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Aihe: Nowen - Peace with Death
04.05.2016 06:47:16 (muokattu 04.05.2016 06:49:57)
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Pari vuotta siinä meni, viimeisimmän levyn teossa. Projekti oli raskas ja vaati omat veronsa monella tapaa. Lopputulos on kuitenkin nyt tässä, ilmaiseksi kuunneltavissa; Nowen ja kolmas levy, Peace with Death. Julkaisu ainoastaan digitaalisesti. Vanhemmat julkaisut löytyvät tuolta myös.
05.05.2016 13:32:13
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Kiitos uudesta levystä, laadukkaan räimeen linjalla jatkatte edelleen, omani ostin just kympillä :-)
"Keep the metal scene alive" - Charles Schuldiner (R.I.P.), "You Love Me" - Dave Mustaine (Long live the King)
14.05.2016 13:42:26
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Nöyrä kiitoksemme
07.06.2016 18:44:02
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Ottakaapa ilmainen levy haltuun
11.06.2016 09:21:12
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Third album from gruff throated Finnish outfit that is labeled (somewhat inaccurately, in my book) as "death thrash," as they are much too technically proficient for such rudimentary categorization. In fact, in its best moments, the altering tonality, melody, guitar proficiency (more than a few acoustic moments) and sinister barked vocals approach the majesty of Dissections' classic Storm Of The Light's Bane or later era Death, music with a multi-genre crossover appeal. To that end, there's even an unexpected jangly, ska/jam band vibe, right in the midst "The Gracious Farewell"!
However, their calling card is the fleet fingered display and sudden dynamic changes on "In Death We Shine" and to end "The Lost Fire". Some might question, "Why do we need another Dissection/Death?" especially with the bad taste (in no way connected to the music) the former left in our mouths. While they'll never be duplicated/replaced, both are sorely missed by those that remember. Countless others never heard/investigated, so if these Finns, who have been trying to get noticed since 1999, want to reprise the best elements of either, count me in. "Yearning" is essentially a short acoustic instrumental intermezzo, leading into the drum cadence begun, 8:11 title cut, the first legitimate thrash number. "Choices" is built around atonal experimentation and a pair of (seldom used) voices, while mid-tempo closer "Nothing To Forgive" (another eight minute construct) opts for clean vocals. Not the run-of-the-mill unsigned band. Check it out."
Lähde: Bravewords
18.11.2016 22:23:19
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Musica production Venäjältä otti yhteyttä ja sen seurauksena viimeisin levy "Peace with Death" saadaan myös fyysiseen muotoon (CD).
Julkaisupäivä 9. Joulukuuta
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18.12.2016 09:07:07
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Jotain arvostelua levystä (Peace with Death). Toisessa arvostelussa meinasivat, että menee liikaa soitinmasturbaation/mahtipontisuuden puolelle/hakemiseksi. Mene ja tiedä, ei sooloja koskaan ole liikaa;
" This is the first I have heard of Nowen, reccomended to me by gasmask_colostomy for Secret Satan 2016. I must say, it was a very enjoyable affair. The music hear is very technical thrash, with elements of death metal in there, especially in the vocals. The album feels a bit divided, because the first few songs are absolutely relentless thrashers that destroy everything in their path, then the next few songs after that are longer, more progressive songs that are very complex and powerful, and the album ends with slower, more atmospheric songs. This makes the album lose a bit of cohesiveness, especially when you reach towards the end. It feels like each song is it's own whole entity, and this is just a collection of entities next to each other. This may just be me, but I feel like that's something about the album could do better.
The songs themselves are really good though. "The Lost Fire" is extremely fast and brutal, with many, many changes scattered throughout to make the song feel like an epic, extremely powerful and just crushing overall. "Peace With Death" is an 8 minute track that gets more and more heavy as it goes on, with the vocals and lyrics becoming more reflective, giving a post-apocalyptic vibe. It's a really atmospheric track you can feel as it destroys you and transcends you into a new world. "When Death Arrives" and "In Death We Shine" are two shorter tracks that rip your flesh away and crush your skull in 4 minutes or less, and they are both incredible.
The album's not perfect, though. The intro track "Intro III" feels rather awkward as an intro to the album because it feels really dramatic, overproduced, intense, and it feels less natural then the rest of the album. I don't really seen the need for it to be on the album. As well "Yearning" is an acoustic interlude that isn't bad at all, but extremely out of place and kind of breaks the album apart. "Choices" and "Nothing To Forgive" (the latter to a much less extent) are drawn-out to the point where they feel overcooked. They aren't bad tracks themselves, but I feel like they're not natural.
Overall, this is an enjoyable album that has it's flaws but is a kickass album to listen with excellent playing, excellent production, and just lots of pure POWER. A great album that I recommend. "
Ebaysta löytyisi myös levymuodossa. Jossain vaiheessa pitäisi löytyä minultakin; … em1a21c7881a%3Ag%3AX0oAAOSwux5YT-Zn
COB-tekstin olemassaoloa tuossa en oikein hiffaa...
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