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Muuta: Wanna play 5-10 bpm faster TODAY? (click here)
Lisätty: 15.05.2024
Voimassa: 10.11.2024
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Try this:

Pick a guitar lick or exercise or part of a solo or whatever, that you want to get faster with.

Make it no longer than 2 measures.

Find out your top speed that you can play this item with.

Now cut the metronome tempo in half and prime yourself to play the lick at half speed so that when you turn off the metronome in a moment, you know how slow half speed really is.

When you know how slow half speed for this item is, do this routine a few times:

Play the lick 4x without stopping in between on half speed, focusing only on the left hand, then right hand, then left hand then right hand and then:

Immediately jump to your topspeed + 5 bpm.

So if you played at 100 bpm topspeed, practice 4x on 50 bpm and then play at 105 bpm.

If that worked well for you and you want more...

Registrations for the 6-week-shred-bootcamp on the Guitaristy App are now open: and if you manage to double up your guitar speed in those 6 weeks you will win a cash prize of 100¤!

"BUT DOUBLING UP IS NEAR IMPOSSIBLE!"... It's meant to be challenging.

In the very least you'll have gained irreplaceable practicing skills that let you improve anything you will ever come across.

So, let's get started!

More info here: (requires registration)

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