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Jäsenkuvaus: Jacks (#41040)

Viim. kirjautunut:24.04.2017
Viim. aktiivinen:01.05.2017 01:44   (15min sitten)
Kuvaus:Greg Brandt Concert
- Master Luthier: Greg S. Brandt
- Serial #143 / Production Date 2005
- Built in North Hollywood, California, U.S.A.
- Highest Quality Indian Rosewood Sides & Back (Aged 50+ Years)
- Highest Quality European Spruce Top (Aged 50+ Years)
- Top Braced In a Hauser / Torres Style: 7 Fans w/ 2 "Chevron" Braces At the Bottom
- Body Air Resonance Frequency Around F to F#
- Thinly Applied Gloss Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish
- Slight Back Contour
[Neck and Fingerboard]
- Ebony Fingerboard
- Mahogany Neck
- Indian Rosewood Bridge
- Custom Bone Nut and Saddle, w/ Compensated Intonation
- 650mm Scale Length, 52mm Nut Width
- Standard Issue Nickel Silver Frets (Slightly Wider and Higher Wire Than Normal)
- Gilbert Tuners (Traditional Gold Plate w/Ebony Knobs, Abolone Dots, Black Rollers)
[Strings and Setup]
- Savarez 500CR New Cristal Corum Normal Tension (.0287 .0327 .0406 .0287 .0350 .0421)
- Standard Tuning, Normal Action
- Andreas Abel Armrest (Armauflage)
- Gitano Guitar Support
- Planet Waves Two-Way Humidification System
- Visesnut Case (Black)


Magneto Sonnet Crown
- Serial #000051 / Production Date 01-24-2011
- Entirely Handcrafted in Japan Respecting Old School Craftsmanship and Traditional Lutherie
- Fine-Tuned for Tonal Balance w/ Body and Neck Designs Called "Tone-Influent" Shapes
- All Hardware by Gotoh (Japan) Using Only the Finest Material Available
- Temperament, Intonation, Fretwork All Handcrafted, Designed w/ Respect to the Classic Guitar Tone Based On 12-Tone Equal Temperament
- Color: Black with Chrome Hardware
- Northern American Alder Body (2-Piece)
- Body Finish Hand-Rubbed Satin Nitrocellulose Lacquer (Total Thickness Does Not Exceed 0.15mm-0.18mm)
- American Hard Rock Maple Neck, Medium C Shape Neck Profile (648mm / 25.5" scale)
- Tapered Neck Heel
- Neck Finish Hand-Rubbed Satin Acrylic Urethane (Very Thin Coat)
- East Indian Rosewood Fingerboard (12-16" Custom Compound Radius)
- 22 Stainless Steel Frets, Jescar Fret Wire FW50078 (.078 x .050 / 1.98mm x 1.27mm)
- Custom Oiled Finnish Moose Shinbone Nut (Width 42mm / 1.650")
- Lollar Blackface Neck and Middle Pickups (Aged White) w/Pre-CBS 60's Strat-Style Wind, Degaussed to Typical Vintage 60s Strat Pickup Specs, Vintage Style Cloth Covered Lead Wire
- Neck Single-Coil Pickup: Lollar Vintage Blackface / 6.4K / 2.5H / Scatter Wound Wax Potted Coils / Alnico V Magnets / Flatpole, Medium Output
- Middle Single-Coil Pickup: Lollar Vintage Blackface / 6.5K / 2.63H / Scatter Wound Wax Potted Coils / Alnico V Magnets / Flatpole, Medium Output, RWRP
- Bridge Pickup: Suhr Thornbucker / PAF Humbucker / 8.9K / Alnico IV Magnets / Raw Nickel Cover / 53mm / Wax Potted / Plain Enamel Winding Wire / 4-Conductor Output Wire
- Turtoise Pickguard Fully Shielded w/ Aluminum, All Cavities Protected w/ Dottite Shielding
- Tone Cap .047uF
- 1 Master Volume, 1 Master Tone / Push-Push ("Twang-O-Pot" Combines Bridge and Neck or All Three Pickups)
- Standard 5-way CRL Pickup Switch (Made in USA), Made of Brass w/ Silver Plate and Epoxy Insulation
- Switchcraft Mono Output Jack (Made in USA), Made of Nickel-Plated Copper Alloy
- Vintage Style Cloth Wire, High Grade AWG 22 Solderable Copper Wire w/ Cotton Braid
- CTS (Chicago Telephone Supply) 250K Audio Taper Pot (Made in USA), Real Audio Taper Potentiometers w/ Max 10% Tolerance
- Wilkinson VSVG "Steel Tone" Vintage Tremolo, Made by Gotoh
- Vibrato Arm Shortened By 1cm, For Better Hand Placement
- 5-pc Raw Vintage Tremolo Springs, Made by Xotic (Note: Only 4 Springs Utilized In Setup)
- Lead-Free Cold Rolled Steel Sustain Block (String Pitch 10.8mm / String Span 54mm), Made by Gotoh
- High Precision Die-Cast Tuners (SG-360-07), Gear Ratio 14:1, Made by Gotoh
- "Rock-Solid" String Post System, Made by Gotoh
- "The Cylinder" Low Friction String Guide/Retainer, Made by Gotoh
- Magneto Standard Single Truss Rod and "Quick-Set" System Truss Rod Nut, Made by Gotoh
[Guitar Setup]
- Strings: D'Addario NYXL Strings (10-46), Tuning: Eb
- Neck Relief at 8th Fret: 0.20mm
- Action of 1st String 1st Fret: 0.40mm // 1st String 12th Fret: 1.40mm
- Action of 6th String 1st Fret: 0.45mm // 6th String 12th Fret: 1.60mm
- Neck Pickup Height: 8/64" treble side (3.17mm), 10/64" bass side (3.96mm)
- Middle Pickup Height: 7/64" treble side (2.77mm, 9/64" bass side (3.57mm)
- Bridge Pickup Height: 6/64" treble side (2.38mm), 8/64" bass side (3.17mm)
- Tremolo Set to Floating Position: G-string Up Minor Third When Pulling On Bar
- Minotaur Smooth Padded Leather Strap, 8cm Wide


