
MetallicaMaster Of Puppets1986CD 
MetallicaThe 5,98$ EP - Garage Days Revisited1986LP 
Metallica...And Justice For All1988CD 
MetallicaUntil it Sleeps1994CDS 
MetallicaGarage Inc.19982CD 
MetallicaDeath Magnetic2008CD 
MetaluciferHeavy Metal Bulldozer2009CD 
Mike OldfieldQE21980LP 
MinistryThe Land of Rape and Honey1988CD 
MinistryMind is a Terrible Thing to Taste1989CD 
MinistryIn Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up1990CD 
MinistryFilth Pig1995CD 
MinistryDark Side of the Spoon1999CD 
MinistryHouses Of The Molé2004CD 
MinistrySide Trax2004CD 
MinistryRio Grande Blood2006CD 
MinistryLast Sucker (Deluxe)2007CD 
MinistryMoral Hygiene2021CD 
MinistryTwelve Inch Singles 1981-198420222CD 
Ministry / Paul BarkerThe Fix2012DVD 
Ministry And Co-ConspiratorsCover Up2008CD 
MisfitsCuts From The Crypt2001CD 
Monty PythonMonty Python's Previous Record1972CD 
Monty PythonMonty Python's Life Of Brian (Original Motion Picture ST)1979LP 
Monty PythonMonty Python's The Meaning Of Life1983LP 
Monty PythonSings1989CD 
Morbid AngelCovenant1993LP 
Morbid AngelDomination1995CD 
MorcheebaBig Calm1998CD 
MotörheadAce of Spades1980CD 
MotörheadNo Sleep 'til Hammersmith1981LP 
MotörheadIron Fist1982LP 
MotörheadIron Fist1982CD 
MotörheadMarch ör Die1992CD 
MotörheadSnake Bite Love1998CD 
MotörheadWe Are Motörhead2000CD 
Mr Velcro Fastener* / Reverend BizarreDoom Over The World / Bend200812" 
Musta ParaatiPeilitalossa1983CD 
Musta ParaatiKäärmeet1984LP 
MystifierWorld is So Good, That Who Made It Doesn`t Live Here1996CD 
Nancy SinatraThese Boots are Made for Walkin` & Other Greatest Hits1990LP 
Nancy Sinatra & Lee HazlewoodNancy & Lee Again1971LP 
Napalm DeathScum1987CD 
Napalm DeathHarmony Corruption1990CD 
Napalm DeathUtopia Banished1992CD 
Napalm DeathTime Waits for No Slave2009CD 
NecromantiaAncient Pride1997CD 
NecromantiaIV: Malice2000CD 
Neil YoungAfter the Gold Rush1970CD 
Neil YoungHarvest1972LP 
Neil YoungGreatest Hits2004CD 
Neil Young & Crazy HorseRust Never Sleeps1979CD 
NekromantixDead Girls Don't Cry2004CD 
New OrderThe Best of1994CD 
Nick Cave And The Bad SeedsMurder Ballads1996CD 
NightsoilLiving in Oblivion/ C.o.S 7" 
NightwishSacrament of Wilderness1998CDS 
Nine Inch NailsPretty Hate Machine1989CD 
NirvanaCome as You Are1991CDS 
NirvanaIn Utero1993CD 
NOFXPunk in Drublic1994CD 
NOFXI Heard They Suck Live!!1995CD 
NOFXHeavy Petting Zoo1996CD 
NOFXThe Greatest Songs Ever Written... By Us2004CD 
OasisStop The Clocks20062CD 
ObituarySlowly We Rot1989CD 
OmConference Of The Birds2006CD 
OmGod Is Good2009CD 
Onkel Tom AngelripperDas Blaueste Album Der Welt!2001CD 
OverbreathNo Need for Backups2010CDEP 
Ozzy OsbourneBlizzard of Ozz1981CD 
Ozzy OsbourneDiary of a Madman1981CD 
Ozzy OsbourneThe Ozzman Cometh1997CD 
Ozzy OsbourneUnder Cover2005CD 
Pan Sonic-MerzbowV2002CD 
PanteraVulgar Display of Power1992CD 
PanteraFar Beyond Driven1994CD 
PanteraReinventing The Steel2000CD 
Pearl JamTen1992CD 
Pearl JamSpin the Black Circle1994CDS 
Peer GüntYears On The Road2000CD 
Pekka StrengKesämaa1972CD 
Pekka Streng & Tasavallan PresidenttiMagneettimiehen Kuolema1970CD 
