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Jäsenkuvaus: Jacks (#41040)

Viim. kirjautunut:30.03.2022
Viim. aktiivinen:27.06.2022 18:23   (1h ja 34min sitten)
Kuvaus:*Greg Brandt Concert*
- Master Luthier: Greg S. Brandt
- Serial #143 / Production Date 2005
- Built in North Hollywood, California, U.S.A.
- Highest Quality Indian Rosewood Back & Sides (Harvested 100+ Years Ago)
- Highest Quality European Spruce Top (Harvested 100+ Years Ago)
- Top Braced In a Hauser Sr. / Torres Style: 7 Fans w/ 2 "Chevron" Braces At the Bottom
- Body Air Resonance Frequency Around F to F#
- Thinly Applied Gloss Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish
- Slight Back Contour
[Neck, Fingerboard, Action]
- Ebony Fingerboard
- Mahogany Neck (C-Shape)
- Indian Rosewood Bridge
- Custom Bone Nut and Saddle, w/ Compensated Intonation
- 650mm Scale Length, 52mm Nut Width
- Normal Action
- Standard Issue Nickel Silver Frets (Slightly Wider and Higher Wire Than Normal)
- Gilbert Tuners (Traditional Gold Plate w/Ebony Knobs, Abolone Dots, Black Rollers)
[Strings and Tuning]
- Hannabach Silver Special 815 HT, High Tension (.0283 .0327 .0406 .0295 .0366 .0445)
- Savarez 500CJ New Cristal/Corum, High Tension (.0295 .0335 .0413 .0299 .0358 .0441)
- Savarez 510CJ New Cristal/Cantiga, High Tension (.0295 .0335 .0413 .0297 .0356 .0440)
- Savarez 510CJP New Cristal/Cantiga Premium, High Tension (.030 .033 .041 .030 .036 .044)
- Main Set: Savarez 500CJ New Cristal/Corum, High Tension (Other Set Gauges For Reference)
- Equal Temperament Guitar Tuning, A440Hz & A432Hz
- Peterson StroboClip HD and StroboPlus HD Tuners
- Andreas Abel Armrest (Armauflage)
- Planet Waves Two-Way Humidification System
- Visesnut Case (Solid Black)
- Hopf Dynarette Guitar Support Cushion (High)
- Dycem Non-Slip Material (Thigh Grip)
- Mavala Mava-Flex (Serum for Nails)
- Special Nailfile from West Germany
- 2500 - 12000 Micromesh Sandpaper for Nails
- Wegen Big City 1.8mm Picks
- Wegen Bluegrass 1.4mm Picks


*Magneto Sonnet Crown*
- Serial #000051 / Production Date 01-24-2011
- Entirely Handcrafted in Japan Respecting Old School Craftsmanship and Traditional Lutherie
- Fine-Tuned for Tonal Balance w/ Body and Neck Designs Called "Tone-Influent" Shapes
- All Hardware by Gotoh (Japan) Using Only the Finest Material Available
- Temperament, Intonation, Fretwork All Handcrafted, Designed w/ Respect to the Classic Guitar Tone Based On 12-Tone Equal Temperament
- Color: Black with Chrome Hardware
- Northern American Alder Body (2-Piece)
- Body Finish Hand-Rubbed Satin Nitrocellulose Lacquer (Total Thickness Does Not Exceed 0.15mm-0.18mm)
- American Hard Rock Maple Neck, Medium C Shape Neck Profile (648mm / 25.5" scale)
- Tapered Neck Heel
- Neck Finish Hand-Rubbed Satin Acrylic Urethane (Very Thin Coat)
