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Jäsenkuvaus: HON (#199377)

Viim. kirjautunut:07.10.2019
Viim. aktiivinen:07.10.2019 07:43   (66vrk, 10h ja 10min sitten)
Kuvaus:Musicians of Helsinki! I need your help. I've written some songs (just with acoustic guitar so far). Unfortunately I am really bad in playing guitar. I think they could work out in many different music styles. My wish would be to go in a reggae-ska-punk direction (like sublime/no doubt in good old times) but I am also open to other music styles. I guess they could also work out as pop/rock songs and definately they work as acoustic songs. Most of them are ballads and sad, so if you're more into happy music, this project might be not quite the right one for you :)
Unfortunately I don't have a rehearsalroom. Would be nice to find people here to realize the project. I would like to record the songs and perform them, but as I said, my guitar skills are way too bad.
Write a message if you wanna know more..

You can write in finnish, I talk nearly fluently finnish, I just wrote this text rather in english, 'cause my finnish writing makes everyone laugh :)

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