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AmoralDecrowning 2005CD 
AnnihilatorAlice In Hell 1989CD 
AnnihilatorNever, Neverland 1990CD 
AnnihilatorSchizo Deluxe 2005CD 
AnthraxAmong The Living 1987CD 
AnthraxState of Euphoria 1988CD 
AnthraxWorship Music 2011CD 
Antti IlvonenUnien Kehto 2005CD 
AstrayedEclogue 2005CD 
At The GatesSlaughter of The Soul 1995CD 
Backyard BabiesIndependent Days 2001CD 
Backyard BabiesStockholm Syndrome 2003CD 
BB KingSupergold  CD 
Beatcoffin BastardUntil the Last Nail 2008CD 
Black BreathHeavy Breathing 2010CD 
Black SabbathBlack Sabbath 1970CD 
Black SabbathSabbath, Bloody Sabbath 1973CD 
Black SabbathHeaven And Hell 1980CD 
Blue Öyster CultDon't Fear The Reaper: The Best Of 2000CD 
Bob MarleySoul Amlighty  CD 
Bolt Thrower...For Victory 1994CD 
Bolt ThrowerThose Once Loyal 2005CD 
Cannibal CorpseVile 1996CD 
Cannibal CorpseKill 2006CD 
CarcassHeartwork 1993CD 
CarnivoreRetaliation 1987CD 
CathedralThe Carnival Bizarre 1995CD 
Cavalera ConspiracyInflikted 2008CD 
Celtic FrostMonotheist 2006CD 
Chaos CreationDedication For Annihilation 2005CD 
Chaos CreationPsyched-OUt Manipulation 2006CD 
Chaos CreationHomicidal Party Time 2007CD 
Chaos CreationFinal Warning 2008CD 
Church of MiseryHouses of The Unholy 2009CD 
Dark AngelDarkness Descends 1986CD 
DauntlessExecute The Fact 2007CD 
Dead Of NightDemo 2005 2005CD 
Dead Shape FigureThe Grand Karoshi 2008CD 
DeathHuman 1991CD 
DeathIndividual Thought Patterns 1993CD 
DeathSymbolic 1995CD 
Death BreathStinking Up The Night 2006CD 
Death CalmCreatures 2008CD 
DeathboundTo Cure the Sane with Insanity 2003CD 
DeathchainCult Of Death 2007CD 
DecendedThrough The Valleys Of Hate 2008CD 
DestructionInventor Of Evil 2005CD 
DestructionThrash Anthems 2007CD 
Deströyer 666Phoenix Rising 2000CD 
Deströyer 666Defiance 2009CD 
Devin TownsendZiltoid The Omniscient 2007CD 
DioHoly Diver 1983CD 
DoomridersDarkness Come Alive 2009CD 
Dr. BombayRice & Curry 1999CD
Dream TheaterImages And Words 1992CD 
Dream TheaterAwake 1994CD 
Dream TheaterA Change Of Seasons 1995CD 
Dream TheaterTrain Of Thought 2003CD 
EläkeläisetHumppa-akatemia 20002CD 
EnsiferumIron 2004CD 
EntombedLeft Hand Path 1990CD 
EntombedClandestine 1992CD 
EntombedSerpent Saints 2007LP 
EvergreySolitude Dominance Tragedy 1999CD 
EvergreyIn Search Of Truth 2001CD 
EvergreyRecreation Day 2003CD 
EvergreyThe Inner Circle 2004CD 
EvildeadAnnihilation Of Civilization 1990CD 
EvildeadThe Underworld 1991CD 
ExodusBonded By Blood 1985CD 
ExodusPleasures Of The Flesh 1987CD 
ExodusFabulous Disaster 1989CD 
ExodusAnother Lesson In Violence 1997CD 
ExodusTempo Of The Damned 2004CD 
ExodusShovel Headed Kill Machine 2005CD 
ExodusThe Atrocity Exhibition... Exhibit A 2007CD 
ExodusLet There Be Blood 2008CD 
ExodusExhibit B: The Human Condition 2010CD 
