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Jäsenkuvaus: champagne (#48989)

Viim. kirjautunut:10.05.2014
Viim. aktiivinen:10.05.2014 10:28   (6vuotta, 138vrk, 12h, ja 53min sitten)
Kuvaus:Helsinki based Canadian-Finnish music producer aliasCX, perhaps better known as Champagne is no newb to the world of electronic music.

The world of hiphop pretty much opened up to me round about 1987, as a teenager growing up in Vancouver. Names such as NWA, Eazy-E, Public Enemy, Too Short, Ice-T, LL Cool J, Original Concept and Maestro Fresh-Wes all speak to me from those days. Their music had a strong hold on me and would lay down the foundations for my musical journey ahead, says Christian

A chance move to Helsinki, Finland in late 1990 would expose him to new elements. A European urban sound: Rave, Hardcore, Ragga, and yesJungle, an original, innovative UK phenomenon born out of London which truly challenged technology in creating sounds and combining hip-hop breakbeats with reggae to create a brand new kind of music in true London style.

With frequent trips back and forth to Londons Soho district, Christian began building his vinyl collection, absorbing in all these new genres and gaining a love and respect for the London sound. In 1994 CX purchased his first sampler, an EPS 16 running Cubase and started experimenting. The great thing about sampling back in the day was that, even with no prior musical knowledge but a good ear, patience, dedication, and hours on end of trying different things, at some point magic would happen.

Experimenting with Hiphop, Tekno, Jungle eventually led Christian to find his niche in what we now know as drum n bass. In 2001 Christian secured his first vinyl release on Londons Vibez Recordings 5 Elements LP under his Champagne moniker and things took off from there. More releases followed on UK based labels such as Nu Urban music, Pivotal Entertainment, LTJ Bukems Good Looking imprint, Blindside Recordings, FF Recordings, Midnight Sun Recordings and more recently on his own label Bonafide Recordings. Christian has also produced hiphop to drum n bass remixes for the likes of Public Enemy, Tijana Bass and Arrested Development.

Aside from heavy drum n bass production for near on the past decade, a change was needed. The newly reconstructed aliasCX is hittin hard bringin the heat on the urban downtempo tip with hip hop, dub hop and various cinematic fusions. You can only push a certain sound/genre so far until its completely rinsed out, why beat a dead horse! New challenges in music are always healthy so its nice to try something new says Christian.

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