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Orkesteri hakee: Drummer and bassist wanted.
Lisätty: 01.05.2021
Voimassa: 27.10.2021
Ilmoittaja: AndyLopez96 (#183816)Lähetä pikaviesti »

Moro. My name is Andy Lopez (24) and my friend (band member) is Matt Schreck (26). We speak finish and swedish, but will write this in english because the majority speaks english. So, first of all, our bands name is Aylem, we have had it for 9 years and have written over 25 songs ready to go and more to come.
Right now, we are recording our first album in our own studio, and the album "City of Nightmares" has 9 songs. (Release date, middle of Juli)
The thing is, I really doubt you will ever find 2 people who are more commited to music, than us. So if you want to take this as seriously as we do, then you are at the right place. We are ready to go on tour, we have contacts, start small but aim to go big, the only problem is that we don't have a full band.
So requirements is basically and obviously, that you can play your instrument more than just "good", that you have your own instruments and everything you need. Being friendly and creative is always a good thing. That if this takes a good turn, you are ready to take it and just achieve a bigger goal than others don't have.
We have rehersals once a week, and if you have questions and want to know more, feel free to call me or text and will answer to anything.
(I can send demos of our first album)

Kiinnostus: Puoliammattilainen
Soittokokemus orkestereissa: Ei kokemusta
Ikä: 20-30
Osasto: Rumpalit
Paikkakunta: Hanko (Etelä-Suomen lääni)
Puhelin: 0452709696

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