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Aihe:Angry Videogame Nerd!
Aika:06.07.2008 00:12   (muokattu 06.07.2008 00:12)
"Q: How did the Angry Nintendo Nerd (Angry Video Game Nerd) get started?
A: It started as a quick little video as a joke. I make a lot of short videos for comedic purposes, and one thing I decided to do for a quick little joke in May 2004 was to pick on an old NES game (Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest) which is regarded as a classic game, but I chose to pick on all the flaws. During the course of the review, I got more involved than I thought. I complained about every detail I could find and felt the need to swear which later became a character trait of the Angry Video Game Nerd. "

*nyökyttää päätään sivellen samalla partaa* AAAAAaaaaaaaah, now I see his point...brilliant!
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