- East Indian Rosewood Fingerboard (12-16" Custom Compound Radius)
- 22 Stainless Steel Frets, Jescar Fret Wire FW50078 (.078 x .050 / 1.98mm x 1.27mm)
- Custom Oiled Finnish Moose Shinbone Nut (Width 42mm / 1.650")
- Lollar Blackface Neck and Middle Pickups (Aged White) w/Pre-CBS 60's Strat-Style Wind, Degaussed to Typical Vintage 60s Strat Pickup Specs, Vintage Style Cloth Covered Lead Wire
- Neck Single-Coil Pickup: Lollar Vintage Blackface / 6.4K / 2.5H / Scatter Wound Wax Potted Coils / Alnico V Magnets / Flatpole, Medium Output
- Middle Single-Coil Pickup: Lollar Vintage Blackface / 6.5K / 2.63H / Scatter Wound Wax Potted Coils / Alnico V Magnets / Flatpole, Medium Output, RWRP
- Bridge Pickup: Magneto P90-Style MSP-2 Custom / 6.9K / AWG 42 Gauge Wire, 8500 Turns / AlNiCo5 Magnets / Humbucker Size and Format
- Turtoise Pickguard Fully Shielded w/ Aluminum, All Cavities Protected w/ Dottite Shielding
- Tone Cap .047uF
- 1 Master Volume, 1 Master Tone / Push-Push ("Twang-O-Pot" Combines Bridge and Neck or All Three Pickups)
- Standard 5-way CRL Pickup Switch (Made in USA), Made of Brass w/ Silver Plate and Epoxy Insulation
- Switchcraft Mono Output Jack (Made in USA), Made of Nickel-Plated Copper Alloy
- Vintage Style Cloth Wire, High Grade AWG 22 Solderable Copper Wire w/ Cotton Braid
- CTS (Chicago Telephone Supply) 250K Audio Taper Pot (Made in USA), Real Audio Taper Potentiometers w/ Max 10% Tolerance
- Wilkinson VSVG "Steel Tone" Vintage Tremolo, Made by Gotoh
- Vibrato Arm Shortened By 1cm For Better Hand Placement
- 5-pc Raw Vintage Tremolo Springs, Made by Xotic (Note: Only 4 Springs Utilized In Setup)
- Lead-Free Cold Rolled Steel Sustain Block (String Pitch 10.8mm / String Span 54mm), Made by Gotoh
- High Precision Die-Cast Tuners (SG-360-07), Gear Ratio 14:1, Made by Gotoh
- "Rock-Solid" String Post System, Made by Gotoh
- "The Cylinder" Low Friction String Guide/Retainer, Made by Gotoh
- Magneto Standard Single Truss Rod and "Quick-Set" System Truss Rod Nut, Made by Gotoh
[Guitar Setup]
- Strings: D'Addario NYXL Strings (10-46), Tuning: E-flat
- Measurements for Standard Tuning:
- Neck Relief at 8th Fret: 0.20mm
- Action of 1st String 1st Fret: 0.40mm // 1st String 12th Fret: 1.40mm
- Action of 6th String 1st Fret: 0.45mm // 6th String 12th Fret: 1.60mm
- Neck Pickup Height: 8/64" treble side (3.17mm), 10/64" bass side (3.96mm)
- Middle Pickup Height: 7/64" treble side (2.77mm, 9/64" bass side (3.57mm)
- Bridge Pickup Height: 6/64" treble side (2.38mm), 8/64" bass side (3.17mm)
- Tremolo Set to Floating Position: G-string Up Half Step When Pulling On Bar
- Minotaur Smooth Padded Leather Strap, 8cm Wide


*Ruokangas Duke Custom Deluxe*
- Serial #: 00682-2
- Master Builder: Juha Ruokangas, 2002 (Finland)
- Handcrafted of Spanish Cedar
- Solid, 2-piece
- Exceptionally Figured Arctic Birch Carved Top
