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AdagioUnderworld  CD 
AfterworldConnecting Animals  CD 
AfterworldDark Side of Mind  CD 
All That RemainsThe Fall of Ideals  CD 
Allen & LandeThe Battle  CD 
AltariaDivinity  CD 
AltariaInvitation  CD 
AmoralDecrowning  CD 
AmoralReptile Ride  CD 
AmoralWound Creations  CD 
AmoralShow Your Colors 2009CD 
AmoralBeneath 2011CD 
AmoralFallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows 2014CD 
AmoralIn Sequence 2016CD
AmorphisEclipse  CD 
AnnihilatorAlice In Hell  CD 
AnnihilatorAll For You  CD 
AnnihilatorBag of Tricks  CD 
AnnihilatorCarnival Diablos  CD 
AnnihilatorCriteria For a Black Widow  CD 
AnnihilatorIn Command (Live 1989-1990)  CD 
AnnihilatorKing of the Kill  CD 
AnnihilatorMetal  2CD 
AnnihilatorNever, Neverland  CD 
AnnihilatorRefresh the Demon  CD 
AnnihilatorSchizo Deluxe  CD 
AnnihilatorSet the World On Fire  CD 
AnnihilatorWaking the Fury  CD 
AnnihilatorAnnihilator 2010CD 
AnnihilatorFeast 20132CD 
AnnihilatorSuicide Society 20152CD 
AnthraxAmong the Living  CD 
AnthraxPersistence of Time  CD 
AnthraxFor All Kings 20162CD 
Arch EnemyRise of the Tyrant  CD 
ArcturusLa Masquerade Infernale 1997CD 
ArkArk  CD 
ArkBurn the Sun 2001CD 
ArsisWe Are The Nightmare 2008CD+DVD 
Ashes of AresAshes of Ares 2013CD 
AvantasiaThe Metal Opera  CD 
AvantasiaThe Metal Opera pt.II  CD 
BelialWisdom of Darkness  CD 
Black SabbathBetween Heaven And Hell  CD 
Black SabbathParanoid  CD 
Blind GuardianA Night At the Opera  CD 
Blind GuardianA Twist In the Myth  CD 
Blind GuardianBattalions of Fear  CD 
Blind GuardianFollow the Blind  CD 
Blind GuardianImaginations From the Other Side  CD 
Blind GuardianLive  2CD 
Blind GuardianNightfall In Middle-Earth  CD 
Blind GuardianSomewhere Far Beyond  CD 
Blind GuardianTales From the Twilight World  CD 
Blind GuardianThe Forgotten Tales  CD 
Blind GuardianAt the Edge of Time 20102CD 
Blind GuardianBeyond the Red Mirror 2015CD 
BloodbathResurrection Through Carnage 2008CD 
Cain's OfferingStormcrow 2015CD 
Callenish CircleFlesh_Power_Dominion 2002CD 
CandlemassAs It Is, As It Was  2CD 
CarcassHeartwork  CD 
Charred Walls of the DamnedCharred Walls of the Damned  CD+DVD 
Child, DesmondDiscipline  CD 
Children of BodomHatebreeder  CD 
Children of BodomSomething Wild 1998CD 
Children of BodomRelentless, Reckless Forever 2011CD+DVD 
Children of BodomI Worship Chaos 2015CD+DVD 
ChimairaResurrection 2007CD+DVD 
ChinchillaThe Last Millennium 2002CD 
CommunicConspiracy In Mind  CD 
CommunicWaves of Visual Decay  CD 
CommunicPayment of Existence 2008CD 
CommunicThe Bottom Deep 2011CD 
Conan the DestroyerSoundtrack  CD 
ConceptionIn Your Multitude  CD 
ConceptionParallel Minds  CD 
ConceptionThe Last Sunset  CD 
ConceptionFlow 1997CD 
Cooper, AliceHey Stoopid  CD 
Cooper, AliceTrash  CD 
Cradle of FilthVempire  CD 
CynicFocus  CD 
CynicTraced In Air 2009CD 
Dark TranquillityCharacter  CD 
De Lirium's OrderDiagnosis  CD 
De Lirium's OrderVictim no. 52 2004CD 
De Lirium's OrderVeniversum 2012CD 
DeathIndividual Thought Patterns  CD 
DeathSpiritual Healing 1990CD 
DeathHuman 1991CD 
DeathchainDeadmeat Disciples  CD 
DeathchainDeathrash Assault  CD 
