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Jäsenkuvaus: anamariapopaofficial (#175408)

Viim. kirjautunut:03.11.2015
Viim. aktiivinen:03.11.2015 23:04   (6vuotta, 239vrk, 1h, ja 1min sitten)
Kuvaus:Anamaria Popa is romanian based, talented singer and songwriter.


Anamaria was born in Petrosani, Romania. She has been interested about singing and performing since she was a young girl. Anamaria started to sing when she was 11 years old in the biggest singing contest in Romania and she also managed to win many appreciated prizes, like in Mamaia Festival.

She has been always strong minded and she has had sense of direction in her career. In 2001 she was founded to romanian band called Perpetuum as a lead singer.

Anamaria has been doing cooperation with many wellknown and appreciated music-, entertainment-, and media personalities, like a movie producer Andrew Stear. Mr. Stear also produced album for Perpetuum Band, where Anamaria is lead singer.

She has been performing in hundreds of big events,like Mutua Madrid Open Tennis event. Festivals, like in Mamaia Festival. Tv-shows, like popular romanian tv-programs Un Show Pacatos and Late Night Show. She has also been performing in cruise lines in scandinavia, like Viking Line doing shows and singing with her band as a house band etc. Anamaria was part of Night Lights project performing pop-jazz-style music in many wellknown clubs and venues.

Anamaria Popa has also appeared in tribute album for Jimi Hendrix and performed the name role in Evita musical in Arcub music hall in Bucharest.

She is multitalented artist in many music styles, but passionated mostly in to pop- and pop-jazz-music.

In the future Anamaria wants to develop herself as an artist and perform internationally in big venues doing cooperation with high professionals.

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