Pelle Miljoona & 1980Viimeinen Syksy1980CD 
Pelle Miljoona & 1980Pelko ja Viha1990CD 
Pertti Kurikan NimipäivätPertti käyttää kondomia20127" 
Philip GlassKoyaanisqatsi1983CD 
PiranhaBig Fucking Teeth demo 7" 
PohjasakkaMaailma täynnä vihaa19857" 
PopedaPohjantähden Alla1985LP 
PrimusSailing the Seas of Cheese1991CD 
ProngProve You Wrong1991LP 
PsychoplasmaRadio Flies1988CD 
PsychoplasmaAn Umbrella1994CD 
Quartz & TechnoirBackbeat Love & Happiness199112" 
Queens Of The Stone AgeQueens Of The Stone Age1998CD 
Queens Of The Stone AgeSongs for the Deaf2002CD 
Queens Of The Stone AgeLullabies To Paralyze2005CD 
Queens Of The Stone AgeEra Vulgaris2007CD 
Quiet RiotMetal Health1983LP 
Rage Against The MachineRage Against The Machine1992CD 
RamonesRamones Mania1988CD 
RamonesBest of the Chrysalis Years1995CD 
RamonesThe Chrysalis Years20023CD 
Rauli Badding SomerjokiIkkunaprinsessa1982MC 
Rauli Badding SomerjokiLaivat1985CD 
Rauli Badding SomerjokiTäs on Rauli, moi!19992CD 
Reverend BizarreIn the Rectory of the Bizarre Reverend20022CD 
Revolting CocksBeers, Steers & Queers1990CD 
Revolting CocksLinger Ficken Good1993CD 
RippikouluMusta Seremonia1993LP 
Rotting ChristPassage to Arcturo1991CD 
Rowland S. HowardTeenage Snuff Film1999CD 
Rowland S. HowardPop Crimes2009CD 
Running WildBranded And Exiled1985CD 
Running WildUnder Jolly Roger1987CD 
Running WildBlack Hand Inn1994CD 
Running Wild20 Years in History2003CD 
RushMoving Pictures1981CD 
RushGrace Under Pressure1984LP 
RölliRöllin laulut 11986LP 
RölliRöllin laulut 21987LP 
Sabbat (JPN)...To Praise The Sabbatical Queen2004CD 
Saltzburg Mozarteum OrchestraMozart Cassations No. 1 & 2 LP 
SamaelBlood Ritual1992LP 
SamaelCeremony of Opposites/ Rebellion EP2001CD 
SanhedrinAnswer The Call20077" 
Santa LuciaArktista Hysteriaa1990CD 
SarcofagusCycle of Life1980CD 
SarcofagusEnvoy of Death1980CD 
SatyriconDark Medieval Times1994CD 
SatyriconThe Shadowthrone1994CD 
SatyriconNemesis Divina1996CD 
Savath+SavalasFolk songs for trains, trees and honey2000CD 
ScientistRids the World of the Evil Curse of the Vampires1981LP 
ScorpionsGold Ballads1987LP 
ScorpionsWind Of Change19907" 
Screaming TreesSweet Oblivion1992CD 
Screaming TreesDust1996CD 
SepulturaBeneath The Remains1989CD 
SepulturaUnder Siege (Regnum Irae)199112" 
SepulturaChaos A.D1993CD 
Sielun VeljetHei Soturit & Lapset1984CD 
Sielun VeljetL`Amourha1985CD 
Sielun VeljetAina Nälkä: Veljien 20 Pahinta hittiä2003CD 
Simon and GarfunkelBridge Over Troubled Water1970CD 
Simon and GarfunkelThe Simon And Garfunkel Collection1981LP 
Six Feet UnderHaunted1995CD 
Sixteen HorsepowerSecret South (Promo) CD 
Sixteen HorsepowerLow Estate1997CD 
Sixteen HorsepowerFolklore (Promo)2002CD 
Sixto RodriguezCold Fact1970LP 
Sixto RodriguezSearching for Sugar Man OST2012CD 
SkepticismTowards My End/ Castles Far Away19927" 
SkepticismStormcrowfleet (1st press)1995CD 
SkepticismStormcrowfleet (Re-issue, Red vinyl)1995LP 
SkepticismProcess of Farmakon2001CD 
Skinny PuppyToo Dark Park1990CD 
SlayerShow No Mercy1983CD 
SlayerReign In Blood1986CD 
SlayerSouth Of Heaven1988CD 
