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16.01.2024: Jimi Bridgend

This is called Project: Escape and it has already begun.

You will hear new music every month which is experimental and has flavors from Soul,Disco,Pop,Rock and Funk music.

So Dont be scared just step into my dark and moody world where you can dance the night away.
If you love 60-90s music you will love the sound Ive created.
This is an experience you can see,hear,feel,taste and even smell.

You can hear my previous and upcoming work from my Spotify.

If you wanna see my world check out my instagram or YouTube

Kirjoittanut JimiBridgend 16.01.2024

            676×733  -  57 kt.

828×1050  -  224 kt.

828×860  -  50 kt.


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