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Aihe: Matti E Simonaho : Staircase [ MQ - Mixed - With Lyrics ] (Muut)
14.04.2015 01:02:06
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Bändin nimi: Matti E Simonaho
Kappaleen nimi: Staircase MQ - Mixed - With Lyrics
Genre: Muut
URL: (Mp3)
She's standing in a stairway,
she's waiting for a call,
she's waiting for someone,
she's waiting for them all,
she's dressed in fancy dresses,
and polished are her nails,
high-heals of well known design,
jewels matching all details,
I see the scars on her face,
all marks of her hard life,
it's hard for one to believe,
she once was someones wife,
I can hear her laugh in staircase,
but I don't see it in her eyes,
I can see her smile in streetlights,
but I know it all are lies,
what she is showing outside,
it is suppose to be in,
and what is suppose to be in,
is not there because her sin,
so they follow her upstairs,
what we know is what life tell,
one stairway leads to heaven,
one stairway leads to hell,
but the day will come some day,
she find peace in her mind,
one follow her upstairs,
who is not of their kind,
she's waiting calling his name,
under fancy satin sheets,
but "all i want you to do,
is to wash my tired feets".
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