ExodusShovel Headed Tour Machine 20102DVD 
Faith No MoreThe Real Thing 1989CD 
Fear FactoryMechanize 2010CD 
FierceWhere The Flames Prey 2007CD 
FishstickYears In Human Transfer 2004CD 
Forced KillInvasion of Steel 2011CD 
FozzyAll That Remains 2005CD 
From Ashes RiseNightmares  CD 
G.O.R.E.Antagonistic Anthems 2005CD 
GraveyardHisingen Blues 2011CD 
Groke's ClanOutforced 2005CD 
Groke's ClanFoul Play 2006CD 
Groke's ClanSkullduggery 2008CD 
Guns N' RosesAppetite For Destruction 1987CD 
Hail of Bullets...Of Frost And War 2008CD 
Howard Glazer And The EL 34sBrown Paper Bag 2005CD 
Howard Glazer And The EL 34sLiquor Store Legend 2007CD 
HurriganesRock And Roll All Night Long 1973CD 
HurriganesRoadrunner 1974CD 
Imperial State ElectricPop War 2012CD 
In FlamesThe Jester Race 1995CD 
InharmonicUgly 2011CDEP 
Iron MaidenPowerslave 1984CD 
Iron MaidenSomewhere In Time 1986CD 
Iron MaidenSeventh Son Of A Seventh Son 1988CD 
Iron MaidenBrave New World 2000CD 
Iron MaidenA Matter Of Life And Death 2006CD 
Joe SatrianiSurfing With the Alien 1988CD 
Judas PriestPainkiller 1990CD 
KatatoniaThe Great Cold Distance 2006CD 
King DiamondThem 1988CD 
KreatorComa Of Souls 1990CD 
KreatorEnemy Of God 2005CD 
KreatorHordes of Chaos 2009CD 
KvelertakKvelertak 2010CD 
KylesaSpiral Shadow 2010CD 
Last TribeThe Uncrowned 2003CD 
Led ZeppelinII 1969CD 
Led ZeppelinIV 1971CD 
Manifesto JukeboxDesire 2000CD 
MegadethPeace Sells...But Who's Buying? 1986CD 
MegadethSo Far, So Good... So What! 1988CD 
MegadethRust In Peace 1990CD 
MegadethYouthanasia 1994CD 
MegadethCryptic Writings 1997CD 
MegadethEndgame 2009CD 
MetallicaRide The Lightning 1984CD 
MetallicaMaster Of Puppets 1986CD 
MetallicaThe Black Album 1990CD 
Mike SternIs What It Is 1994CD 
MokomaKurimus 2003CD 
MokomaKuoleman laulukunnaat 2006CD 
Morbid AngelAltars Of Madness 1989CD 
Morbid AngelLive Madness '89 1989DVD 
Morbid AngelCovenant 1993CD 
Morbid AngelDomination 1995CD 
MorgudulPuking Blood 2004CD 
MotörheadAce Of Spades  CD 
MotörheadThe Best Of  2CD 
Municipal WasteHazardous Mutation 2005CD 
Municipal WasteThe Art Of Partying 2007CD 
NifelheimEnvoy of Lucifer 2007CD 
OnslaughtThe Force 1985CD 
OnslaughtKilling Peace 2007CD 
OnslaughtSounds of Violence 2011CD 
OpethStill Life 1999CD 
OpethBlackwater Park 2001CD 
OpethDeliverance 2002CD 
OpethGhost Reveries 2005CD 
OrneThe Conjuration by the Fire 2006CD 
OverkillI Hear Black 1993CD 
Paco PeñaEssential Flamenco Recordings  CD 
PanteraCowboys From Hell 1990CD 
PanteraFar Beyond Driven 1994CD 
Pantera3 Vulgar Videos From Hell 2006DVD 
Pink FloydThe Wall 1979CD 
Pink FloydThe Division Bell 1994CD 
Porcupine TreeDeadwing 2005CD 
Profane OmenBeaten into Submission 2006CD 
Profane OmenInherit The Void 2009CD 
Profane OmenDestroy! 2011CD 
Rage Against The MachineRage Against The Machine 1992CD 