Deep River AcolytesFrom the Voids of Chaos 2015CDEP 
DeliveranceRelentless Grace 2013CD 
Demons & WizardsDemons & Wizards  CD 
Demons & WizardsTouched By the Crimson King  2CD 
DiabloElegance In Black  CD 
DiabloEternium  CD 
DiabloIcaros  CD 
DiabloMimic 47  CD 
DiabloRenaissance  CD 
DiabloSilvër Horizon 2015CD 
Dickinson, BruceAccident of Birth  CD 
Dickinson, BruceThe Chemical Wedding  CD 
Dickinson, BruceTyranny of Souls  CD 
Die KruppsA Tribute To Metallica  CD 
Die KruppsToo Much History  2CD 
Dimmu BorgirEnthrone Darkness Triumphant  CD 
DioDiamonds - The Best of Dio  CD 
DioKilling the Dragon  CD 
DokkenUnder Lock And Key  CD 
DownfallMy Last Prayer  CD 
DragonforceInhuman Rampage  CD 
DragonforceValley of the Damned  CD 
Dream TheaterA Change of Seasons  CD 
Dream TheaterAwake  CD 
Dream TheaterImages And Words  CD 
Dream TheaterOctavarium  CD 
Dream TheaterScenes From a Memory  CD 
Dream TheaterTrain of Thought  CD 
Dream TheaterDream Theater 2013CD 
DyecrestThe Way of Pain  CD 
EidolonThe Parallel Otherworld  CD 
Enemy of the SunCaedium 2010CD 
ExodusTempo of the Damned 2004CD 
Gamma RayHeading For Tomorrow  CD 
Gamma RayInsanity And Genius  CD 
Gamma RayLand of the Free  CD 
Gamma RayLand of the Free II  CD 
Gamma RayMajestic  CD 
Gamma RayNo World Order  CD 
Gamma RayPowerplant  CD 
Gamma RaySigh No More  CD 
Gamma RaySomewhere Out In Space  CD 
Gamma RayTo the Metal! 2010CD+DVD 
Gamma RayEmpire of the Undead 2014CD+DVD 
GojiraThe Way of All Flesh  CD 
Green CarnationThe Acoustic Verses  CD 
GregorianMasters of Chant  CD 
Guns N' RosesAppetite For Destruction  CD 
Guns N' RosesUse Your Illusion I  CD 
Guns N' RosesUse Your Illusion II  CD 
H.e.a.tAddress the Nation 2012CD 
HalfordCrucible  CD 
Haunted, theThe Haunted 1998CD 
Heaven & HellThe Devil You Know 2009CD+DVD 
HeavenlyComing From the Sky  CD 
HeavenlyDust To Dust  CD 
HeavenlySign of the Winner  CD 
HeavenlyVirus  CD 
HelloweenHigh Live  2CD 
HelloweenKeeper of the Seven Keys part I  CD 
HelloweenKeeper of the Seven Keys part II  CD 
HelloweenKeeper of the Seven Keys part III - The Legacy  2CD 
HelloweenMaster of the Rings  CD 
HelloweenThe Best, the Rest, the Rare  CD 
HelloweenThe Time of the Oath  CD 
HelloweenWalls of Jericho  CD 
HelloweenPink Bubbles Go Ape 1991CD 
HelloweenMy God-Given Right 2015CD 
Iced EarthAlive In Athens  3CD 
Iced EarthBurnt Offerings  CD 
Iced EarthFraming Armageddon  CD 
Iced EarthHorror Show  CD 
Iced EarthIced Earth  CD 
Iced EarthNight of the Stormrider  CD 
Iced EarthSomething Wicked This Way Comes  CD 
Iced EarthThe Crusible of Man  CD 
Iced EarthThe Dark Saga  CD 
Iced EarthThe Glorious Burden  CD 
Iced EarthDystopia 2011CD 
Iced EarthPlagues of Babylon 2014CD 
In FlamesClayman  CD 
InsomniumAbove the Weeping World  CD 
InsomniumSince the Day It All Came Down  CD 
InsomniumOne For Sorrow 2011CD 
InsomniumShadows of the Dying Sun 2014CD 
InsomniumAcross the Dark 2015CD 
Iron MaidenA Matter of Life And Death  CD 
Iron MaidenA Real Dead One  CD 
Iron MaidenBrave New World  CD 
Iron MaidenDance of Death  CD 
Iron MaidenFear of the Dark  CD 
Iron MaidenIron Maiden  CD 
Iron MaidenKillers  CD 
Iron MaidenLive After Death  2CD 
Iron MaidenLive At Donington 1992  2CD 