SlayerSeasons In The Abyss1990CD 
SleepThe Sciences2018CD 
Snoop DoggDa Game Is To Be Sold, Not To Be Told1998CD 
Snoop Doggy DoggDoggystyle1993CD 
SodomAgent Orange1989CD 
SodomAusgebombt (MCD)1989CDEP 
SodomBetter Off Dead1990CD 
SodomAber Bitte Mit Sahne1993CDEP 
SodomLive In Der Zeche Carl1994VHS 
SodomTen Black Years - Best Of19962CD 
SodomM-16 (Promo)2001CD 
SoullessBetray the Light2006 
Stabbing WestwardDarkest Days1998CD 
Status QuoIn The Army Now1986LP 
Stormtroopers Of DeathSpeak English Or Die1985CD 
Suburban TribeFrozen Ashes2001CDS 
Suburban TribeManimal2004CD 
TankardThe Morning After1988CD 
TankardThe Tankard/ Tankwart Aufgetankt2005CD 
TankardBest Case Scenario 25 Years2007CD 
Tapio RautavaaraReissumiehen taival19782LP 
Tears for FearsSongs from the Big Chair1984CD 
Ted NugentTed Nugent1975CD 
TehosekoitinKöyhät Syntiset1997CD 
TehosekoitinFreak Out1999CD 
TehosekoitinRock 'n Roll Monster Movie Show2000CD 
TenebreTombola Voodoo Master 7" 
TerrorizerWorld Downfall1989CD 
Terveet KädetTK Pop 1980-198920192CD 
Terveet KädetDemon Seeds, The Complete 1989-2002 Studio Recordings20223CD 
TestamentSouls of Black1990CD 
The AnimalsThe Most of1965LP 
The AnimalsOriginal Hits1995CD 
The Beach Boys20 Golden Greats1976LP 
The Beatles1967-197019732LP 
The Beatles1967-197019932CD 
The California Poppy PickersHonky Tonk Women1969LP 
The ClashGive 'Em Enough Rope1978CD 
The ClashLondon Calling1979CD 
The CrashWildlife2001CD 
The CrashWildlife2001CD 
The Dead KingsKing By Death - Fool For A Lifetime2001CD 
The DoorsStrange Days1975CD 
The DoorsThe Soft Parade1975CD 
The DoorsLight My Fire1988CD 
The DoorsThe Very Best Of20072CD 
The HolliesThe Hollies1966LP 
The HypnotistHouse is Mine 9619962LP 
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceElectric Ladyland1968CD 
The MonkeesGreatest Hits1976LP 
The OffspringIgnition1992CD 
The OffspringSmash1994CD 
The ProdigyExperience1992CD 
The ProdigyMusic For The Jilted Generation1994CD 
The ProdigyVoodoo People1994CDS 
The ProdigyPoison1995CDS 
The ProdigyPoison199512" 
The ProdigyBreathe1996CDS 
The ProdigyFirestarter1996CDS 
The ProdigyFat Of The Land1997CD 
The ProdigySmack My Bitch Up1997CDS 
The ProdigyBaby's Got A Temper2002CD 
The ProdigyAlways Outnumbered, Never Outgunned2004CD 
The RangersWestern Blood, Western Mood 7" 
The Rolling StonesHot Rocks 1964-19711971LP 
The Screamin' StukasLotta Rhytm2002CDS 
The Sex PistolsBetter Live Than Dead1986CD 
The ShadowsThe Shadows' Greatest Hits1963CD 
The Shadows20 Golden Greats1977LP 
The ShadowsAnother String Of Hot Hits1980LP 
The ShadowsAt Their Very Best1989LP 
The Shocking BlueGolden Hits1975LP 
The SoundsThe Sounds1977LP 
The Stone RosesThe Stone Roses1988CD 
The StranglersDon't Bring Harry19797" 
The StranglersNuclear Device (The Wizard Of Aus)19797" 
The StranglersLa Folie19817" 
The StranglersEssential2011CD 
The WhoMy Generation - The Very Best of1996CD 
Them Crooked VulturesThem Crooked Vultures2009CD 
Three Dog NightMama Told Me Not To Come19707" 
ThromdarrElectric Hellfire2011CD 
Timo Rautiainen & Trio NiskalaukausRajaton Rakkaus2000CDS 
