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15.05.2003: Out here somewhere...

I'm sitting here in a school in Holland with a pretty young lady. And I'm thinking to myself, what's this? Am I in the right place? We'll be playing soon. We'll be releasing in a few weeks, and I'm here, far from it all.

I've been writing music alot, but it's not the same. I listen to the guys on CD...but it doesn't do the trick.

Then it hit me. I'm an artist. A preformer. And I belong with my band. I belong on the stage.

So here I am. Focused. On one thing and one thing only. Com the 28th of May, when I get on to that stage, I will show everyone what I mean. I will show everyone...

...The Duke of GoodFeel!

Kirjoittanut vince 15.05.2003


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