Iron MaidenPiece of Mind  CD 
Iron MaidenPowerslave  CD 
Iron MaidenSeventh Son of a Seventh Son  CD 
Iron MaidenSomewhere In Time  CD 
Iron MaidenThe Number of the Beast  CD 
Iron MaidenThe X Factor  CD 
Iron MaidenNo Prayer For the Dying 1990CD 
Iron MaidenVirtual XI 1998CD 
Iron MaidenThe Final Frontier 2010CD 
Iron MaidenBook of Souls 20152CD 
Iron SaviorIron Savior  CD 
iRonicaVivere 2009CD 
Judas PriestJugulator  CD 
Judas PriestPainkiller  CD 
Judas PriestRam It Down  CD 
Judas PriestScreaming For Vengeance  CD 
Judas Priest'98 Live Meltdown  2CD 
Judas PriestDefenders of the Faith 1984CD 
Judas PriestMetal Works '73-'93 19932CD 
KamelotEpica  CD 
KamelotGhost Opera  CD 
KamelotKarma  CD 
KamelotThe Black Halo  CD 
KamelotThe Expedition  CD 
KamelotThe Fourth Legacy  CD 
KamelotPoetry For the Poisoned 2010CD+DVD 
KamelotSilverthorn 20122CD
KamelotHaven 20152CD 
Keep of KalessinKolossus 2008CD+DVD 
Killswitch EngageAs Daylight Dies  CD 
Killswitch EngageThe End of Heartache  CD 
King DiamondAbigail  CD 
King DiamondAbigail II: The Revenge  CD 
King DiamondConspiracy  CD 
King DiamondDeadly Lullabyes Live  2CD 
King DiamondFatal Portrait  CD 
King DiamondGive Me Your Soul, Please  CD 
King DiamondHouse of God  CD 
King DiamondIn Concert 1987 - Abigail  CD 
King DiamondThe Eye  CD 
King DiamondThe Graveyard  CD 
King DiamondThe Puppet Master  CD 
King DiamondThe Spider's Lullabye  CD 
King DiamondThem  CD 
King DiamondVoodoo  CD 
King Diamond / Mercyful FateA Dangerous Meeting  CD 
Kingston WallI 1992CD 
Kiske, MichaelInstant Clarity  CD 
Laurie, HughLet Them Talk 2011CD+DVD
LordiGet Heavy 2002CD 
LordiBabez for Breakfast 2010CD 
MacAlpine, TonyMaximum Security 1987CD 
Machine HeadBurn My Eyes  CD 
Machine HeadThe Blackening 2007CD 
Machine HeadUnto the Locust 2011CD 
Machine MenScars & Wounds  CD 
Malmsteen, YngwieFacing the Animal  CD 
ManitouDeadlock  CD 
ManitouNo Signs of Wisdom  CD 
ManitouThe Mad Moon Rising  CD 
ManticoraHyperion  CD 
Manufacturer's PrideFaustian Evangelion  CD 
Martikainen, JarkkoHyvää Yötä, Hyvät Ihmiset 2007CD 
MasterplanMasterplan  CD 
MegadethCountdown To Extinction  CD 
MegadethCryptic Writings  CD 
MegadethPeace Sells...But Who's Buying?  CD 
MegadethRust In Peace  CD 
MegadethSo Far, So Good...So What!  CD 
MegadethYouthanasia  CD 
MegadethKilling Is My Business... And Business Is Good! 1985CD 
MegadethEndgame 2009CD 
MegadethDystopia 2016CD 
MehidaBlood & Water  CD 
Mercenary11 Dreams  CD 
MercenaryArchitect of Lies  CD 
MercenaryEverblack  CD 
MercenaryFirst Breath  CD 
MercenaryRetrospective  CD 
MercenaryThe Hours That Remain  CD 
MercenaryThrough Our Darkest Days 2013CD 
Mercyful Fate9  CD 
Mercyful FateDead Again  CD 
Mercyful FateDon't Break the Oath  CD 
Mercyful FateIn the Shadows  CD 
Mercyful FateInto the Unknown  CD 
Mercyful FateMelissa  CD 
Mercyful FateReturn of the Vampire  CD 
Mercyful FateThe Beginning  CD 
Mercyful FateTime  CD 
Merging FlareReverence 2011CD 
MeshuggahObzen 2008CD 
MetallicaMaster of Puppets  CD 
MetallicaMetallica  CD 
MetallicaKill 'Em All 1983CD 
MetallicaRide the Lightning 1984CD 
Metallica...And Justice for All 1988CD 
MetallicaDeath Magnetic 2008CD 
MnemicPassenger 2007CD 
