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D:A:DNo Fuel Left For The Pilgrims1989LP 
D:A:DSleeping My Day Away19897"
D:A:DRiskin' It All1991LP 
D:A:DThe Overmuch Box2009Muu
Daft PunkHomework1997CD 
Daft PunkDiscovery2001CD 
Daft PunkRandom Access Memories20132LP 
Damn YankeesDamn Yankees1990LP 
Damn YankeesDon't Tread1992CD 
Damned, TheNew Rose19767" 
DanzigDanzig II - Lucifuge1990CD 
DanzigDanzig III - How The Gods Kill1992CD 
Davies, RaySee My Friends2010CD 
Davis, Miles'Round About Midnight1956CD 
Davis, MilesKind Of Blue1959CD
Davis, MilesKind Of Blue1959CD
Davis, MilesSketches Of Spain1960LP 
Davis, MilesBitches Brew19702LP 
De La Soul3 Feet High And Rising19892LP 
De Ville, MinkReturn To Magenta1978LP 
De Ville, MinkCoup De Grace1981LP 
Dead KennedysFresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables1980LP 
DeadglowMachine Skin2021CD 
Deep PurpleShades Of Deep Purple1968CD
Deep PurpleThe Book Of Taliesyn1968LP 
Deep PurpleConcerto for Group and Orchestra1969LP 
Deep PurpleDeep Purple1969CD
Deep PurpleIn Rock1970LP
Deep PurpleFireball1971LP 
Deep PurpleMachine Head19722CD
Deep PurpleMachine Head1972LP 
Deep PurpleMade In Japan19722LP 
Deep PurpleWho Do We Think We Are1973LP 
Deep PurpleBurn1974LP 
Deep PurpleStormbringer1974LP 
Deep PurpleCome Taste The Band1975LP 
Deep PurpleMade In Europe1976LP 
Deep PurpleLive In London1982LP 
Deep PurplePerfect Strangers1984LP 
Deep PurpleThe House Of Blue Light1987LP 
Deep PurpleSlaves And Masters1990LP 
Deep PurpleThe Battle Rages On1992CD 
Deep PurplePurpendicular1996CD 
Deep PurpleAbandon1998CD 
Deep PurpleIn Concert With The London Symphony Orchestra2000DVD 
Deep PurpleBananas2003CD 
Deep PurpleRapture Of The Deep2005CD
Deep PurplePerfect Strangers Live20132CD+DVD 
Deep PurpleinFinite2017CD+DVD 
Def LeppardThe Def Leppard E.P.197912"
Def LeppardOn Through The Night1980LP 
Def LeppardHigh 'N' Dry1981LP 
Def LeppardPyromania1983LP 
Def LeppardHysteria1987LP 
Def LeppardHysteria19872LP 
Def LeppardAdrenalize1992CD 
Def LeppardRetroactive1993CD 
Def LeppardSlang1996CD 
Def LeppardEuphoria1999CD 
Def LeppardHistoria / In The Round In Your Face2001DVD 
Def LeppardX2002CD 
Def LeppardYeah! Bonus CD With Backstage Interviews2006CD 
Def LeppardSongs From The Sparkle Lounge2008CD+DVD
Def LeppardMirror Ball - Live & More20112CD+DVD 
Def LeppardViva Hysteria: Live At The Joint, Las Vegas2013Blu-ray 
Def LeppardAnd There Will Be Next Time... Live From Detroit2017Blu-ray 
DeftonesWhite Pony2000CD 
Del Rey, LanaNorman Fucking Rockwell!2019CD 
Delaney & Bonnie & FriendsOn Tour With Eric Clapton1970CD 
Depeche ModeConstruction Time Again1983LP 
Depeche ModeSome Great Reward1984LP 
Depeche ModeBlack Celebration1986LP 
Depeche ModeMusic For The Masses1987LP 
Depeche Mode10119892DVD 
Depeche Mode10119892CD 
Depeche ModeViolator1990LP 
Depeche ModeSongs Of Faith And Devotion1993LP 
Depeche ModeUltra1997CD 
Depeche ModeOne Night In Paris - The Exciter Tour 200120022DVD 
Depeche ModePlaying The Angel2005CD 
Depeche ModeLive In Berlin20142CD+DVD
Derek And The DominosLayla & Other Assorted Love Songs19702LP 
Derek And The DominosIn Concert19732LP 
Derek And The DominosLive At The Fillmore19942CD 
Derringer, RickAll American Boy1973LP 
Desmond, PaulDesmond Blue1962CD 
Desmond, Paul & Gerry MulliganTwo Of A Mind1963CD 
DevilstompMechanics Of Stupidity2017CDEP 
Dexys Midnight RunnersSearching For The Young Soul Rebels1980LP 
