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Muuta: Needing lyrics?
Lisätty: 18.09.2023
Voimassa: 31.12.2023
Ilmoittaja: Destiny Smith (#228006)Lähetä pikaviesti »
Do you need someone to write the English lyrics to your songs,
Or perhaps just help with finishing your own texts?

I'm a free time writer and poet from Espoo who has self-published six poetry collections. My native language is Finnish, but I've been writing in English for around 15 years.

My poetry is often quite dark in tone and about subjects such as psychology, philosophy and death. However, I can also write lighter stuff for your music if need be. Melancholy with a spark of hope is my strongest suit, I would say, and I also love to celebrate the beautiful things in life. Here's an example of my lyrics:
I can also show you more of my texts if you want.

I think my writing style works best with rock music, but I'm up for trying out pretty much any genre. You can send me the melody of a song to which I then write the lyrics, or you can give me a topic/theme that you want me to write about and I'll write it for you to compose. I can also help you out with wording, rhyming, story-building, etc. if you are having trouble with your own texts.

I'm not asking for any separate fee for my work, only to be mentioned as the lyricist/co-writer and to receive the lyricist's percentages of the Teosto payments if/when the song produces any.

Email me or send me a private message and we'll discuss more! :)

Kiinnostus: Harrastelija
Soittokokemus orkestereissa: Ei kokemusta
Osasto: Muut
Paikkakunta: Espoo (Etelä-Suomen lääni)

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