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Keikka: 28.02.2015 - Crib45

Päivämäärä:la 28.02.2015

Pressure Points
Red Moon Architect

Paikka:Helsinki, Bar Bäkkäri
Following a lengthy break the Finnish progressive metal band Pressure Points has released a new single from their upcoming second album False Lights. The song ‘Dance Of Coincidence’ is the first release since 2010 when their critically acclaimed debut album Remorses To Remember was published.

In the past two years the band has been writing and recording their second album, resulting in a mature, well-arranged entity, of which the new single provides an example.

The release date of the album is yet to be confirmed, but new material is expected to see daylight in 2015.

The band is ready to hit the stages again. The first gig marking the beginning of a new era will be performed at Bar Bäkkäri aka. Backstage Bar in Helsinki, Finland on Saturday, February 28th, 2015. They will be performing songs from both albums.

You can buy ‘Dance Of Coincidence’ from iTunes or Google Play or stream it from Spotify or Deezer.

Google Play:

Red Moon Architect is a melodic doom metal band originating from Finland’s gloomiest town Kouvola. Red Moon Architect combines doom metal’s slow tempos, low grunts and strong guitars with beautiful melodies and female vocals in a way that appeals to metal audiences beyond traditional genre boundaries. The band is releasing their second album in March 2015.

Crib45 was founded in early 2002 and along the way the music started to change into more and more darker and crushing direction until finally becoming what is today. Band’s music has been described as “slow and really heavy, just like the actor John Candy” and as a “soundtrack to your suicide”, but in a positive manner.

In their music Crib45 aims to combine crushing metal parts to calming and soothing interludes that stretches beyond genres.

Tickets: 3¤
Doors: 22.00

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