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Aihe: Sealed Era : Wounded By The Elegy (Metalli)
09.08.2012 01:43:15
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Bändin nimi: Sealed Era
Kappaleen nimi: Wounded By The Elegy
Genre: Metalli
URL: (Mp3)
This is the first debute demo song called Wounded by the elegy made by the band Sealed Era, from the forthcoming My mental downpour - trilogy.
Sealed Era is a new band from south-western Finland, playing music which can be labeled as progressive metal but which in fact has a lot more influence from varying styles, for example classical music.
The members this far are:
A'boran (Aapo Grönlund) - Lead vocals, growl & guitar, lead composer
Havonil (Eerik Laivoranta) - Lead scream, vocals & keyboards
Awath (Konsta Airisto) - Lead growl, vocals & guitar
Recorded in Laitila, with Varppee's music studio gear. On this recording the bass was recorded by A'boran and due to practical and temporal issues a drum machine was used.
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