- Tobacco Sunburst Top Color
- Thermo Treated Topwood
- Back Contour
- Gloss Polyurethane (PU) Top Finish
- Paperthin Satin Nitrocellulose Back Finish
- Special Pearl Custom Body Binding
[Neck, Fingerboard]
- Handcrafted of Spanish Cedar
- Profile: Big C
- 43mm Wide, Thickness at 1st Fret 21mm / 12th Fret 23mm
- Laminated of Three Pieces
- Maple Splines Under Headstock Veneer and Fretboard
- Ebony Headstock Veneer with Pearl Inlaid Logo
- Long Tenon Set-Neck Construction
- Ebony Fretboard with Matching Ebony Binding
- Ruokangas Custom Two-Way Adjustable Truss Rod
- Tuning System: Ruokangas Compensated Nut Position
- Finnish Moose Shinbone Nut
- Compensated 24.75 Scale Length
- Fretboard Radius: 12"
- Pearl "R" Inlay on 12th Fret, Dot Side Markers
- 22 Jumbo Frets, 18% Nickel / Silver, 2.8mm Wide, 1.4mm Tall
- Paperthin Satin Nitrocellulose Finish with Gloss Headstock Face
- Häussel Dukebucker Fusion Pickups, Matched Set
- LR Baggs T-Bridge Tune-o-Matic Piezo Bridge
[Hardware, Electronics]
- Custom Duke Wiring
- Gold Plated Hardware
- Schaller Security Strap Locks, Gold Plated
- TonePros Aluminum Bridge Stop Tailpiece, T1ZSA
- Schaller M6 Locking Tuners w/ Ebony Knobs
- Pickup Selector: 3-Way Toggle Switch
- Master Volume Control
- 2 x Tone Controls / Push-Pull Splits
- LR Baggs Ctrl-X Preamp/Mixer for T-Bridge (Active Blending Preamp That Keeps the Magnetic Pickups Passive)
- Volume for Piezo, Blend Control for Piezo & Magnetic Pickups (Blended Piezo Signal Buffered, Magnetic Signal Kept Original and 100% Analog)
- 3-Way Toggle Switch for Piezo Only, Magnetic Pickups Only, and Both On
- Top Quality Pots (Ruokangas Custom), Switches and Wires
- Fully Shielded Control Cavity
- Amber Pot Knobs, Black Pickup Ring, No Pickguard
[Guitar Setup]
- Ernie Ball RPS10 Slinky Reinforced Plain Strings 010-046, Standard Tuning
- Custom Leather Strap
- Normal Action
- Dynarette Guitar Support
- Hiscox Case

*Flaxwood Äijä*
- Serial #: 03161393
- Made in Finland
- Material: Flaxwood
- Features: Flaxwood Resonating Back Plate
- Finish: Sandblasted Black
[Neck, Fingerboard]
- Material: Flaxwood
- Inlays: Celluloid w/ "f" (Logo)
- Neck Joint: 3-D Glued
- Angle: High
- Scale: 25.5
- Radius: 12
- Frets: 22, Jumbo
- 1st Fret: 43.5mm Wide, Thickness 20.5mm / 12th Fret: 52.5mm Wide, Thickness 23mm
- Bridge: Hardtail Gotoh GE103B, GE101Z (Cosmo Black)
- Nut: Tune-X Tuning System
- Tuners: Gotoh SG360 HAPM; Lockable
- Controls: Master Volume / Separate Tone Controls for Both Pickups
- Tone control with push/pull function
- 3-Way Selector Switch: Bridge, Bridge + Neck, Neck
[Pickups, Electronics]
- EMG 81 Bridge, EMG 85 Neck
- (2 Fishman Fluence Devin Townsend Signature Humbuckers)
[Guitar Setup]
- Strings: Stringjoy 10-46
- Tuning: Standard
- Action: 1.5 - 2mm (Treble), 1.7 - 2.5mm (Bass) at the 12th Fret