MokomaSydänjuuret 2010CD 
Need To ControlThe First Time 2012CD 
NightwishImaginaerum 20112CD 
NightwishEndless Forms Most Beautiful 20152CD 
Omnium GatherumThe Redshift  CD 
Omnium GatherumGrey Heavens 2016CD 
OpethStill Life 1999CD 
OpethDeliverance 2002CD 
OpethGhost Reveries 2005CD 
OpethBlackwater Park 2006CD 
OpethThe Roundhouse Tapes 20072CD 
OpethWatershed 2008CD 
Osbourne, OzzyLive & Loud  2CD 
Osbourne, OzzyNo More Tears  CD 
Osbourne, OzzyOzzmosis  CD 
Osbourne, OzzyThe Ozzman Cometh  2CD 
Pain ConfessorFearrage  CD 
Pain ConfessorPurgatory of the Second Sun  CD 
Pain ConfessorTurmoil  CD 
Pain of SalvationThe Perfect Element  CD 
PanteraCowboys From Hell 1990CD 
PanteraVulgar Display of Power 1992CD 
PanteraFar Beyond Driven 1994CD 
PanteraThe Great Southern Trendkill 1996CD 
PanteraReinventing the Steel 2000CD 
Perfect ChaosBreed Hate : Steer Fate  CD 
Perfect ChaosThe Eightbound Five  CD 
PersuaderEvolution Purgatory  CD 
PersuaderThe Hunter  CD 
PersuaderWhen Eden Burns  CD 
PersuaderThe Fiction Maze 2014CD 
PMMPKovemmat Kädet  CD 
PMMPKuulkaas Enot!  CD 
PMMPLeskiäidin Tyttäret  CD 
PMMPVeden Varaan 2009CD 
PopedaSvoboda  CD 
ProbotProbot  CD 
Profane OmenBeaten Into Submission  CD 
Profane OmenDestroy! 2011CD 
PyramazeImmortal  CD 
PyramazeLegend of the Bone Carver  CD 
Queensr˙cheOperation: Mindcrime  CD 
Queensr˙cheOperation: Mindcrime II  CD 
Queensr˙cheRage For Order  CD 
Queensr˙cheCondition Hüman 2015CD 
RageFrom the Cradle To the Stage  2CD 
RageLingua Mortis  CD 
RageSoundchaser  CD 
RageWelcome To the Other Side  CD 
RageStrings To a Web 2010CD 
Rage21 2012CD 
Revolution RenaissanceTrinity 2010CD 
RhapsodyLegendary Tales  CD 
RhapsodySymphony of the Enchanted Lands  CD 
RMS, theFrom Below  CD 
RoxetteJoyride  CD 
Running WildUnder Jolly Roger 1987CD 
Running WildPort Royal 1988CD 
Running WildBlack Hand Inn 1994CD 
RushTest For Echo 1996CD 
Savage CircusDreamland Manor  CD 
Scar SymmetryHolographic Universe  CD 
Scar SymmetryPitch Black Progress  CD 
Scar SymmetrySymmetric in Design  CD 
Scar SymmetryDark Matter Dimensions 2009CD 
Scar SymmetryThe Unseen Empire 2011CD 
SearLamentations of Destruction  CD 
Secret SphereHeart & Anger  CD 
Secret SphereScent of Human Desire  CD 
SentencedAmok / Love & Death  CD 
SentencedDown  CD 
SentencedFrozen  CD 
SepulturaSchizophrenia 1987CD 
SepulturaBeneath the Remains 1989CD 
SepulturaArise 1991CD 
SepulturaChaos A.D. 1996CD 
Seventh WonderBecome 2005CD 
Seventh WonderWaiting In the Wings 2006CD 
Seventh WonderMercy Falls 2008CD 
Seventh WonderThe Great Escape 2010CD 
Shade EmpireIntoxicate O.S. 2006CD 
Shade EmpireZero Nexus 2008CD 
Shadow GalleryCarved In Stone  CD 
Shadow GalleryDigital Ghosts  CD 
Shadow GalleryLegacy  CD 
Shadow GalleryRoom V  CD 
Shadow GalleryShadow Gallery  CD 
Shadow GalleryTyranny  CD 
Shadows FallThreads of Life  CD 
ShamanRitual  CD 
Shatter MessiahNever To Play the Servant  CD 
Silent VoicesBuilding Up the Apathy  CD 
Silent VoicesChapters of Tragedy  CD 
Simpsons, theSing the Blues  CD 
Skid RowSkid Row  CD 
SlayerReign In Blood 1986CD 
SoilworkFigure Number Five  CD 
SoilworkStabbing the Drama  CD 
SoilworkNatural Born Chaos 2002CD 
