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Muuta: Free live recording and video
Lisätty: 21.11.2020
Voimassa: 06.03.2021
Ilmoittaja: Noogard (#185920)Lähetä pikaviesti »

I'm a sound guy, more than 10 years in business, have good references and I need a band to record. For free.
One band, one song, one take.
It will be recorded LIVE, and shot on multiple cams.
If you have your own rehearsal space, I can brought my gear there, or if you can suggest some nice place, or I have a place to record, so you can come there.

What kind of band I'm looking for? Well, the music you can't hear on regular Finnish radio. So something not ordinary, not radio format. Rough list:

Classical - YES
Electric dance pop - YES
Finnish folk - NO
Funk - YES
Hard rock - NO NO NO
Indie - YES
Interesting covers - YES
Jazz - YES
Lounge - NO
Metal -NO. Any kind. Any. No.
National music other than Finnish folk - YES
Punk - NO. Any kind, except some acoustic mid west
Rap - YES
Shoegaze - YES
Sludge / Doom - NO
Suomi rock - NO

If you are interested in, text me via email, or whatsup message. You can offer few songs, and we can choose one together, or I can help you to choose. I need your live demo from rehearsal space, or if you are from Helsinki, I can come visit you to check.
Even if you are not professional, never did records, dont have good demo - it doesn't matter. The music - the only thing that matters :)

The offer is valid if you can read it.

You can check few my works here:

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