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Aihe: Damian Cullen Band (UK/FIN/FRA), Matthau Mikojan & SLB
21.03.2010 14:56:26
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Damian Cullen Band + Matthau Mikojan + Suicide Love Boat
Nosturi / Alakerta
Liput 5 €
Lipunmyynti alkaa klo 20.
Nosturin Alakerran bändi-illoissa happy hour klo 20-22, iso tuoppi 3,5, € ja siideri 4,5 €.
Damian Cullen Band
Irish musician Damian Cullen began his career in 1998 when his band Endorfiends released their début album in Japan and the USA. Amongst others, Endorfiends line-up included Dave Tregunna (Lords Of The New Church/Shooting Gallery) and Steve Von Saint (Johnny Thunders and Stiv Bators). At the time Endorfiends was signed up to the same management that represented Guns N Roses, Poison and Faster Pussycat. After the demise of Endorfiends Damian has played with renowned musicians such Alvin Gibbs (UK Subs/Iggy Pop), Les Riggs (Cheap And Nasty) and Darrel Bath (Ian Hunter/Dogs Damour).
Disenchanted with the present state of the music scene in London, Damian decided to move to Helsinki, Finland in the fall of 2009, where he rounded up a group of like minded musicians. By November 2009 the Damian Cullen Band was born and débuting at the Seasons of Sounds Festival in Helsinki on New Years Day 2010.
Damians uncanny ability to attract some of Helsinkis best underground musicians paid off the Damian Cullen Band has managed to generate an exceptional amount of attention in a astonishingly short period of time.
Damian Cullen - vocals
Misty Fingez - guitar (PSG)
Indi Loveless - guitar (Circus Underground)
Hazy Meadows - bass (Blindways)
Sam Heartcrusher - drums (Riiva)
Some videos on youtube:
08.04.2010 07:54:31
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