Reverend BizarreII: Crush The Insects 2005CD 
Rusty LickLove  CD 
Rusty LickPoison  CD 
SavatageHall Of The Mountain King 1987CD 
SavatageEdge Of Thorns 1993CD 
SavatageFrom The Gutter To The Stage 19962CD 
SavatageThe Wake Of Magellan 1997CD 
SepulturaBeneath The Remains 1989CD 
SepulturaArise 1991CD 
Shadow GalleryCarved In Stone 1986CD 
Shadows FallThe War Within 2004CD+DVD 
SlayerReign In Blood 1986CD 
SlayerSouth Of Heaven 1988CD 
SlayerSeasons In The Abyss 1990CD 
SlayerChrist Illusion 2006CD 
SlayerWorld Painted Blood 2009CD 
SodomAgent Orange 1989CD 
SoundtrackPulp Fiction & Reservoir Dogs  2CD 
Stam1naUudet kymmenen käskyä 2006CD 
Stam1naRaja 2008CD 
Standard Coil CompanyFalse Memory Syndrome 2007CD 
Steve VaiFire Garden 1996CD 
Steve VaiThe 7th Song 2000CD 
StoneNo Anaesthesia! 1989CD 
Strapping Young LadCity 1997CD 
Strapping Young LadAlien 2005CD 
StratovariusThe Chosen Ones 19992CD 
Ted NugentCollections   
TerapiaHoosianna 2003CD 
TestamentThe Legacy 1987CD 
TestamentThe New Order 1988CD 
TestamentPractice What You Preach 1989CD 
TestamentSouls Of Black 1990CD 
TestamentThe Gathering 1999CD 
TestamentFirst Strike Still Deadly 2001CD 
TestamentThe Formation Of Damnation 2008CD 
TestamentDark Roots of Earth 2012CD 
The BeheadingThe Beheading 2006CD 
The CrownDeathrace King 2002CD 
The Flaming SideburnsHallelujah Rock'n'Roll 2001CD 
The HauntedThe Haunted 1998CD 
The HauntedRevolver 2004CD 
The HauntedThe Dead Eye 2006CD 
The HellacoptersGood Night Cleveland  DVD 
The HellacoptersSupershitty to The Max 1996CD 
The HellacoptersPayin' The Dues 1997CD 
The HellacoptersGrande Rock 1999CD 
The HellacoptersHigh Visibility 2000CD 
The HellacoptersBy The Grace of God 2002CD 
The HellacoptersCream of The Crap! 2002CD 
The HellacoptersRock & Roll Is Dead 2005CD 
The MushilMeatgrinder 2004CD 
The ScourgerNever Bury The Hatchet 2007CDS 
The ZombiAppetite For Flesh 2007CD 
Timo KorhonenComplete Works for Guitar vol. 1 1995CD 
Tom WaitsRain Dogs 1985CD 
TurbonegroAss Cobra 1996CD 
TurbonegroApocalypse Dudes 1999CD 
TurbonegroScandinavian Leather 2003CD 
TurbonegroRetox 2007CD 
TwilightningPlague-House Puppet Show 2004CD 
TwilightningSwinelords 2007CD 
Twisted SisterStay Hungry 1984CD 
UnleashedVictory 1995CD 
VaderImpressions In Blood 2006CD 
Van Halen1984 1984CD 
ViikateSurut pois ja kukka rintaan 2003CD 
W.A.S.P.W.A.S.P. 1984CD 
WinterwolfCycle of The Werewolf 2009CD 
Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising ForceOdyssey 1988CD 
Zimmers HoleWhen You Were Shouting at the Devil... We Were in League with Sa 2008CD 
ÄkäFeed The Hunger 2005CD 
ÄkäCease Life 2008CD 
öö... joku kokoelmaSpectacular Pipes of Scotland  CD 
öö... joku vol.1 20052CD 
öö... joku kokoelmaSoundi 2005 20052CD 


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