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Aihe: Witheria - 4. levy tekeillä, basisti haussa ym.
13.03.2013 13:02:19
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Witheria - Major announcement - 13/03/13
It's been over a year now since the last update, but here it is - What's going on in the Witheria camp!
I - Line-up changes
J. Warhead decided to quit Witheria in early 2012, due to his lack of motivation. This happened in a mutual understanding and we wish him the best of luck in his ongoing endeavours. We did not start seeking a new guitar player at this point, but concentrated in the songwriting instead. During the songwriting process it became clear that Lappis "the Predator" would switch from bass to handling the second guitar. This is very natural move for him and for the band, since he is an extremely talented guitar player, has been playing guitar in Nowen (and other bands) for ages, and his role as a songwriter for Witheria has lately been increasing.
II - New album
Yes, we are going to record a new album. During the last year or so, we have been busy writing new material for our fourth album. We are now working on 8-9 titles that we want to get absolutely crushing and ready for the recording sessions that will be taking place early autumn this year for a late 2013 / early 2014 release. The material is varied as always, with some old tricks and new twists to keep you breaking your neck!
III - Looking for a bass player
Due to aforementioned line-up changes, we are now looking for a bass player to complete our new line-up. We hope for a metal loving, hard thrashing individual, who can handle his/her bass and does not fear odd time signatures. We operate from Southern Finland in Finnish, so that's a must. If you're interested in the position, go to where you can find all our albums and links to contact us.
Witheria (Tuberculosis, Kusmar, Lappis, Rob Diver)
15.12.2013 16:11:14
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Noniin, studiossa käytiin ja tuloksena valmis levy. 8 biisiä, rapiat 40 minuuttia.
Ja näytebiisi levyltä löytyy alapuolen linkistä.
Levyn nimi on "Devastating Return" ja biisi on nimeltänsä "Thrown down the well".
15.12.2013 16:25:00
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Lappis: Noniin, studiossa käytiin ja tuloksena valmis levy. 8 biisiä, rapiat 40 minuuttia.
Ja näytebiisi levyltä löytyy alapuolen linkistä.
Levyn nimi on "Devastating Return" ja biisi on nimeltänsä "Thrown down the well".

Loistavaa, hyvän kuuloista räimettä jälleen kerran. Koskas levy tulee myyntiin?
"Keep the metal scene alive" - Charles Schuldiner (R.I.P.), "You Love Me" - Dave Mustaine (Long live the King)
15.12.2013 19:55:55
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Kunhan nuo julkaisukuviot saadaan selvitettyä, niin tiedetään enemmän. Mutta ennen kevättä ehdottomasti olisi tavoitteena saada levy pullautettua ulos.
31.12.2013 11:09:43
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Ja linkistä tosiaan tulevan levyn maistiaisbiisi;
03.04.2014 08:57:34 (muokattu 03.04.2014 21:50:23)
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Nelljäs levy "Devastating Return" julkaistaan 30. Toukokuuta CD-muodossa ja digitaalisesti.
Levyä voi ennakkotilata Äxästä hintaan 11,95€;
Ja ensimmäinen arvostelukin jo tulilla;
Witheria's Devastating Return is a bit of an interesting and perplexing album. It is marked as a Finnish thrash album, which it is certainly is in many ways but as the album plays on the guitar players in the band have, what I feel, is a unique talent in how they mix in their riffs, melodies and arrange their songs. What starts out as a straightforward thrash album turns out by the end to offer a very interesting listening experience.
As stated Devastating Return begins as a riff heavy, brutal thrash album along the lines of say bands like Sodom or Toxic Holocaust. The first stand out attribute you will notice is the razor cutting vocals of Tuberculosis which fits in nicely for an extreme thrash metal band. However after the first four or so songs are done it almost seems the music takes on another life and shifts from harsh thrash metal riffs to showcasing some very impressive and unique guitar work from guitarists Markus and Lappis.
You will be treated to some very sophisticated guitar work and harmonies that sound really clean for a thrash band but also what struck me was just how the players arranged their leads and riffs in those latter songs that really hooked me as a listener and as a result it almost made me wish the singer had a different style while singing these songs. That isnt to say the singer is bad for the style the band starts out with but the shift in the song structures and style almost made it sound as if he didnt fit in with what was being played later in the album but I was so mesmerized by the way the songs were musically composed I can almost let it go. Toxic and Aggressive Growth is a great example of showing the great talents of this band.
