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Keikka: 29.03.2012 - HERD

Päivämäärä:to 29.03.2012
Paikka:Helsinki, Koko Jazz Club
29.3.2012 21:00
Koko Jazz Club

Panu Savolainen, vibraphone
Mikko Pellinen, bass
Tuomas Timonen, drums

HERD is a fresh jazz trio of vibraphone, double bass and drums. Hailing from Helsinki, Finland, the combo ranks among the most potent of the new breed of forward-thinking jazz ensembles. The band has already gained both domestic and international acclaim thanks to their successful debut album "HERD Live!!", and their energetic stage presence. In July 2011, HERD was awarded the first prize at the prestigious "European Jazz Competition" at Holland's North Sea Jazz Festival.

Founded in 2009, HERD consists of Panu Savolainen (vibes), Mikko Pellinen (bass) and Tuomas Timonen (drums). Their no-nonsense swing is matched by canny songwriting, attention to detail, plus a knack at intense peer and audience interaction. At the core of the HERD sound is the dynamic growth of the band's compositions, especially on stage. This has been proved time and again at all major Finnish jazz festivals, including Finland's premiere annual jazz gathering, the Pori Jazz Festival, where HERD hosted the Café Jazz jam sessions in 2010 to great success. Savolainen was also selected as the "Artist of the Year" by the festival the same year.

Additional live glories of the young band thus far include securing a highly sought-after slot at the Finnish Jazz Federation's touring circuit which also led to the recording of the "HERD LIve!!" album, participating at the Young Nordic Jazz Comets competition in 2009, recording studio sessions for the National Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE's Jazz Radio and Helsinki's Bassoradio FM, and performing at the Grand Opening of the recently initiated Helsinki Music Centre, broadcasted live nationwide. Whether a concert hall or a small club, HERD is proven to be right at home on stage.

With instrumental skills, vision and ability to make things happen, HERD is a young jazz act with considerable mileage.

"HERD's ability to yield magic from interaction is up to par with the best of the jazz trio tradition. They are more than the sum of their parts."
- Jukka Hauru / Helsingin Sanomat newspaper, March 2011.

"The solid compositional touch combined with their light chamber-esque swing will no doubt provide HERD with a herd of fans from all generations of music lovers."
- Pentti Ronkanen / Keskisuomalainen newspaper, Oct 2011.

Photo by Olli Sulin.

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