- Relief: 0.2mm (String Must Sustain) at the 9th Fret w/ the 1st and 22nd Fret Pressed Down
- Dynarette Guitar Support
- Hiscox Case


*Family of Boosts, Buffers, Fuzz, Overdrive, Distortion and Other Various Sound Effectors*
#01 - Keeley - True Bypass Looper (Send -> #02-04 -> Return)
#02 - Analogman - Sunface NKT275 White Dot High Gain Fuzz (9V, 1 mA; 2x NOS Germanium Transistors, Mil. Spec; Gain: V, Z)
#03 - Analogman - Sunface NKT275 White Dot Normal Gain Fuzz (9V, 1 mA; 2x NOS Germanium Transistors, Mil. Spec; Gain: F, L)
#04 - Analogman - Beano Boost Treble Booster (9V, 5mA; 1x NOS Germanium General Electric USA 2N527 Transistor, 68/17)
#05 - Sarno - Steel Guitar Black Box Buffer (300V B+, Triple Filtered Power Supply; Powered By Voodoo Lab Mondo Courtesy AC Outlet)
#06 - Peterson - Stomp Classic Strobotuner (9V, 80mA; Used in Sarno Black Box Tuner Output)
#07 - Sweet Sound - Mojo Vibe Swirl (9V, 50mA; Modern Setting w/ Switchable FET Buffer ON)
#08 - Origin Effects - Cali76 Compact Deluxe Compressor (18V, 104mA; Buffered Bypass)
#09 - ThorpyFX - The Camoflange Flanger (9V, 34mA; Burr-Brown Op-amp; WIMA/Panasonic Caps; Coolaudio V3207D/V3102D BBDs; True Bypass)
#10 - Majik Box - Fuzz Universe, Paul Gilbert Signature Drive/Boost (9V, 24mA; Burr Brown Opamp; True Bypass)
#11 - BJFe - Baby Blue Overdrive Version 1, Serial #104 (9V, 1.6mA; 7.5V-18V; Secret Philips Transistor from the 70's; True Bypass)
#12 - BJFe - Baby Pink Booster, Serial #91 (9V, 1.2mA; 200uA when LED is not lit; 7.5V-18V, Buffered Output)
#13 - BJFe - Baby Blue Overdrive Version 2, Serial #597, 4-Knob (9V, 1.6mA; 7.5V-18V; Secret Philips Transistor from the 70's; True Bypass)
#14 - Analogman - King of Tone Boost/Overdrive, Version 4 (9V, 10mA; Clean Boost Side JRC458OD IC; High Gain Red Side Overdrive Mode; True Bypass)
#15 - King Tone - The Duellist Dual Overdrive by Jesse Davey, Version 1.0.4, Serial #18323 (9-12V, 30mA; 2x RC4558P IC; True Bypass)
#16 - Ibanez - Tubescreamer TS808HW Overdrive, Limited Edition (9V, 10mA; Special Select JRC4558D IC's; True Bypass)
#17 - King Tone - Blues Power, True Transparent Boost/Overdrive by Jesse Davey, Version 1.7, Serial #BP20184 (9-18V, xxmA; RC4558P IC; True Bypass)
#18 - T. Jauernig Electronics - The Kollmanation, Drive/Boost (9V, 22mA; Drive Side All FET w/ No Diode Clipping or Opamps)
#19 - Maxon - PH-350 Rotary Phaser, Vintage Series (9V, 41mA; 3x Hamamatsu HTV P873-G35-911 CdS Photocouplers; 5x JRC4558D IC)
#20 - Maxon - OD-820 Overdrive Pro, Vintage Series (9V, 18mA; JFET Input Buffer; 2x JRC4558D IC)
#21 - Maxon - OD-9BD Blackdrive, Limited Edition, Original 1982 Circuit (9-18V, 6-11mA; True Bypass; JRC4558 IC)
#22 - Maxon - OD-9 Analogman Silver & 808 Mod (9-16V, 6mA; True Bypass; JRC4558D IC)
