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Jäsenkuvaus: Tommy G (#205272)

Viim. kirjautunut:03.05.2019
Viim. aktiivinen:03.05.2019 12:48   (52vrk, 16h ja 29min sitten)
Kuvaus:Hi! My name is Tommy.
I'm an optimistic full-time multi-instrumentalist from Holland via the world with preference to rhythm and lead Guitar, singing lead vocals and harmony vocals and well versed on Drums, Bass, production and Live shows.

I'm a singer-songwriter looking for multi-genre, fun and upbeat musical collaboration with musicians in Helsinki and surrounding area. But, not limited to other parts of Finland or international collaborations.
Ideally Drummer, Bass, Guitar, Keys and sampler. Must be driven and fun personality. With strong preference of being able to sing harmonies.

I just got back from nine years in the US where I was full-time musician and became songwriter due to all the crazy inhumane stuff happening there and everywhere in the world. I'm also really passionate about the plastic problem the world has today. I help produce Benefit Concerts there still even though I'm in Finland now.

I write about all kinds of subjects in English and Spanish mostly. Recording a Spanish smooth sing-along rock track as we speak or I would give you a link.

I would like to continue a collaboration with my band Bart's Brother here in Finland and take it on the festival tours around Europe first.

Genres I offer as a "muso" are Funk, Jazz, Gospel, Spanish, Rock, some Classical, acoustic, HipHop, Soul, R&B, Reggae, African styles and Pop, and overall fun catchy hooks and where people are taken in by and what makes people dance and have a great experience with. :)

I love jamming and we would need to be able to do that in rehearsals and on live stages. Basically, Rock out openly.

I would like to tour Europe but also think it would be a great opportunity to use my or our connections in the US and Asia and more.

I have a family and they are very understanding for the love I have for music and if you have a family too we would have to be very understanding of our situations, naturally. We don't have to force anything.

The aim is original fun music. But not to be shy of fun covers when we need them :)

Some links of my work:

A Funk band I use to be in in the US:
Me in the back left with the red hat and guitar while dancing haha! :

This track was written for an African American guy shot in the back by a police man 3 minutes away from my house. Reggae Jazzy vibe:

A song written for a TV placement and became our single:

This track is kinda Space Rock ish, the vocals remind me a bit of Sting. (Sting would be like: yeah whatever, dude.. :)

I want to create something special for the people. And also for ourselves. Life is for it to be great. Let's go on a cool ass journey together. Let's Rock it out now we have been given the opportunity during this special time in history.

Let's meet, let's talk, have a coffee or beer, connect, Jam, rehearse, Record cool music, play cool ass shows and become friends while we are at it! :)

Please, email me at:
and we can share numbers and take it from there.


Have a great day!
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And if can't be solved, worry is of no use."
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