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Jäsenkuvaus: Amoth (#63249)

Viim. kirjautunut:22.05.2018
Viim. aktiivinen:22.05.2018 17:04   (4h ja 8min sitten)
Kuvaus:Amoth is back with a vengeance! With new singer Tomi Kurtti and new album on the way they are taking things to a new level! What is Amoth you ask? Amoth is Helsinki (Finland) based progressive metal band. Their music shouldn't be labelled though, but progressive metal is the closest bet. The band combines influences from traditional heavy metal, progressive metal, thrash and even jazz alongside classical music to their songs. So anything can happen in an Amoth song; it can be thrash, it can be traditional heavy metal and then suddenly take turn to latin or jazz based grooves and chord progressions. "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law" so to speak.

The debut album "Crossing Over" got great reviews around the globe. One common factor among critics was the "uniqueness" and "own sound" of Amoth's music, which is certainly true. This band can't directly be compared to any other band. The same goes with the lyrical content of the band; "their lyrics avoid the cliché of dragons, steel and even beer." as one of the reviewers said. At the time of writing this their second full length album is about half way done! It should be out during 2014! You'll never know what to expect from these guys so stay tuned and in the meantime check out Amoth YouTube channel for "making of" videos from studio and other stuff too!

Amoth line-up:

Tomi Kurtti - vocals
Tomi Ihanamäki - guitars
Anne Latva-Somppi - bass
Oskari Viljanen - drums

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22.05.2018 Kovalle laulajalle paikka Amoth:issa!

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