Ruokangas Duke Custom Deluxe
- Serial #: 00682-2
- Master Builder: Juha Ruokangas, 2002
- Handcrafted of Spanish Cedar
- Solid, 2-piece
- Exceptionally Figured Arctic Birch Carved Top
- Tobacco Sunburst Top Color
- Thermo Treated Topwood
- Back Contour
- Gloss Polyurethane (PU) Top Finish
- Paperthin Satin Nitrocellulose Back Finish
- Special Pearl Custom Body Binding
[Neck and Fingerboard]
- Handcrafted of Spanish Cedar
- Profile: Big C
- 43mm Wide, Thickness at 1st Fret 21mm / 12th Fret 23mm
- Laminated of Three Pieces
- Maple Splines Under Headstock Veneer and Fretboard
- Ebony Headstock Veneer with Pearl Inlaid Logo
- Long Tenon Set-Neck Construction
- Ebony Fretboard with Matching Ebony Binding
- Ruokangas Custom Two-Way Adjustable Truss Rod
- Tuning System: Ruokangas Compensated Nut Position
- Finnish Moose Shinbone Nut
- Compensated 24.75 Scale Length
- Fretboard Radius: 12"
- Pearl "R" Inlay on 12th Fret, Dot Side Markers
- 22 Jumbo Frets, 18% Nickel / Silver, 2.8mm Wide, 1.4mm Tall
- Paperthin Satin Nitrocellulose Finish with Gloss Headstock Face
- Häussel Dukebucker Fusion Pickups, Matched Set
- LR Baggs T-Bridge Tune-o-Matic Piezo Bridge
[Hardware and Electronics]
- Custom Duke Wiring
- Gold Plated Hardware
- Schaller Security Strap Locks, Gold Plated
- TonePros Aluminum Bridge Stop Tailpiece, T1ZSA
- Schaller M6 Locking Tuners w/ Ebony Knobs
- Master Volume Control
- Pickup Selector: 3-Way Toggle Switch
- 2 x Tone Controls / Push-Pull Splits
- Piezo Controls: Volume / Blend, LR Baggs Piezo / Magnetic / Both Switch
- Top Quality Pots (Ruokangas Custom), Switches and Wires
- Fully Shielded Control Cavity
- Amber Pot Knobs, Black Pickup Ring, No Pickguard
[Guitar Setup]
- DR Dragon Skin Strings 010-046, Standard Tuning
- Custom Leather Strap
- Normal Action


