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Muuta: Anyone interested in making real progress on the Guitar?
Lisätty: 11.06.2024
Voimassa: 07.12.2024
Ilmoittaja: superkickassman (#180240)Lähetä pikaviesti »

Get all the tools you need to achieve your goals,feel inspired and play fearlessly!
Whatever style you want to play, I will help you "get it" :
Rock and Metal :(Hendrix, Gary Moore, Gilmour,Paul Gilbert, Randy Rhoads, Dimebag, Zakk Wylde and all the great Shredders like Vai, Satriani or Petrucci)
Vidéo links as Examples :
My transcription and rendition of Joe Satriani 's Teardrops with Tabs
Joe Satriani Sahara with Tabs
Steve Vai Little pretty with Tabs :
I use a lot of backing tracks to illustrate my lessons and if I don't have already the one of the song you want to play, I will make it myself, like I did with this one
Joe Satriani 1980 Backing track:
Lessons are in my home studio in Konala Helsinki
Each student get to play on a line 6 Helix and record on Cubase pro 12!

1 hour lesson only 30 ¤

2 hours lesson only 50 ¤

Here's a few more link to my YouTube channel if you want to check me out :
From the movie “The deer hunter”
Cavatina for electric guitar (with backing track)
Bach sonata n1 presto, (only version in the world based on the violin transcription.. So an octave higher) with Free tabs!
D harmonic minor scale metal backing track
And the progressive lesson of all the positions of that D harmonic minor scale for you to shred the hell of this backing track with!
And as a bonus for muusikoiden members interested in sweeping, here is an example of a lesson with yours truly, teaching a simple pattern and starting at a very manageable tempo..
Have fun! 😊🎸🎵🎶

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