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Keikka: 08.12.2012 - Moonraker (EST)

Päivämäärä:la 08.12.2012
Esiintyjät:Moonraker (EST)

Mind Of Doll

Paikka:Vantaa, Bar Lafka (Tikkurila)
Lisätietoja:MIND OF DOLL

Visa Heinonen - Vocals
Sakari Virta - Lead Guitar
Erik Lundén - Guitar
Ide Miettinen - Bass
Ville Muru - Drums

Mind of Doll released two demos and the Bad Habits Are Golden – EP in the year 2003. The band kept themselves busy, taking over live audiences with over a 100 gigs and received a lot of positive response for their tight and entertaini
ng live performances.

Tuhma Records released the debut album titled LOW LIFE HEROES in late 2007, which resulted as a promising year 2008. Mind Of Doll conquered stages in Finland but also in other countries, e.g. as a supporting act for Sebastian Bach in Tallinn Estonia and tours in Italy (2008) and a year later in Germany.

The successor of the debut album is now done. The album was recorded and mixed by Aaro Seppovaara at Moonman Studio in Helsinki Finland during 2011 and early 2012. Mind of Doll sounds more versatile and better than ever, yet has managed to maintain their undisputed attitude. The forthcoming album consists a bunch of good old rock n` roll songs with a modern twist to them. The next natural step is to break through to the recognition of the masses.


Albert - Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Urmas - Drums
Henku - Bass & Sound
Lou - Piano, Vocals & Harmonica

Moonraker came together last year with their finalized line up after about 6 months of mixing and matching. Now taking Tartu and the rest of Estonia by storm this ramshackle band of Rock & Roll outlaws combine musical integrity, true grit and a no nonsense attitude to sublime effect.

The ultimate showmen, the deepest, darkest, dirties most down right Rock & Roll band to emerge in recent history, Moonraker's journey has only just begun!

KLO 21-03

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