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Muusikko hakee: Universal Bassman
Lisätty: 05.11.2020
Voimassa: 06.12.2020
Ilmoittaja: Bassman58 (#212186)Lähetä pikaviesti »
Hi. I am a double bass/electric bass player, moved recently to Helsinki and speak Icelandic, Swedish and English. I am missing to perform and would like to get on stage sometimes in a good company. Duo, trio, quartet, or other constellations will do. I may prefer to play unplugged, but I am open minded as the bottom line is to have fun and get loose. I do no bass solos and I will not sing.
I am brought up in music by James Brown and Bob Marley and I am professionally experienced in playing various dance music in nightclubs, discos, dancehalls, hotels, and pubs on tour in Europe. So, it seems like my musical career is all about the groove. But I have also been involved in artistic experiments, poetry and theatre performances, cabarets, church concerts, and other creative happenings on the border of music. My latest performance was in a duo, Accordion and Double bass, and on the playlist was slow Cuban Salsa & Argentine Tango. In any case, I hope my age of 60 doesn’t mind. So,, if this interest someone beyond all Rock-Metal stuff here, send me an e-mail.

Greetings/ Arthur

Kiinnostus: Puoliammattilainen
Soittokokemus orkestereissa: Yli kymmenen vuotta
Osasto: Basistit
Paikkakunta: Vantaa (Etelä-Suomen lääni)

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