#23 - Maxon - CS-550 Stereo Chorus, Vintage Series (9V, 37mA; True Bypass; Panasonic MN3102 Low-Vol Clock Driver IC & MN3207 BBD IC)
#24 - Xotic Effects - BB Preamp, 2009 Version, Booster/Distortion (9V, 6mA; True Bypass)
#25 - Maxon - DS-830 Distortion Master, Vintage Series (9V, 8mA; Buffered Bypass; Toshiba 2SC1815 Transistor)
#26 - Decibelics - Golden Horse, (9V, 25mA; Exact Reproduction of Klon Centaur Serial No. 2505 w/ Original NOS Parts and Correct Values; Buffered Bypass)
#27 - Maxon - RTO-700 OD, Real Tube II Series (9V, 400mA; 6072A/12AY7; No Clipping Diodes; Noise Reduction w/ High Performance VCA)
#28 - Fuchs - Plush Drive OD, (9V, xxmA; Unique Bi-Fet Integrated Circuit and Matched Discrete FETs; Buffered Bypass; Impedance: Input 1Meg/Output 1K)
#29 - REVV - G4 Overdrive/Distortion, Red Channel in Pedal Format (9V, 17mA; TL072 & TL074 Opamps)
#30 - Chase Tone - Secret Preamp (9V, 150mA; Internally 22V; True Bypass; Vintage EP-3 Knob and 1970s JFET; Aged Carbon Film Resistors; Orange Drop 225P Film & Foil Polyester Capacitors)
#31 - Maxon - AD-999 Pro Analog Delay (9V, 72mA; True Bypass; 8x Custom Maxon MC4107D Bucket Brigade IC's)
#32 - TC Electronic - Ditto Looper (9V, 90mA; Analog Dry-Through)
#33 - Analogman - Buffer (9-18V, 30mA; C1815 BL4J Transistor Input Buffer w/ 510K Input Impedance; JRC4558D Opamp)
#34 - Fuchs - Plush Tube-Driven FX Loop and Active Buffer (9V, 480mA; 12AX7; Return Portion of the Loop Features a 250K High-Impedance Input and a 5K Low-Output Impedance; Own Level Control; Series or Parallel Modes; Level Adjuster Switch for Rack Effects)
#35 - Fulltone - True-Path ABY-ST, Revision 1.2 (9-18V, 200mA; Custom 50 Ohm Optocoupler; 2x High-Headroom Switchable JFET Buffers, Input 1.1 Megaohm, Output 100 Ohm; Custom-Wound 1:1 Isolation Transformer w/ High Nickel Core Content, Both Primary and Secondary Impedance at 10K Ohm)
#36 - Xotic Effects - RC Booster, Artist Series, Scott Henderson Limited Edition, Copper, Serial No. 1871/3000 (9-18V, 6mA; True Bypass)
#37 - Source Audio - Ventris Dual Reverb (9V, 280mA; 2x 56-bit Signal Processors; True Bypass)

*Mad Professor Old School 51RT Head*
- Serial No. 001 (H140001-0215)
- Single Channel w/ Low & High gain input switch
- Built in Reverb and Tremolo (Footswitchable)
- Built in FX Loop (non-buffered)
- Preamp Tubes: 5 x ECC83/12AX7
- Valve 1: 1st and 2nd Gain stages (Tube: NOS Telefunken Smooth Plate ECC83, B9208501; Made in Berlin, May 29, 1968)
- Valve 2: 3rd Gain stage, Tone Stack Driver (Tube: NOS Mullard Short Plate ECC83, I63 B5L1; Made in Blackburn, 1st Week of December, 1965)
- Valve 3: Tone Stack Recovery, FX Loop Send Stage (Tube: PM; Second Triode Not Used)
- Valve 4: FX Loop Return Stage, Phase Inverter Driver (Tube: PM)
- Valve 5: Phase Inverter (Tube: PM)
- Poweramp Tubes: 2 x EL34 (NOS Philips/Mullard XF2 B9F4, w/ Single Ring Getters, Dark Brown Base; Made in Blackburn, 4th Week of June, 1969)