What at first I thought was going to be a good but standard extreme thrash band and album turned out to be something truly different for me thanks to the talented uniqueness of the musicians in the band. This made Devastating Return one of the better surprises I have listened to in some time.
Rating: 4/5 "
Lähde: … iew-witheria-cd-devastating-return/
20.04.2014 23:21:45 (muokattu 20.04.2014 23:34:34)
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Toinen maistiainen tulevalta levyltä, Some Wounds Will Not Heal;
"Finnish Thrashers WITHERIA have existed since 2000 (2000-2001 under the FALLOUT moniker though), slowly building up the band's profile as a noteworthy and potential Finnish Metal act that could well become even something bigger one day if just a couple of stars in the nightsky turned a bit more favorable position for them. "Devastating Return" is clearly the band's most solid album to this very date; the band's sound is more refined and more mature than ever, and an increased amount of progressive elements cannot be left unnoticed either. WITHERIA perform the modern kind of, strongly progressive-tinged Thrash Metal, fusing some tiny elements from Death Metal into wholeness - and mainly vocal wise though. In fact, vocalist Tuberculosis somehow manages to sound like Chuck Schuldiner (R.I.P.) on DEATH's last album "The Sound Of Perseverance", using his screeching and dry vocals nicely and even cleverly here and there. That, added with similar progressive elements that DEATH exploited a lot and so successfully on the band's last album, make "Devastating Return" literally pretty much worth the album title; this is actually a devastating return from the WITHERIA camp back to some bright limelight again. 'Some Wounds Will Not Heal' is just one fine example of these guys' true abilities to compose some infectious material that is meant to stick in your brain like a sticky gum in your hair. Another fine example of WITHERIA's undisputed skills as professional songwriters comes in a form of song called 'Thrown Down The Well', in which WITHERIA show how to make an easy musical transition from pure straightforwardness and ass-kicking into some all horizons painting atmospheres, without sounding forced a bit but ending up sounding natural while doing so. Looking back, WITHERIA release a new album every 3rd year. The period 2011-2014 has been the most fruitful one for them yet regarding how big leaps they have taken as a tightly playing combo. Feel free to recommend this album and band for your close friends, relatives, enemies, or whatever really. WITHERIA have grown quite big balls on "Devastating Return", and that's the fact. Got interested perhaps? Well, cool then because more 'bout these WITHERIA lads can always be found at:, label:"
Lähde: … ums-EPs-Demos/W/WITHERIA--9098.html
16.05.2014 15:51:18
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Ydinkysymys: Mitä tehdä kun thrash metalin rajat alkavat tulla vastaan?
Neljännen pitkäsoittonsa julkaiseva kotimainen Witheria on ajanut itsensä tavallaan aika vaikeaan nurkaan. Kaikesta kuulee, että jätkillä olisi saumaa soittaa lähes mitä tahansa. Laulaja Tuberculosis on varmasti yksi omaleimaisimpia, riipivimpiä ja monipuolisempia rähjääjiä mitä äärimetallissa nykyään voi kuulla. Kielisoittajat tikkaavaat melodiaa, sooloa ja tiukkaa riffiä siihen malliin, että hiki tulee pelkästä kuuntelusta. Rumputaiteilija Rob Diver tykittää hänkin varsin napakalla otteella ja esimerkiksi Throw Down The Well on sujuvuudessaan aivan maagista kuultavaa.
Siksi onkin tavallaan harmi, että Devastating Return ei ole niin monipuolinen ja sävykäs levy, kuin mitä se selvästikin voisi olla. Kyllähän tämä keskivertoisen rässialbumin nyt monipuolisuudessa pieksää, mutta Witherian kohdalla kaipaisi vieläkin kunnianhimoisempaa ja värikkäämpää materiaalia. Devastating Return on täynnä toimivaa ja kiivaasti tykittävää thrashia, mutta melodisempien kohtien tyylitajua ihastellessa hiipii väkisinkin mieleen, että bändillä olisi rehellisen progressiivisen death/thrash metalin saralla paljon annettavaa.
