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Muuta: Dear YouTube: How to write songs?
Lisätty: 07.01.2021
Voimassa: 07.02.2021
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If you ever made a serious attempt to write a simple song but you were lacking ideas or a plan how to proceed, you probably at some point consulted everybody’s favourite teacher and real-education-avoidance “YouTube” and asked him “how to write songs?”

And if not… And I encourage you to try it too and see if you get any wiser afterwards :)

I tried this, many years ago.

Spoiler alert: it did not make me a better songwriter.

After all, becoming a great songwriter takes a lot of hard work and endless amount of music theory studies, right?

And let’s not forget the dream killer for every person who wants to write their own songs:

NATURAL TALENT – Dun dun duuuuu.

Because either you know how to write songs or you don’t and you’re doomed forever, right?



I myself am quite a good counter example of this. When I tried my first steps in songwriting I had ZERO clue on how to approach my songs.

I stole ideas and tried to make them my own.

I randomly put together notes by a huge amount of trial and error.

Big enough that if you combined all the random notes and stack them up on top of each other it would exceed the Tampere Torni.

While this is a legit way to learn and it certainly has given me some experience, there are much better ways.

One for example:

Asking experienced songwriting TEACHERS for help.

Yes, you read that correctly. There are songwriting teachers.

And songwriting CAN be taught.

Go to read every word on that page and hear what my students produced during the last time I ran this project and to apply for a spot!

Your’s truly,

Michael ‘Miika’ Korte – Creativity and Guitar Soloing Master Teacher

Kitaristi Tampere

Fix years of wasted guitar practice time

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