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Aihe: Lovesong..NOT?
01.10.2009 22:00:27
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Tässä toisenlainen pätkä, ensimmäisen voi kattoa täältä:
ja pistäkää ihmeessä palautetta sinnekin. Tässä yritin vähän erilaista niin voi olla että tuli täyttä potaskaa.
This song is for anyone who feels he(or she) mustn't have no boundaries
in social intercourses..and are in a relationship. Hihi.

I do flirt with people some times
And i understand if you wanna whine but
That doesnt mean u should berzerk like cripple
with tickling thing between his eyes
but cannot scratch cuz he's paralyzed!
Paradise? Far from it u fucking parasite!
Eat this shit. You see that's how mad you become
When u see me chatting with someone.
U shout "make it undone or ill never condone!"
Pardon me i will do what i please
your existance teases me like disease
Release your grip and let me have my do did done's
With my shitty friends who u think r stupid, dumb.
I'd dump you in a ditch if i could
You're such a wicked bitch, i kno i should
Like a paranoia which you have caused
Yes, bitch, you do have flaws.
I draw your name on a bloodstain i find on the floor
Burst out curses n spells, hope you'd be no more
But here i see you again, at my own door
I know i should resist but i start to drool
Walls are now painted with glowing red
As your body is now blown n' shred pieces what is it what's issue? u miss me?
I kiss u on ur tissue then it strikes
me like a fissure..
I feel strange..kind of bizarre. I feel so calm yet really angry..angrier than ive ever been..ever
Tranqualized state of mind but never felt rage so blind
I wait some time to see if this is fact or fiction
Attacked by affliction , i see this aint no dream
I miss ur diction, all you did with me
I try use tape and glue to make you renewd
It doesnt work! Help me, I'm screwd!!
Who would've thought id do something like this
Who would've thought my life seems now damned
Who would've thought id face this kinda crisis
I would.. after all, i had this all planned
Tää varmaankin jatkuu vielä jos tässä on mitään ideaa.
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