Timo Rautiainen & Trio NiskalaukausRajaportti/ Tiernapojat20022CD 
Tom AngelripperDas Blaueste Album Der Welt2001CD 
Tom WaitsThe Heart of Saturday Night1974CD 
Tom WaitsRain Dogs1985CD 
Topi SorsakoskiHurmio1985CD 
Topi SorsakoskiYksinäisyys1991LP 
Topi SorsakoskiYksinäisyys Osa 2.1995CD 
Topi Sorsakoski & AgentsHurmio1985LP 
Topi Sorsakoski & AgentsIn Beat1986LP 
Topi Sorsakoski & AgentsBesame Mucho1987LP 
Topi Sorsakoski & AgentsPop1988LP 
Topi Sorsakoski & AgentsPop1988CD 
Topi Sorsakoski & AgentsGreatest Hits1990CD 
Topi Sorsakoski & AgentsHalf And Half1990LP 
Topi Sorsakoski & Reijo TaipaleKulkukoirat1992CD 
Tuomari Nurmio24 Karaattia1990CD 
Tuomari NurmioKaraokekuningas1995CD 
Tygers Of Pan TangWild Cat1980LP 
Type O NegativeThe Origin of the Feces1992CD 
Type O NegativeBloody Kisses1993CD 
Type O NegativeMy Girlfriends Girlfriend1996CDS 
Type O NegativeOctober Rust1996CD 
Type O NegativeWorld Coming Down1999CD 
Type O NegativeLife Is Killing Me2003CD 
Urban SaxLive in Pori '842015LP 
Uriah HeepSalisbury1970LP 
Uriah HeepInnocent Victim1977CD 
Uriah HeepThe Best of Uriah Heep19952CD 
V/AMerimiesten Lauluja1972LP 
V/ALove Show 51976LP 
V/AAmerican Hot Wax1978LP 
V/ATuuliajolla eli Ballaadeja Saimaalta1981LP 
V/APop Music From...1960!1982LP 
V/APop Music From...1961!1982LP 
V/APop Music From...1963!1982LP 
V/APop Music From...1964!1982LP 
V/APop Music From...1965!1982LP 
V/ARock Forum19882LP 
V/ASiellä Jossain - Sota-ajan lauluja1989MC 
V/AThis Is Soul - Volume Four1989CD 
V/AGood Morning Vietnam Vol. 11992CD 
V/AKorsuradio: Lauluja Sieltä Jostakin1992MC 
V/AReservoir Dogs OST1992CD 
V/AThe Best of James Bond1992LP 
V/AMetal Mania1994CD 
V/APulp Fiction OST1994CD 
V/ANasty Nasty The Punk Generation1995CD 
V/ASe7en OST1995CD 
V/AThe Golden Age of Doo Wop I1995CD 
V/AThe Golden Age of Doo Wop II1995CD 
V/ADon't Call Me Ska Face Vol. 31996CD 
V/AGood Morning Vietnam Vol. 21996CD 
V/AJackie Brown OST1997CD 
V/A20 Suosikkia: Rautalankaklassikot 21998CD 
V/ASix Feet Under1998CD 
V/ARasta Reggae20003CD 
V/ARadio City: Rock Classics2001CD 
V/AKill Bill Vol.1 OST2003CD 
V/AKerrang! Search & Destroy Vol. 12004CD 
V/AKill Bill Vol. 2 OST2004CD 
V/ATo Hell with Cleveland20067" 
V/ASurf Rock-peltiboksi20163CD 
V/AThe Music of Red Dead Redemption 22019CD 
V/AThe Music of Red Dead Redemption 2: Original Score2019CD 
V/A-Moonfog PresentsCrusade from the North19962CD 
VangelisPortraits {So Long Ago, So Clear}1993CD 
VarathronHis Majesty At The Swamp1993LP 
VirtueFeeling Good (New Dawn)199012" 
Voodoo Band20092009CD 
W.A.S.PThe Last Command1986CD 
W.A.S.PBest of the Best2004CD 
WagnerFestival Wagner1965LP 
WaltariSo Fine!1994CD 
WaltariBig Bang1995CD 
Winston ChurchillThe Voice of1965LP 
WovenhandWoven Hand2002CD 
WovenhandBlush Music2003CD 
WovenhandConsider The Birds2004CD 
WovenhandThe Threshingfloor2010CD 
WovenhandRefractory Obdurate2014CD 
WovenhandStar Treatment2016CD 
WovenhandSilver Sash2021CD 
Laulu Meille Kahdelle19847" 
Nuorallatanssija/Ja Tapahtui Niinä Päivinä...1984CD 
Zombie ZombieA Land for Renegades2007CD 
ZZ TopEliminator1983CD 


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