- Output Power: 51 Watts
- Bias @ 25mA
- Power Consumption: Max 100 VA
- Weight: 17.5 kg
- Measurements: 61 x 26 x 28 cm

*Mad Professor 2x12 Cabinet*
- Serial No. 120026-1113
- Half Open and Half Closed Back Hybrid Cab
- Speakers: 2 x Celestion 12" G12M Creamback 65 (16 ohms)
- 2 x Weber 12" Beam Blocker High Frequency Diffusers
- Impedance: 8 ohms
- Power Rating: 130 Watts
- Measurements (cm): 67 x 28 x 46
- Weight: 23.1 kg
- Designed in Finland, Made in England


- Evidence Audio - "The Lyric HG" Signal Cables
- Evidence Audio - "The Siren II" Speaker Cables

*Custom Pedalboard(s) - Fuzz Board, Main Board for Dry, Other Board for Wet, FX Loop Board, Piezo Board*
- Mainboard (129cm x 39cm)
- Funky Hi-Gloss Silver and Blue Hyperplaid Holoraphic Surface w/ LuckyLicks Logo
- Voodoo Lab Mondo Pedal Power Supply Set On Removable Riser
- Evidence Audio SIS Plugs and MonoRail Signal Cable
- Mogami Patch Cables w/ Switchcraft Plugs
- Voodoo Lab Power Cables, 'PPAV' Output Splitter Adapers and 'PPAY' Voltage Doubler Adapters
- 3M Dual Lock (SJ3560)
- Removable Aluminum Corner Guards w/ Super Bright Color-Led Strips (0.9cm x 100cm) For Definite Overkill Effect
- Custom Transit Case Made in Finland (134cm x 45cm x 17cm)
- All Fuzz Pedals Operate w/ Carbon-Zinc Batteries
- Piezo Board and Wet/Dry/Wet Stereo Setup Made for Ruokangas Duke Custom Deluxe

*Other Essentials*
- GHS Gorgomyte
- Dr. Duck's Ax Wax & String Lube
- René Martinez GraphitALL Guitar Lube
- Wegen Picks "Big City" (1.8mm)
- Wegen Picks "Bluegrass" (1.4mm)
- V-Pick "Tradition" (2.75mm)


Musicians who rock: Dimebag Darrell Abbott, Paul Gilbert, Marty Friedman, Grisha Goryachev, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Greg Koch, Ted Greene, Frank Vignola, Rick Graham, Troy Grady, Rick Beato, Allan Holdsworth, Scott Henderson, Eddie van Halen, Randy Rhoads, Slash, John Scofield, Al DiMeola, Philip Sayce, Mateus Asato, Mattias 'IA' Eklundh, Petteri Sariola, Josh Meader, Eric Steckel, Martin Tallstrom, Guthrie Govan, Tom Quayle, Josh Smith, Eric Gales, Doug Rappoport, Jesse Davey, Nuno Bettencourt, Billy Strings, Derek Trucks, Chris King Robinson, Julian Lage, Chris Buck, Joey Landreth, Chris Brooks, Tommy Emmanuel, Danny Gatton, Oz Noy, Kenny W. Shepard, Jeff Kollman, Michael Sweet, Richie Kotzen, Oz Fox, Kiko Loureiro, Bill Steer, Leo Amuedo, Frank Gambale, Tim Miller, Teemu Viinikainen, Marko Karhu, Stephen Taranto, Lari Basilio, Thomas McLaughlin, Albert Collins, B.B King, Jimi Hendrix, David Russell, Hubert Käppel, Roberto Aussel, Moran Wasser, Christopher Parkening, Tilman Hoppstock, Andres Segovia, Angel Romero, Marco Tamayo, Roman Viazovskiy, Julio Cesar Oliva, Ignaz Friedman, Alfred Cortot, Edna Golandsky, Maria João Pires, Boris Berezovsky, Valentina