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Muuta: American record maker looking for Finnish bands to make record
Lisätty: 25.03.2020
Voimassa: 16.04.2020
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I'm an American record maker that is trapped in Finland due to the worldwide health crisis. I am looking for bands that have their shit together, I am not looking to work with beginners. I want to work with bands that want to record an EP, LP or bands that need their tracks mixed. I mainly work in the genres of rock, metal and indie. However, I am open to working with any genre.
Please send me an email containing the details of your project so we can discuss further.
Thank you, Christian.

A little about me:
I got my start at Electric Lady Studios in NYC. I was there for two years, first as an intern and then as a tech apprentice. It was here that I was able to pick up mixing tips from the great Michael Brauer and Tom Elmhirst. Then on a recommendation from Michael Brauer's assistant I started working at Downtown Studios in NYC as an assistant engineer. It was there that I worked with pop acts such as Charli XCX and engineers such as Paul Falcone. It was then that I took a chief engineer position at Water Music across the river from NYC in Hoboken NJ. It was here that I worked closely with Grammy winning engineer / producer Warren Riker and was mentored by massive indie producer John Agnello.

I am not running a music factory. I carefully choose every project that I work on and I work very closely with the band or artist to turn their vision into a reality. Music is from the heart and it needs to speak to the heart. The listener must not only listen to your music, but they must feel your music as well. I won't stop until you are happy and we achieve that feeling in your music.

Kiinnostus: Ammattilainen
Soittokokemus orkestereissa: Yli kymmenen vuotta
Ikä: 30
Osasto: Muut
Paikkakunta: Espoo (Etelä-Suomen lääni)

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