Fuzz Board
#01 - Keeley - True Bypass Looper (Send -> #2-8 -> Return)
#02 - Analogman - Sunface TI/UK (9V, 1 mA; 2x NOS 1968 CV7003 Ge Transistors, Mil. Version of the OC44)
#03 - Analogman - Sunface NKT275 White Dot High Gain (9V, 1 mA; 2x NOS Ge Transistors)
#04 - Analogman - Sunface NKT275 White Dot Normal Gain (9V, 1 mA; 2x NOS Ge Transistors)
#05 - Chicago Iron - Octavian Plus, Serial No. 278 (9V, 10mA; Center Positive, Tip Negative; 2x CEN MPS 6519 Silicon Transistors)
#06 - Oxfuzz II - Germanium (9V, 10mA; 2x NOS Ge General Electric 2N404 Transistors)
#07 - J.Paasonen - Fuzz Booster à la Peter Lerche (9V, 10mA; Puhti Fuzz 2x AC127 and Rangemaster 1x AC127 NOS Transistors; Pre-Bass / Post-Tre Cut)
#08 - Analogman - Beano Boost (9V, 5mA; 1x NOS Ge General Electric USA 2N527 Transistor, 68/17)

Main Board
#09 - Sarno Steel Guitar Black Box Buffer (300V B+, Triple Filtered Power Supply; Power Sourced From Voodoo Lab Mondo Courtesy AC Outlet)
#10 - Peterson - Stomp Classic Strobotuner (9V, 80mA; Used in Sarno Black Box Tuner Output)
#11 - Sweet Sound - Mojo Vibe Swirl (9V, 50mA; Vintage Setting w/ Switchable Buffer OFF)
#12 - A/DA - Flanger Reissue (18V, Voltage Controlled; NOS Panasonic MN3010 IC)
#13 - Origin Effects - Cali76 Compact Deluxe Compressor (18V, 104mA)
#14 - Majik Box - Fuzz Universe, Paul Gilbert Signature Drive/Boost (9V, 24mA; Burr Brown Opamp)
#15 - BJFe - Baby Blue Overdrive Version 1, Serial #104 (9V, 20mA)
#16 - T. Jauernig Electronics - Gristle King Version 3, OD/Boost (9V, 12mA)
#17 - Amplified Nation - Big Bloom (9V, 10mA; 2x BC548B Silicon Transistors; OPA2134PA IC)
#18 - JHS Pedals - Andy Timmons Signature Channel Drive (9V, 20mA; LM833 IC)
#19 - Lovepedal Custom Effects - Amp Eleven Overdrive/Boost, Limited Gold Edition, (9-18V, 15mA)
#20 - Analogman - King of Tone, Version 4, High Gain Red Side (9V, 10mA; Boost Side JRC458OD IC; Overdrive side XX IC)
#21 - Ibanez - Tubescreamer TS808HW, Limited Edition (9V, 10mA; Special Select JRC4558D IC's)
#22 - JHS Pedals - Morning Glory, Version 4 (9V, 20mA; LM833 IC)
#23 - T. Jauernig Electronics - Kollmanation, Drive/Boost (9V, 22mA; Drive Side All FET w/ No Diode Clipping or Opamps)
#24 - Suhr - KokoBoost Reloaded (18V, 15mA; w/ Switchable Buffer OFF)
#25 - Maxon - PH-350 Rotary Phaser, Vintage Series (9V, 41mA; 3x Hamamatsu HTV P873-G35-911 CdS Photocouplers; 5x JRC4558D IC)
#26 - Maxon - DS-830 Distortion Master, Vintage Series (9V, 8mA; Toshiba 2SC1815 Transistor)
#27 - Maxon - OD-820 Overdrive Pro, Vintage Series (9V, 19mA; 2x JRC4558D IC)
#28 - Maxon - CS-550 Stereo Chorus, Vintage Series (9V, 21mA; Panasonic MN3102 Low-Vol Clock Driver IC & MN3207 BBD IC, Controlled By MN3102)
#29 - Maxon - OD-9 Analogman Silver & 808 Mod (9V, 6mA; JRC4558D IC)
#30 - Xotic Effects - BB Preamp, 2009 Version (9V, 15mA)
#31 - Lazy J - Cruiser Deuce Booster/Overdrive, Serial #470 (9V, 20mA)
#32 - Mojo Hand FX - Rook Overdrive (9V, 8mA; Baxandall Tone Stack EQ; JRC4559D IC)
#33 - Xotic Effects - RC Booster, Artist Series, Scott Henderson Limited Edition, Copper (9V, 6mA)
#34 - Maxon - AD-999 Pro (9V, 72mA; 8x Custom Maxon MC4107D Bucket Brigade IC's)
#35 - Analogman - Buffer (9-18V, 30mA; C1815 BL4J Transistor Input Buffer w/ 510K Input Impedance; JRC4558D Opamp)


