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Aika:12.08.2015 06:31
Sattui eteen tuollainen Bowesin haastattelusta napattu pätkä:
"I read in another interview that you have 21 albums planned for Gloryhammer.
CB: Theres going to be 3 sets of 7. I think the first 7 are going to deal with Angus McFife and his descendants and ancestors, because its a sage that spans across the entire galaxy through space and time. Once those 7 are done I think well change the theme completely.
The next one is set in space and the one after that is set in 17th century Japan and then after that we go back to Fife. And then the fifth one is basically James Bond but its called Casino Dundee. Coming to a cd player near you in about 2027. Ive got as far as 5, Ive not thought of 6 or 7 yet. Maybe therell be a cowboys and Indians one."
Ota tuostakin selvää kuinka huumorilla tuo läppä on heitetty :-D
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