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Muusikko hakee: Looking for band/bandmates
Lisätty: 07.01.2023
Voimassa: 05.07.2023
Ilmoittaja: Randomusician (#229773)Lähetä pikaviesti »

I'm 17 (turning 18 in 2 months) multi instrumentalist from Poland. I moved to Finland couple months ago so I do not speak finnish yet, I'm learning it, but it will take a while before I'll be able to communicate in it.

I have couple years of experience in playing drums, bass and guitar. I played in couple bands and I also have some stage experience as drummer, bassist and guitarist.

I'm looking for a band, or people to form a band with. Drums are my main instrument but I'm ready to handle being bassist or eventually guitarist as well. I'm mostly into alternative rock, Indie rock alternative metal or punk rock but I'm also open for other genres.

It would be great if you live in Tampere or near to it but if you are from different city, you can also contact me, maybe we will find solution for that.

My only requirements are English language and also it would be good if we were quite similar age so if you are between 13/14 - 25 years old, it would be perfect.

If you play any instrument, you sing, or you are looking for instrumentalist for your band, please don't hesitate to contact me, ask for more details or anything, maybe we are right people for each other and we will feel the ''chemistry'' together.
We can discuss everything, while message doesn't oblige you to play with me if you will think it's not for you, so don't be afraid to get in touch with me, in worst case things will just not work.

Here are places you can contact me:
Instagram: 2__patryk_345lpl
Snapchat: paa_tryk218
Whatsapp: +358 40 5542670
Or message here


Kiinnostus: Puoliammattilainen
Soittokokemus orkestereissa: Yli kaksi vuotta
Ikä: 14 - 25
Osasto: Kitaristit
Paikkakunta: Tampere (Länsi-Suomen lääni)
Puhelin: +358405542670

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