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Muusikko hakee: Composer / producer / instrumentalist looking for collaboration
Lisätty: 22.08.2018
Voimassa: 17.02.2019
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Kirjoitan tämän ilmoituksen englanniksi siinä toivossa että tavoitan mahdollisimman laajan yleisön!

I'm a composer, producer & an instrumentalist and I'm looking for people to collaborate with in Helsinki. I want to write and perform original music, (not necessarily genre-specified) with goal-oriented and highly motivated people. I'm interested in joining a project as an instrumentalist, or to hook up with like-minded individuals and start creating our own concept and sound. I really enjoy collaboration and the whole process of combining our respective styles to something completely new.

I've studied music composition and sound design at uni. That doesn't make me a theoretical person when it comes to music, but enables me to put the music to a rationalized form if needed. As an instrumentalist my main instrument is the guitar, but the drums being the close second. I can also play the bass and keys, not as monster live improviser but enough skill for recording.

I have a very eclectic taste in music and a lot of influences which I enjoy bringing together in my music. Just to drop a few genres which continue to inspire me: classical, prog rock, dream pop, black metal, soul, italo disco, electro, ambient, jazz fusion, tropicalismo, brilliant pop compositions, synth pop, post-punk etc. etc.

I have just finished a conceptual EP which showcases my taste and abilities as a composer - if you're interested in hearing it just send me a message!


Kiinnostus: Ammattilainen
Soittokokemus orkestereissa: Yli kymmenen vuotta
Ikä: 28
Osasto: Kitaristit
Paikkakunta: Helsinki (Etelä-Suomen lääni)

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