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Muuta: Guitar Lessons, Espoo
Lisätty: 31.08.2018
Voimassa: 26.02.2019
Ilmoittaja: Arti_Waine (#182201)Lähetä pikaviesti » Modal shred improvisation and written harmonized part.

At the time of self-learning, with learning games and unimaginably vast archives of good video content, interaction with a good teacher still remains the ultimate way to learn.

Learning the best habits from the very beginning, or getting the revelations that will level-up your playing in moments, are most likely achieved during a discussion with a professional who can instantly see any problems in technique and answer any questions the student may have.

My highest guiding principle is to listen to my students, and help them to achieve their own goals in the most efficient way. If you don’t yet have well defined goals, I can help you to set a motivating one.

I’ll give the first lesson for free, so that you can find out if I’m the right teacher for you, without a risk. I give theory, songwriting, guitar, ukulele, singing, recording and producing lessons.

After the free lesson, the rates are:
Longer sessions are available with 34¤/h

The lessons are at my workroom, 1 km north from Niittykumpu Metro station, at Rock Above Studio Oy, Luomannotko 4.

Kiinnostus: Aloittelija
Soittokokemus orkestereissa: Ei kokemusta
Ikä: from 7 to 99
Osasto: Soitonopettajat
Paikkakunta: Espoo (Etelä-Suomen lääni)
Puhelin: 0400360560

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