Dexys Midnight RunnersToo-Rye-Ay1982LP 
Diamond, KingAbigail1987CD
Diamond, KingThem1988LP
Diamond, KingConspiracy1989CD
Diamond, NeilWorld Hits1974LP 
Dickinson, BruceTattooed Millionaire1990LP 
Dickinson, BruceAlive In Studio A19952CD 
Dickinson, BruceSkunkworks1996CD 
Dickinson, BruceAccident Of Birth1997CD 
Dickinson, BruceThe Chemical Wedding1998CD 
Dickinson, BruceScream For Me Brasil1999CD 
Dickinson, BruceThe Best Of20012CD 
Dickinson, BruceAnthology2006DVD
Dickinson, BruceScream For Me Sarajevo2018Blu-ray 
Dictators, TheBloodbrothers1978LP 
DingoNimeni On Dingo1984LP 
DingoKerjäläisten Valtakunta1985LP 
Dinosaur Jr.Bug1988CD
DioHoly Diver1983MC 
DioHoly Diver1983CD 
DioHoly Diver19832LP
DioHoly Diver1983LP 
DioHoly Diver19834CD 
DioHoly Diver1983LP
DioThe Last In Line1984LP 
DioSacred Heart1985LP 
DioThe Dio E.P.198612"
DioDream Evil1987LP 
DioLock Up The Wolves1990LP 
DioRonnie James Dio - The Elf Albums1994CD 
DioStrange Highways1994CD 
DioAngry Machines1996CD 
DioInferno: Last In Live19982CD 
DioKilling The Dragon2002LP
DioMaster Of The Moon2004CD 
DioWe Rock2005DVD 
DioHoly Diver Live2006DVD 
DioAt Donington UK: Live 1983 & 198720102CD
DioFinding The Sacred Heart - Live In Philly 19862013Blu-ray 
DioLive In London, Hammersmith Apollo 19932014Blu-ray 
Dio & Killswitch EngageHoly Diver20137"
Dire StraitsAlchemy Live19832LP 
Dire StraitsAlchemy Live1984Blu-ray 
Dire StraitsOn The Night1993CD 
Dire StraitsOn The Night1993DVD 
Dire StraitsThe Studio Albums 1978 - 19912013LP
Dire StratsThe Studio Albums 1978 - 199120136CD 
Dirty Knobs, TheWreckless Abandon20202LP 
Dirty Knobs, TheExternal Combustion2022LP 
DJ ShadowEndtroducing...19962CD
Dogs D'Amour, TheOriginal Album Series20165CD 
Dogs D'Amour, The(Un)authorized Bootleg Album1988LP
Dogs D'Amour, TheIn The Dynamite Jet Saloon1988LP
Dogs D'Amour, TheWild And Glamorous198812"
Dogs D'Amour, TheA Graveyard Of Empty Bottles198910" 
Dogs D'Amour, TheErrol Flynn1989LP 
Dogs D'Amour, TheSatellite Kid19897"
Dogs D'Amour, TheSatellite Kid198912"
Dogs D'Amour, TheTrail Of Tears19897" 
Dogs D'Amour, TheBack On The Juice199012"
Dogs D'Amour, TheBack On The Juice19907" 
Dogs D'Amour, TheEmpty World19907"
Dogs D'Amour, TheEmpty World199012" 
Dogs D'Amour, TheStraight??!!1990LP 
Dogs D'Amour, TheVictims Of Success1990Muu
Dogs D'Amour, TheMore Unchartered Heights Of Disgrace1993LP 
Dogs D'Amour, ThePretty, Pretty Once19937" 
Dogs D'Amour, TheWhat You Do199312"
DokkenBreaking The Chains1983CD 
DokkenTooth And Nail1984CD 
DokkenTooth And Nail1984LP 
DokkenUnder Lock And Key1985CD 
DokkenUnder Lock And Key1985LP 
DokkenBack For The Attack1987CD 
DokkenBack For The Attack1987LP 
DokkenBeast From The East1988CD 
Doors, TheStrange Days1967LP 
Doors, TheThe Doors1967LP 
Doors, TheWaiting For The Sun1968LP 
Doors, TheThe Soft Parade1969LP 
Doors, TheMorrison Hotel1970LP 
Doors, TheL.A. Woman1971LP 
Doors, TheWhen You're Strange2010Blu-ray 
Dr. DreThe Chronic1992CD 
Drake, NickFive Leaves Left1969LP 
Drake, NickBryter Layter1970LP 
Drake, NickPink Moon1972LP 
Dream TheaterWhen Dream And Day Unite1989CD 
Dream TheaterImages And Words1992CD 
Dream TheaterAwake1994CD 
Dream TheaterA Change Of Seasons1995CD 
Dream TheaterScenes From A Memory1999CD 
Dream TheaterSix Degrees Of Inner Turbulence20022CD 
Dream TheaterTrain Of Thought2003CD 
Dream TheaterOctavarium2005CD 
Dream TheaterSystematic Chaos2007CD 
Dream TheaterBlack Clouds & Silver Linings2009CD 
