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Keikka: 27.01.2012 - Mind Of Doll

Päivämäärä:pe 27.01.2012
Esiintyjä:Mind Of Doll
Paikka:Vantaa, Bar Lafka (Tikkurila)
Lisätietoja:Tikkurilassa räjähtää, kun Mind Of Doll ottaa haltuunsa LAFKAN !
Pitkään odotettu keikka vihdoinkin Tikkurilassa.
Keikalla myös Shiraz Lane!

Rock/ Glam/ Metal

Mind of Doll was formed by 4 dudes from Vantaa, for being the alternative to kicking walls and pissing into corners. You can smell the stuffiness of rock clubs just by looking at the Doll’s attitude, in the background you can hear echoes of some growling and howling alley cats and stray dogs, but it all will be mercilessly run over by the evilish Rock’n’Roll roaming of the Dolls. Low life heroes are back!
After forming Mind of Doll in Finnish Vantaa during year 2000, the band has created their own path, chin up and bowing to no one. Wonder if Rock’n’Roll has been sucked from mommy..s breast milk early on, or had they added that stuff to Vantaa..s drinking water, but founding members Visa (vocals, guitar), Sakke, (guitar), Daisy (drums) and Öre (bass) neither needed any supporting lessons for Rock attitude nor for creating highly addictive rock rallies. The next natural step is to punch thru to the recognition of the masses, so that everybody can enjoy this piece of sweetness, and not only the pioneers and elitists who already dig it…
In Finland Mind of Doll released two indie singles and the Bad Habits Are Golden – EP in the year 2003. They took no time off rocking and were busy taking over live audiences in more than 100 gigs. Mind of Doll received a lot of positive response for their tight and entertaining live performances, where the eye candy is present, as it..s supposed to be, and not only the sound scheme. From Doll’s gigs you go home hammering your fist in the air with a devilish grin/smile on your face.
Tuhma Records was wise enough and signed the Dolls off from the free market in early 2007. LOW LIFE HEROES, the steamrollin.. rockers.. fire-starting debut CD, was released in Finland November 28, 2007.
In 2008 began as a promising year, Mind Of Doll conquered stages, e.g. as support for Sebastian Bach, and contacts beyond Finnish borders could be established. Yet success also spurred problems – Daisy and Öre left the band because of personal respectively familial reasons.
But now Mind of Doll are back, with new drummer Ville and Ide on bass – just in time to save the darkening evenings.
By November 7, 2008, LOW LIFE HEROES can be found in the shelves of every self-respecting music store in Germany and most European countries.
Put your feet on your loudspeakers, because that will be THE position when winter comes. Now it..s up to Mind of Doll to show what they are made of. Rock hasn’t been performed in this kind of stylish manner, in Finland, since Hanoi Rocks!

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