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Orkesteri hakee: Classic heavy metal band looking for singer
Lisätty: 30.09.2018
Voimassa: 28.03.2019
Ilmoittaja: bladzam (#136786)Lähetä pikaviesti »

Hi everyone;

We are 3 pieces classic heavy/thrash metal band/project (drummer, bassist and guitarist) based in Helsinki/Nummela looking for an amazing voice for our music and willing to rehearse at least once a week (preferably twice a week) during the evenings, mostly weekdays (but sometimes also on weekends), plus make homework, achieve goals in a short time and consider a rent for rehearsal place.

If you are:

-Passionate musician
-Into classic heavy metal/thrash metal from 80's-90's
-Not racist, neo-nazi or intolerance with other cultures, religions or sexual preferences.
-Not alcoholic or drug addict!

Then you will be more than welcome!

You must also understand and speak English since we are an international crew with expectations to play abroad and not just in Finland, but mainly because our lyrics are in English.

Here are some "demo tapes" to give you an idea how is our music and tendencies like:



Kiinnostus: Puoliammattilainen
Soittokokemus orkestereissa: Yli kymmenen vuotta
Ikä: 18-100
Osasto: Laulajat
Paikkakunta: Helsinki (Etelä-Suomen lääni)

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