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Orkesteri hakee: Brit rock style band looking for a drummer!
Lisätty: 25.06.2018
Voimassa: 21.12.2018
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Im interested in meeting new musicians.
I'm French/Finnish guy, been living in Finland for few years now and i also speak fluently Finnish. I'm 25 years old and have been playing gigs and recording in studio since I was 17.
Before moving to finland i had a school band named Napoleon Says and thats where the name of my last band came I’ve played lots of gigs and recorded a lot.
I really enjoyed playing in a pop/rock bands

I mostly new compose music everyday, i sing and play guitar. I also play bass guitar, piano and some basic drums but I don't consider myself to be professional enough to play it in a more serious environment.

I'm looking for a band to play with! the style that fits me the best is “Indie rock” bands like Arctic monkeys, The Dmas, nirvana, hendrix, Bbrunes (ranskalainen indie bändi) + oasis, the killers, bloc party, the strokes, portugal the man, White stripes… the list is long. I surely listen to other music as well but this is the direction id like to take and which suits me better.

Here are some demos of my previous band Napoleon Says( can be also found on spotify as “Napoleon Says with some even older recordings)
And some never plubished demos (there are a lot but here’s one)

I am passionate about music and trying to make it my career, so although pretty open minded and happy to jam at first, it would be nice being in a band with gigs and recordings as a target for the near future.

Right now i play with a guitarist (who’ also able to play bass if needed)

It could be interesting to go to play to some open mic to get some gigging experience, Here are some poor quality video from me playing some covers there:

Ive got a studio/training in front of Svenka Teatteri place is packed with a lot of professional recording gear + drums an Pa system.

Kiinnostus: Puoliammattilainen
Soittokokemus orkestereissa: Yli kymmenen vuotta
Ikä: 25 +/-
Osasto: Rumpalit
Paikkakunta: Helsinki (Etelä-Suomen lääni)

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