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Muusikko hakee: Female singer looking for melodic heavy metal band
Lisätty: 16.04.2018
Voimassa: 12.10.2018
Ilmoittaja: AnnaRose (#148167)Lähetä pikaviesti »
Hi there! I'm Anna, a 26-year-old female singer, living in Helsinki, looking for like-minded individuals to start a band project.

The project I have in mind is more of a fusion of different elements from various genres, rather than belonging to a genre of its own. The main elements would be melodic death, symphonic, gothic, progressive metal, with an overall epic sound to it. For reference: NeObliviscaris, Draconian, Insomnium, Dark Tranquility, old school Tristania, Opeth, Slumber, Trail of Tears, Atoma + many others.

I am not looking to be the lead singer, since, in my mind, this project would ideally have as a lead vocalist a male singer who growls. (Clean vocals would be a definite plus)

I can't play instruments, but I am able to completely cover writing lyrics for myself as well as for the other singer.

If I caught your attention, if you are passionate about music and if you are willing to commit to doing this seriously and putting in the work, please contact me through a private message here or send an e-mail to: We can then talk more, exchange samples, ideas and maybe something clicks.

Let's create something wonderful! m/

Kiinnostus: Harrastelija
Soittokokemus orkestereissa: Ei kokemusta
Ikä: 20-500
Osasto: Laulajat
Paikkakunta: Helsinki (Etelä-Suomen lääni)

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