Lisitsa, Marc-André Hamelin, Bud Powell, Maxim Vengerov, Hilary Hahn, Victoria Mullova, Mark Laita, Ivo Pogorelich, Vladimir Horowitz, Ignaz Friedman, Alfred Cortot, Jorge Bolet, Claudio Arrau, Gyorgy Cziffra, Josef Lhévinne, Leopold Godowsky, Josef Hofmann, Matti Raekallio, Ketil Haugsand, Daniel Barenboim, Emil Gilels, Artur Rubinstein, Rosalyn Tureck, Glenn Gould, Dennis Chambers, Chad Smith, Vinnie Paul Abbott, Rex Brown, Philip Anselmo, Virgil Donati, Mike Mangini, Robert Sweet, Steve Asheim, Nick Menza, Dave Weckl, Frost, Gaahl, Billy Sheehan, Jaco Pastorius, Fred Boswell Jr., Jacob Collier, Jesus Molina, Art Tatum, Gustav Leonhardt, Lance Bosman, Ida Haendel, Rodney Friend, Miles Davis, Jim Hall, Alfred Brendel, András Schiff, Ben Webster, Leslie Howard, Jerome Rose, Heinrich Neuhaus, Thelonious Monk, Sanel Redzic, Rudolf Koelman, Arthur Grumiaux, Janine Jansen, Seymour Bernstein, Rebecca Penneys, Drew Henderson, Bokyung Byun, Eric Martin, David Husvik, Marty Blackwelder, Paco de Lucía, Sandi Patty, Josef Lhevinne, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Luciano Pavarotti, Oscar Peterson, Steve Gadd, Phillip Houghton, Pat Martino, Barry Harris, Olli Mustonen, Elina Mustonen, Jerome Rose, Leland Sklar, Barry Harris, Shunsuke Sato, Ruth Slenczynska, Daniil Trifonov..
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Early Performance Practice
Digital Schmigital, Effects as Instruments, Music is My Religion

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vette: Hyvät kaupat, kiitos!
ajo69: Kiitos mukavista ja sujuvista kaupoista!
zanardi_7: Parasta A-ryhmää ja mukavakin vielä.😄
jalaluus: Asiantuntemusta kitarakamoista muille jaettavaksi. Sekä vielä rehti kansalainen. Kiitos paljon....
GodsOperation777: Sujuvaa ja mukavaa kaupankäyntiä, suosittelen!:)
Swagmaster: Moitteetonta kaupankäyntiä. Pro meininki. Kiitos!
MKK: Kiitos taas kaupoista ties monenko kerran :) Jaakon kanssa hommat menee kuin siellä kuuluisassa Strömsössä!
Broadcaster: Kiitos nopeista, helpoista ja mukavista kaupoista!
afilppula: Asialliset kaupat, luotettava kauppamies, kiitokset!
pseudoaction: Salamannopeaa ja erittäin mukavaa kaupantekoa! Kiitokset!
retu66: Erittäin asiantuntevaa kaupankäyntiä. Suosittelen kauppakumppaniksi !!!
250768: Suuri kiitos vaihtareista jälleen.
JonniRoos: Hyvät kaupat tehtiin, ja ja vielä perehtynyttä keskustelua kaupan päälle, kiitos!!
petrip: Oikein mukava kauppakumppani!
Samuello: Aivan huippu kauppakumppani!! :)
Urho: Asiallinen kauppakumppani!
Asteroid3834: Erittäin mukavaa ja sujuvaa kaupankäyntiä, kiitos paljon!
sjouni: Asiallista kaupantekoa.
Juho1234: Loistava kauppakaveri ja pedaaliguru! Tää mies tietää pedaaleista!
Wesgu: Kiitokset kaupoista.
thejmh: Erittäin sujuvaa ja nopeaa kaupankäyntiä!
guitarmigi: Erittäin sujuvaa kaupankäyntiä, suosittelen! Kiitokset!