Dream TheaterDream Theater2013CD 
Dream TheaterThe Astonishing20162CD
Dream TheaterDistance Over Time2019CD+DVD
Dropkick MurphysGoing Out In Style20112LP
Ducks, TheHigh Flyin'20233LP 
Duran DuranDuran Duran1981LP 
Duran DuranRio1982LP 
Duran DuranSeven And The Ragged Tiger1983LP 
Duran DuranArena1984LP 
Duran DuranNotorious1986LP 
Duran DuranDuran Duran (The Wedding Album)1993CD 
Duran DuranLive From London2005CD+DVD 
Dylan, BobBob Dylan1962LP 
Dylan, BobThe Freewheelin' Bob Dylan1963LP 
Dylan, BobAnother Side Of Bob Dylan1964LP 
Dylan, BobThe Times They Are A-Changin'1964LP 
Dylan, BobBringing It All Back Home1965LP 
Dylan, BobHighway 61 Revisited1965LP 
Dylan, BobBlonde On Blonde19662LP 
Dylan, BobJohn Wesley Harding1967LP 
Dylan, BobNashville Skyline1969LP 
Dylan, BobNew Morning1970LP 
Dylan, BobSelf Portrait19702LP 
Dylan, BobDylan1973LP 
Dylan, BobPat Garrett & Billy The Kid1973LP 
Dylan, BobBefore The Flood19742LP 
Dylan, BobPlanet Waves1974LP 
Dylan, BobBlood On The Tracks1975LP 
Dylan, BobThe Basement Tapes19752LP 
Dylan, BobDesire1976LP 
Dylan, BobHard Rain1976LP 
Dylan, BobAt Budokan19782LP 
Dylan, BobStreet Legal1978LP 
Dylan, BobSlow Train Coming1979LP 
Dylan, BobSaved1980LP 
Dylan, BobShot Of Love1981LP 
Dylan, BobInfidels1983LP 
Dylan, BobReal Live1984LP 
Dylan, BobBiograph19855LP 
Dylan, BobEmpire Burlesque1985LP 
Dylan, BobKnocked Out Loaded1986LP 
Dylan, BobDown In The Groove1988LP 
Dylan, BobDylan & The Dead1989LP 
Dylan, BobOh Mercy1989LP 
Dylan, BobUnder The Red Sky1990LP 
Dylan, BobThe Bootleg Series Vols. 1-3: Rare & Unreleased 1961-199119913CD 
Dylan, BobThe 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration1993LP
Dylan, BobThe 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration19932CD 
Dylan, BobThe 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration (Deluxe Edition)1993Blu-ray 
Dylan, BobTime Out Of Mind1997CD 
Dylan, BobThe Bootleg Series Vol. 4: The "Royal Albert Hall" Concert19982CD 
Dylan, BobLove And Theft2001CD 
Dylan, BobThe Bootleg Series Vol. 5: Bob Dylan Live 197520022CD 
Dylan, BobThe Bootleg Series Vol. 6: Bob Dylan Live 196420042CD 
Dylan, BobNo Direction Home: Bob Dylan20052DVD 
Dylan, BobThe Bootleg Series Vol. 7: No Direction Home - The Soundtrack20052CD 
Dylan, BobModern Times2006CD 
Dylan, BobThe Bootleg Series Vol. 8: Rare And Unreleased 1989 -200620082CD 
Dylan, BobTogether Through Life20092CD+DVD 
Dylan, BobIn Concert: Brandeis University 19632010CD 
Dylan, BobThe Bootleg Series Vol.9: The Witmark Demos 1962-196420102CD 
Dylan, BobThe Original Mono Recordings2010Muu
Dylan, BobTempest20122LP
Dylan, BobThe Bootleg Series Vol. 10: Another Self Portrait 1969-197120132CD 
Dylan, BobThe Bootleg Series Vol. 11: The Basement Tapes Raw20142CD 
Dylan, BobShadows In The Night2015LP
Dylan, BobThe Bootleg Series Vol. 12: The Cutting Edge 1965-196620152CD 
Dylan, BobFallen Angels2016LP 
Dylan, BobThe Bootleg Series Vol. 13: Trouble No More 1979-198120172CD 
Dylan, BobThe Bootleg Series Vol. 14: More Blood, More Tracks2018CD 
Dylan, BobThe Bootleg Series Vol. 15: Travelin' Thru 1969-196920193CD 
Dylan, BobRough And Rowdy Ways20202LP
Dylan, BobThe Bootleg Series Vol. 16: Springtime In New York 1980 -198520212CD 
Dylan, BobThe Bootleg Series Vol. 17: Fragments 1996-199720232CD 
Dylan, Bob With Tom Petty And The HeartbrekersBand Of The Hand19867"


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