Pehmeämpää ilmaisua karsastaville Witheria on kuitenkin yhä omiaan. Devastating Return jatkaa melko pitkälti Vanishing Orderin (2011) terävästi ryöpyttävillä linjoilla. Veitsenterävästi riffittelevät kappaleet ovat usein nopeita ja raivokkaita pyyhkäisyjä, joista hyvänä esimerkkinä käy heti levyn avaava ja tarttuvalla huutokertsillä varustettu Mind Compressor. Toisaalta mukana on tietysti myös hivenen kulmikkaampiakin raitoja, kuten komeasti sooloileva Burnt To Ashes. Levyn päättävä kymmenminuuttinen, varsin hitaasti vyöryttävä ja paikoin peräti tunnelmalliseksi heittäytyvä Back On Earth jatkaa bändin eeppisempien päätösraitojen sarjaa.
En vain voi sille mitään, että juuri Witherian kohdalla olisi erityisen mielenkiintoista kuulla bändin pehmeämpää puolta. Ja tämän siis sanoo kaveri, joka normaalisti ei moisista nössöilyistä haaveile. Devastating Returnia kuunnellessa sitä vain huomaa jatkuvasti ajattelevansa, että miltä tämä kuulostaisi, jos bändi olisi heittäytynyt rohkeasti samoille laveille vesille kuin vaikkapa mitä Deathin mestarillinen Symbolic (1995) aikanaan teki. Nämä ovat tietysti puhtaasti makuasioita, mutta Witherian nykyisin levyillään toteuttamat genrerajat ovat käyneet jo liian ahtaiksi."
Lähde: … content&task=view&id=6070&Itemid=87
20.05.2014 19:47:32
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Koko levy ennakkokuuntelussa; … eto-de-witheria-devastating-return/
Ja tuolta levy himaan, julkaisu 10 päivän päästä;
23.05.2014 17:20:51
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Kaaoszinen sivuilta myös löytyy viikon ajan levy ennakkokuuntelusta. Mukana myös joka biisistä lyhyet kommentit vokalisti Tuberculosiksen toimesta.
27.05.2014 16:25:50 (muokattu 27.05.2014 16:27:49)
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"Again Finland bounces back onto the map, in fact they never left it and with the addition of Witheria have made it a whole lot stronger! With three full length albums firmly under their metal belts, this impressive eight track album is the bands fourth to date. First track Mind Compressor is a brawling temptation of thrash that is highly expressive and gives the imagination something to feast on whilst it is savagely being beaten to death!
Passenger of Thought is another abrasive onslaught but not without its causticity and powerful vocal entourage. Then onto Burnt to Ashes which is nothing less than scathing and brutally raucous. It brews up a good strong storm with provocative melodies, emotive, and taunting with excellent guitar skills. Superb track!
Raft of Desolation visits all the scales with potent rhythms and just as captivating as the previous tracks. Vocally savage watch out for your aural if you have the sound up to 11 on this one a superb caustic flurry of excitement. After this its Some Wounds Will Not Heal a predator of the most metal kind the blistering and compelling riffs are caustic as they are creative and will leave you speechless!
Thrown Down the Well, the choppy and excitable riffs are impressive fusing together with a strong drum beat and hard bass edge it more than flirts with creativity another winner! Toxic and Aggressive Growth begins with an obnoxious rampage on the skins and is a tirade of wanton hungry riffs nothing gives in this most entertaining and imaginative track.
Back on Earth is wholly inspiring and is startling as well as overwhelming with deep prowess. It holds compelling and infectious rhythms with an amazing screeching vocal that is one hundred percent well in keeping with the track.
This is one highly irresistible album. It has a lot pulsing through its metal veins and a few surprises along the way. The musicianship is of a really high standard and can be considered as mouth-watering, predacious, raucous, and literally bristles with interesting and exceptional tracks. Melodic thrashers will find this one very hard to ignore and would be a welcome CD for any metal fanatic to own.
30.05.2014 10:07:57 (muokattu 30.05.2014 10:08:12)
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Ja albumi on virallisesti ulkona.
Levyn voi ostaa mm. allaolevasta linkistä;
03.06.2014 11:00:01
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Against-magazine jutteli vokalisti Tuberculosiksen kanssa.
Haastattelu sivulla 41.
Ja onhan siellä Arch Enemyä, Vaderia Etc. myös;
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