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Aihe: IO//IO Live @ Hanasaaren laituri 28.7. 19:00
25.07.2016 18:46:40 (muokattu 25.07.2016 18:48:05)
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IO//IO's debut gig is upon us! Or you, or.. What ever the grammatic case, come catch the Pikachus or just to enjoy our electronic darkwave improvisation.
We will be playing on the Hanasaari pier in Suvilahti. We have a (very) small mobile PA so expect not a stadium experience. Bring your own booze and spray cans and have an urban piquenique with us.
Facebook event here (should you want to broadcast your intentions):
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IO//IO pronounced input output input output emerged from the binary forests and data warehouses of Southern Finland in September 2015. In a small basement room, with little to drink and eat, we started slowly mining our sound banks and harnessing the electric powers sent to us by Apollo. We developed a method and taste for improvisation. Now we pollute the world almost every week with an hours worth of darkwave, electro, EBM, noise and drone music that sticks like post-it notes. We gaze at our shoes more often than would be absolutely required.
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