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Orkesteri hakee: Vocalist!
Lisätty: 18.11.2016
Voimassa: 24.12.2016
Ilmoittaja: Leafpoint (#169861)Lähetä pikaviesti »
It’s gotta be hard and heavy, dammit!

We are looking for a manly man with decent vocal skills to fill the vocalist spot in our band. We want to tame the classic rock songs that used to be labeled heavy rock, hard rock or what ever it was that you really liked and your mom and dad frowned upon - they thought it was the devil screaming on the vinyl!

We’re old geezers playing old school songs – think of Whitesnake, Deep Purple, Rainbow, our Finland’s own Peer Günt, and you’ll get an idea of what we want. We’re not trying to sound exactly like them, because who could, but we want to sound good – this is why we need you, the vocalist, to put the cherry on the cake.

We’re taking on some seriously solid classics, so we want to be loud and proud with what we’re trying to achieve. In reality, we’re a decent bunch of regular Joes, all past our 40 year mark. You have to be sufficiently aged, too, because we’ve done our fair share of kindergarten duty already.

Rehearsals usually once a week, Mon-Fri, not on weekends – we all have lives outside the band, too. You should have your own mic, we have everything else.

We’re not looking to go professional, but it would be great to play a gig or two before we die.

Contacts first by private message only.


Kiinnostus: Harrastelija
Soittokokemus orkestereissa: Yli kuukauden
Ikä: Adult
Osasto: Laulajat
Paikkakunta: Oulu (Oulun lääni)

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