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Aihe: any english electronic lovers out there
17.03.2014 08:20:53
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hi all im a new guy here and was wondering if there is any one making any electronic dance,trance, chillout music
im 36 and never off my computer as i never seem not to have an idea of a song that could work
but heres the catch, i never seem to be able or think my songs are finnished
a good friend of mine told me this is quite the case with most dance musicians
there song is never finnished in there eyes

is there anyone in the same boat as me,that we could give each other advice or something
17.03.2014 12:08:17
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Here's a handy little tip:
Turn recording on. Play your song for about 5 minutes, doing mutes and unmutes, pattern changes, filter sweeps, delay tricks and whatnot live. Stop recording and consider the song finished.
Easier to do with hardware though, but at least in Ableton doing that is quite easy.
Editing the fine details for ages is fine IF you got a hit song that deserves such attention. But most songs aren't hits, there's no point in finetuning them for months, it's just wasted time that could be spent on writing new songs instead.
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