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Muuta: "Why is guitar so god damn hard?!"
Lisätty: 10.07.2021
Voimassa: 02.09.2021
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If you often think the above from time to time when you pick up the guitar, today is your lucky day!


Because it is my job to help people like you who want to play guitar like their idols but always feel like they are missing something to reach this level...

Some secret method or a mysterious power of the universe to become a great guitar player...

Believe it or not. Most of my students haven't touched a guitar in years and some have NEVER EVEN PICKED UP a guitar to try to play and they come to me because they feel confident that I can help them have the guitar revelations they were always looking for.

If you want, I can help you become the next guitarist I help with the following things:

- learn how to REALLY (not just "kinda...") play your favourite songs

- discover modern practicing techniques that nobody ever told you about

- progress constantly and reliably towards your vision of yourself as a guitar player so that you can revive the long lost thrill of playing guitar again

- learn to play the music that is IN YOUR HEAD and INSTANTLY without guesswork so that you never have to feel ashamed or afraid anymore of playing in front of other people

- have a supporting hand along ALL OF THE WAY so that you can finally practice with the peace of mind, knowing you WILL get better

This will not be cheap.

But... if you think the pride you will experience is worth it, you can learn how to do that by visiting my website and get in touch with me here:

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