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Keikka: 30.05.2012 - Straktobeam

Päivämäärä:ke 30.05.2012
Paikka:Helsinki, Mbar
Lisätietoja:pectral Wednesdays w/ Straktobeam LIVE hosting Telluksen Seireenit djs Tytti & Megatron with guest dj Filmari (New Vibrations) - 30.05.2012 - 19-02 - mbar terrace

Spectral Wednesdays presents new futuristic sounds; Spectral brings to mbar terrace a fresh finninsh twist on spaced in disco & synthetisizer symphonies.

Straktobeam and it's 8 synthezisers fuse analogical and digital sounds, creating a cosmic atmosphere that reminds you of the hazards of space as well as the good old 8-bit world from the past. It's electronic game space music.

------------- - - -

with their own words:

Greetings, adventurers! It has been a good year for STRAKTOBEAM, one of the capital city area's MOST hyped elektro-bands.
Many interesting venues, both on Terra and in near-orbit zones, have been honored to act as landing zones for the synthesizer-quintet and their pumpy "cosmopop" as the band takes a step after step towards their ultimate goal: THE WORLD DOMINATION.
And as the summer is closing on us, it truly is time to celebrate the two MOST IMPORTANT events of the year: The cancelled Mayan End of the World 2012 AND the release of STRAKTOBEAMs first EP!
This all happens on May 30th @ MBar, as Spectral Wednesdays hosts the STRAKTOBEAM: EP release EXTRACOSMOGAVANZA!
Be welcomed to see, to listen and to be enlightened!

---------- - - -

Our guest dj is the host from the New Vibrations show at Basso. Dj Filmari delivers african boogie and lover's rock, as his keen ambition is to get the audience catch the warm feeling of positive vibrations, new vibrations!

Djs Tellukse Seireenit (Sirens of Planet Tellus) Tytti & Megatron will select you electronic music from the era 78-2012 - Old classics, new oddities with a taste of scandinavian influences.

Spectral Wednesdays is an evening of electronic music and friendly athmosphere.
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