Jkalla: Kiitos hyvistä vaihtarikaupoista!
Maniche: Aivan mielettömän mukava jätkä!
Prostator: Hyvin kävi kaupat, ja luottamus 100%.
GodsOperation777: Luotettava ja ripeä kauppakumppani, pedaali oli viety postiin nopeammin kuin osasin toivoa!
netmasi: Kaupankäynti sujui loistavasti, kiitoksia.
jkorjus: Vaivatonta kaupakäyntiä, jälleen kerran :)
fu: Kiitoksia kaupoista!
laitine: Mainiosti sujui kaupat :)
msm40: Nopeaa ja sujuvaa kaupantekoa, hieno mies!
reiniday: Helpot ja nopeat kaupat,asiallista toimintaa.
Joonas.H: Hyvät ja helpot kaupat asiallisesti hoidettuna!
arzka01: Nopeasti sujui kaupat, kiitoksia!
Sammo: Loistava kauppakumppani: kertaluokkaa monimutkaisempi kuvio meni maaliin mallikkaasti. Kiitos!
tuered: Luotettava, ystävällinen, asiallinen ja ripeä. Voin suositella kauppoja.
Henxeli: Hieno mies!! Mukavaa ja rehtiä kaupankäyntiä!!
tm-74: Erittäin asiallista kaupankäyntiä.
Maniche: Comrade les guitares..
Maniche: Erittäin luotettavaa ja nopeaa kaupankäyntiä! Suosittelut!
Olvix: Onnistuneet kaupat kaikin puolin. Kiitoksia paljon!
vaikeamuistaa: Todella sujuvaa kaupankäyntiä ja tulipa siinä ohessa vieläpä muutamat hyvät vinkit pedaaleihin liittyen. Kiitoksia!
Samuello: Erittäin sujuvaa kaupankäyntiä, taas. Kiitos! :)
JPL: Sujuvaa ja luotettavaa kaupankäyntiä.
kimurantti1: Nopeasti käy kaupat!
MKK: Kiitokset kaupoista ja vinkistä aivan loistavan Fuzz-Buusterin suhteen!
vale: Mukava ja asiallinen kauppakumppani! Kiitos
paakja-c: Nopeaa kaupankäyntiä ja tavara oli mitä luvattiinkin. Iso peukku!
Guitar_ Freak: Kiitos hyvin sujuneista kaupoista. Oli juuri sitä mitä pitikin. :)
Åboensis: A1 -luokan pedaalikauppaa. Käytän itse ja suosittelen.
niso.: Kiitos kaupoista! Toiminta nopeaa ja asianmukaista. Kaupan päälle sain lisäksi pitkän listan hyviä vinkkejä ja linkkejä ostamaani pedaalin liittyen
h3nq: Todella sujuvat kaupat, suosittelen! :)
Jiii: Hyvä meininki kaupoissa, sujuvaa touhua, kiitos.
jpaa: Hyvä, aktiivinen ja luotettava kauppamies. Kiitokset kaupoista.
Haz: Kiitos paljon ajasta ja pedaaleista+++
Ochir: Kiitos hyvin sujuneista kaupoista!
mikalatvala: Laatutavaraa asiantuntevalta kaverilta!
WestoneW: Kiitoksia nopeista kaupoista
Gaines: Kiitokset pedaalikaupoista! Sujuvaa toimintaa, lähetyshommat kuten pitää ja kaupan kohde sitä mitä pitikin.
Kalera: Kiitos nopeista ja hyvistä kaupoista!
packman: Erinomainen kauppakumppani, 5/5!
mitja: Hyvät ja nopeat kaupat! Suosittelen!
Rockinghard777: Kiitos hyvin sujuneista kaupoista! *****
TeemuC3: Ripeät ja sujuvat kaupat, suositus!

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