Mad Professor Old School 51RT Head
- Serial No. 001 (H140001-0215)
- Single Channel w/ Low & High gain input switch
- Built in Reverb and Tremolo (Footswitchable)
- Built in FX Loop (non-buffered)
- Preamp Tubes: 5 x ECC83/12AX7
- Valve 1: 1st and 2nd Gain stages (Tube: NOS Telefunken Smooth Plate ECC83, B9208501; Made in Berlin, May 29, 1968)
- Valve 2: 3rd Gain stage, Tone Stack Driver (Tube: NOS Mullard Short Plate ECC83, I63 B5L1; Made in Blackburn, 1st Week of December, 1965)
- Valve 3: Tone Stack Recovery, FX Loop Send Stage (Tube: PM; Second Triode Not Used)
- Valve 4: FX Loop Return Stage, Phase Inverter Driver (Tube: PM)
- Valve 5: Phase Inverter (Tube: PM)
- Poweramp Tubes: 2 x EL34 (NOS Philips/Mullard XF2 B9F4, w/ Single Ring Getters, Dark Brown Base; Made in Blackburn, 4th Week of June, 1969)
- Output Power: 51 Watts
- Bias @ 25mA
- Power Consumption: Max 100 VA
- Weight: 17.5 kg
- Measurements: 61 x 26 x 28 cm

Mad Professor 2x12 Cabinet
- Serial No. 120026-1113
- Half Open and Half Closed Back Hybrid Cab
- Speakers: 2 x Celestion 12" G12M Creamback 65 (16 ohms)
- 2 x Weber 12" Beam Blocker High Frequency Diffusers
- Impedance: 8 ohms
- Power Rating: 130 Watts
- Measurements (cm): 67 x 28 x 46
- Weight: 23.1 kg
- Designed in Finland, Made in England


Alternate Board (for Piezo)
#36 - Fuchs - Plush Tube FX Loop Pedal Buffer (9V, 300mA)
#37 - TC Electronic - Ditto Looper (9V, 90mA)


Fender Blues Junior III, 15W 1x12 Combo
- 1 Channel
- Speaker: Fender Special Design by Eminence
- Impedance: 8 ohms
- Preamp tubes: 3 x 12AX7
- Poweramp Tubes 2 x EL84
- Spring Reverb
- Controls: Volume, Reverb, Master, Middle, Bass, Treble and FAT Switch
- Dimensions (cm): 41 x 46 x 23
- Weight: 14.1 kg
w/ BillM Mods:
- Bias
- Twinstack Mod
- Sparkle Control (Drilled External Knob)
- Output: 20 Watts, TO20B Output Transformer
- External Out Jack for 8ohm Cab (Becomes 4ohm When Plugged In)


- Evidence Audio - "The Lyric HG" Signal Cables
- Evidence Audio - "The Siren II" Speaker Cables

Custom Pedalboards (Fuzz Board, Main Pedalboard, FX Loop Board)
- Mainboard (129cm x 39cm) w/ Aluminum Corner Guards
- Super Funky Hi-Gloss Silver and Blue Hyperplaid Holoraphic Surface w/ LuckyLicks Logo
- Voodoo Lab Mondo Pedal Power Supply Set On Removable Riser
- Evidence Audio SIS Plugs and MonoRail Signal Cable
- Voodoo Lab Power Cables, 'PPAV' Output Splitter Adapers and 'PPAY' Voltage Doubler Adapters
- 3M Dual Lock (SJ3560)
- Special Removable Aluminum Corner Guards w/ Super Bright Color-Led Strips (0.9cm x 100cm) For Definite Overkill Effect
- Custom Transit Case Made in Finland (134cm x 45cm x 17cm)
- All Fuzz Pedals Operate w/ Carbon-Zinc Batteries

Other Essentials
- GHS Gorgomyte
- Rene Martinez GraphitALL Guitar Lube
- V-Pick "Tradition" (2.75mm)
- Wegen Picks "Big City" (1.8mm)
- Chicken Picks - "The Shredder" (3.5mm)
- Dr. Duck's Ax Wax & String Lube

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