Solution 13Solution 13  CD 
Sonata ArcticaEcliptica  CD 
Sonata ArcticaFor the Sake of Revenge  CD+DVD 
Sonata ArcticaReckoning Night  CD 
Sonata ArcticaSilence  CD 
Sonata ArcticaSongs of Silence Live In Tokyo  CD 
Sonata ArcticaThe Days of Grays  2CD 
Sonata ArcticaUnia  CD 
Sonata ArcticaWinterheart's Guild  CD 
Sonata ArcticaStones Grow Her Name 2012CD 
Sonata ArcticaPariah's Child 2014CD 
Sons of LibertyBrush-Fires of the Mind 2009CD 
Stam1naRaja  CD 
Stam1naStam1na  CD 
Stam1naUudet Kymmenen Käskyä  CD 
Stam1naSLK 2014CD 
StoneStoneage 2.0  CD 
StonegardFrom Dusk Till Doom  CD 
StormwarriorHeading Northe  CD 
StormwarriorNorthern Rage  CD 
StormwarriorStormwarrior  CD 
StormwarriorHeathen Warrior 2011CD 
StormwarriorThunder & Steele 2014CD 
StratovariusVisions  CD 
Sunrise AvenueOn the Way To Wonderland  CD 
Swallow the SunHope  CD 
Swallow the SunEmerald Forest And the Blackbird 2012CD 
Swallow the SunSongs From the North I, II & III 20153CD 
Symphony XLive On the Edge of Forever  2CD 
Symphony XParadise Lost  CD+DVD 
Symphony XThe Damnation Game  CD 
Symphony XThe Divine Wings of Tragedy  CD 
Symphony XThe Odyssey  CD 
Symphony XV  CD 
Symphony XSymphony X 1994CD 
Symphony XTwilight in Olympus 1998CD 
Symphony XIconoclast 20112CD 
Symphony XUnderworld 2015CD 
TestamentFirst Strike Still Deadly  CD 
TestamentThe Best of Testament  CD 
TestamentThe Legacy  CD 
TestamentFormation of Damnation 2008CD 
TherionGothic Kabbalah  2CD 
TherionLemuria / Sirius B  2CD 
ThunderstoneEvolution 4.0  CD 
ThunderstoneThe Burning  CD 
ThunderstoneThunderstone  CD 
ThunderstoneTools of Destruction  CD 
ThunderstoneApocalypse Again 2016CD 
Time RequiemThe Inner Circle of Reality  CD 
Time RequiemTime Requiem  CD 
Timo Rautiainen & Trio NiskalaukausItku Pitkästä Ilosta  CD 
Timo Rautiainen & Trio NiskalaukausLopunajan Merkit  CD 
Timo Rautiainen & Trio NiskalaukausRajaportti  CD 
TracedawnEgoanthem 2009CD 
Treasure LandGateway  CD 
TresholdSubsurface  CD 
TriviumAscendancy  CD 
TriviumEmber To Inferno  CD 
TriviumShogun  CD+DVD 
TriviumThe Crusade  CD 
Turilli, LucaKing of the Nordic Twilight  CD 
Turmion KätilötHoitovirhe  CD 
Turmion KätilötPirun Nyrkki  CD 
TwilightningDelirium Veil  CD 
TwilightningPlague-House Puppet Show  CD 
TwilightningSwinelords  CD 
Vanishing PointEmbrace the Silence  CD 
Various ArtistsA Guitar Odyssey - A Tribute To Yngwie Malmsteen  CD 
Various ArtistsCarnival of Chaos  2CD 
Various ArtistsMercyful Fate Tribute  CD 
Various ArtistsRoadrunner United - The All-Star Sessions  CD+DVD 
Various ArtistsRaskasta Joulua 2004CD 
Various ArtistsUlterium Records - Label Sampler 2013 2013CD 
ViikateVuoden Synkin Juhla  CD 
Vision DivineVision Divine  CD 
Walls of JerichoWith Devils Amongst Us All  CD 
WhisperedThousand Swords 2010CD 
WhisperedShogunate Macabre 2014CD 
WhisperedMetsutan - Songs of the Void 2016CD 
White WizzardOver the Top 2010CD 
White WizzardFlying Tigers 2011CD 
WingdomReality  CD 
Winter RoseWinter Rose  CD 
WintersunWintersun 2004CD 
X-World 5New Universal Order  CD 
Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising ForceOdyssey 1988CD 
YUPHelppoa Kuunneltavaa  2CD 


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