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Alue:Elektroninen ja elektroakustinen musiikki
Aihe:O Samuli A - Part man, part Bartman 7" ULKONA NYT!
Aika:03.03.2011 16:49
ARTIST: O Samuli A
RELEASE: Part Man, Part Bartman
TRACK LISTING: A1 Drag Me To Haaga / B1 Green Label Theme / B2 Part Man, Part Bartman
PRODUCER: Samuli Alapuranen
FORMAT: 33 / 45 RPM 7, Cat. #: PERNA-1)
LABEL: Power Nap Productions
RELEASE DATE: 22 February 2011
FILE UNDER: Chipstep, Gridstep, Lo-tek
Finnish sound artist and Lo-tek veteran O Samuli A gets back to work after 6 silent years, adding a single-length of genre-defining Chiptune and Anystep hybrids to the scanty but high in quality chain of releases started in 1998 with 100% Polyester, the first document of his trademark sound--an economic but meticulously detailed remolding of low bitrate timbres.
The lean but strangely hulky sound palette on Part Man shows recognizably crunchy traces of its original sound sources (Nanoloop for Nintendo DS and Yamaha Portasound) but keeps at a healthy distance from orthodox lo-tek thinking.
Alapuranen strips the echoes off Dubstep and forces Wonky back to a tight motorik grid, the outcome something refreshingly detached from the goings-on of the surrounding electronic dance music world, easiest described as Dancehall, had it evolved, not in the suburbs of Kingston, but the head of a Finnish guy with a battery powered Yamaha keyboard.
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